( The First Dream)

The Lord gave me this dream many years back, I would like to share it with you. In my dream, there was a Medieval Castle, And there were great chunks of it falling off, because The ground was rolling, as in a quake. At first I ran into the castle, where I found my husband, (unbeliever) asleep. I shook him as Hard as I could, saying To him, "John, wake-up you must get out of here, It's going to fall in." He sat up, And hatefully replied, " leave me alone, I want to sleep." I left him and ran back out side. The ground still rolling, the castle still crumbling. A young women approached me, And inquired, "Do you know what time it is?" And I looking at my wrist, found no watch, but there, was a stream or mote, in which I saw a clock, on which there were the faces of two men, And I said, " It"s happening now." "It"s happening right now." And turn about to my left, I looked and there was a clearing, and in the clearing were people. They were in sleeping bags asleep. I walked over to them and spoke , and one women, ( A Christian ) sat up and looked at me. End of Dream.

The word "earthquake" comes from the Greek work "seismos", Strong's #4578, and means "a commotion, i.e. (of the air) a gale, (of the ground) an earthquake :- earthquake, tempest." Depending on the subject , it carries different meanings, but it always refers to a major shakeup of that subject.

(The Meaning)

I believe The Castle means the worlds system. It is crumbling. (Having a major shake up!) That is where my unbelieving x-husband chose to stay. A clearing is a safe place to be in a quake, but they are sleeping , And at the voice of the one awake,(bride) they too awaken. The Lord has shown me the bride is awake spiritual,The virgins are sleeping. and as she begins her ministry, they wake up. It is the bride, who calls out." He is coming! " When does she call out? At midnight! The darkest hour! The Time of the abomination of desolation This is where her ministry begins! Read Matt 25: 1-14

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