Jan 2, 2003
Just have to share this with you !
And I'm just going to share it just as I e-mailed it, to a few of the Beloved
(Minus some of the typos I can find.)

I Recieved some revelation so awesome, I'm going to have to pray and seek Father as how to, or even if to, try and share it at all .. Maybe it has to come from Him. But I can try to share some.... It is in His word. Grin.. And no secret .. He will confirm ..

We are seated in Heavenly places.. The word tells us so.
And truly today we were, Sis and I, In the heavenly places..

Remember that Word He gave me of Judah * Church ) going into captivity the end Dec ?
I wondered and beat my self up over that one ..Grin Wondering how can this be..?
Because the Bride is Now coming forth in power like never before.. I'm so duh in my own head. LOL
Today He shown me... Awesome ... It has to do with the third day.. This is 2003 .... The third day.. Spiritually ...... Sis shared that..insight
I caught it in the Spirit ! LOl!

Also a type of the two witnesses raised on the third day like Yahshua was...
that part is still to come. . in the natural ....

But listen up with those spirit ears now ! ... Grin

Things happen first in the Spirit before they happen in the natural.. Right? Sure they do.
Then they manifest in the natural ...That how faith works..
First we see it in faith ( spirit) then we recieved in the natural.. Grin..

Here it is... We the Bride have been caught up now ....in the Spirit .." Raptured" as it were. on / in the Third day. 2003.......... ( I perfere the word " Gathered" my self.)

Judah (church) did go in to captivity at the end of Dec..2002
(Judah was taken captivy for the sin of pride.) But we the Bride have been caught up into the heavenly ..We are seated there with Him...... NOW.......
Here is where we will battle what is happening around us, Seated in Him ....in the heavenly.. Grin ....

While I was online with Sis something happened, My power went off three times...
I was left setting in the darkness 3 times and then the lights came back on again and stayed on.
This was a type of the three days of the two witnesses..
They will be raised again on the third day as Yahshua was.........
In the natural manifestation.
First spirit, Then...... manifested. Glory ! Wow ..
I know it came from the throne room... I 'm to duh me to have dreamed it up... grin....
Share as led..
Love and Hugs

Here are some I've heard back from.

Brother Larry Vossen
Dear Sunny;
And, I will attest right now, that the battle surrounding the Ekklesia is increasing tremendously - since the end of December!
Your 'revelation' may be 100% correct - because it makes a great deal of sense according to what we do know about the 'spiritual realm'... Spiritually speaking, it all makes tremendous sense too, because without being in His presence today - most of us would be DEAD - and the battle is only going to get worse.

Along with all of this comes His Word from the Minor Prophets, who all speak to the end time period (and the faithful who are abiding in that period). The battle is prophesied to get HARD, and so it is!

Please know that you are in my prayers, and that we seek for ABBA to open your eyes even more to the fullness of His will and way in these days, so that we all may see a bit more clearly.

In His love always, I remain faithfully and humbly your servant in Yahshua,

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