Hidden Illuminati Masonic Leader

Prophecies that Confirm
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The Patients and Faith of the Saints

This scripture has not been understood until now!
Seven Kings of Revelation
The Line of Cain, " Kenite," Hittite, Aryan line, The Eagle Kings! Antichrist's.
Cain was #1, #2 Nimrod-Osiris, #3 Asshur Nazir, #4 Nebushadnezer, #5 Alexder the Great #6 Augstus Caesar,and number #7 Alexis- Osiris Iesus Romanov. #8 is Albert Arnold Gore Jr.
Understand the meaning of his full name.
"Bright shining one,""Great Soaring Eagle," Son of Blood"
Even his name tries to counterfeit that of Yahshua!
He has been revealed, He is the Hidden Illuminati Masonic Leader! That works behind the scenes.

The name Gore Means Triangle, a symbol of Egypt, and this design / mark is now on NATO/UN Military Vehicles and Tanks!

ps. the Beast (a Man - Mr.G) has got all power;
read Daniel 11:21 onwards; that's in detail everything he will do;
he Honors the God (Satan) of Force;
so he can cause missiles and destruction from satellites
and nuclear technology; to Come Down from Heaven!!!!

Al Gore
FOR a One World Church
UN Dictatorship

Daniel's "Last Little Horn" Prophesy Revealed

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