By:  Hal Turner 

New York, NY  (October 28, 2001) --  In the weeks since September 11, the "terrorist attacks" upon New York City 
and Washington have begun to smell worse than the rotting corpses still buried in the rubble.  The stench of government  
involvement, government foreknowledge and cover-up is filling the air. 

As various people go back to the audio and video of the days immediately after September 11, we are finding more and more 
evidence that this whole incident is not what it seems. 

Nowhere is this more evident than in remarks made by Tom Kennedy, a member of the Federal Emergency Management  
Agency (FEMA) "National Urban Search and Rescue Team" during an interview on national TV with CBS News anchor  
Dan Rather. 

During the interview, Mr. Kennedy let slip a frightening truth.  FEMA sent the Urban Search and Rescue Team to New  
York City the night before the attacks occurred!  Mr. Kennedy tells Dan Rather, "We're currently one of the first teams  
that was deployed to support the City of New York in this disaster.  We arrived on late Monday night  
[Editors note: September 10] and went right into action on Tuesday morning" [Editors note: September 11]
Click Here to Listen to the actual interview segment in which these words are uttered. 

The attacks and collapse of the World Trade center happened on Tuesday, September 11.  Surely it did not take FEMA almost 
an entire additional week (the following Monday) to send the Urban Search and Rescue Unit to help New York?  And Mr. 
Kennedy says his team was "one of the first" deployed to assist New York City.  Arriving a week after the fact ,  
Mr. Kennedy certainly couldn't claim to have "been one of the first deployed. . . . ." 

This seems to offer proof, directly from the mouth of a US Government Official, that the Government knew an attack  
was going to happen. They allowed it to happen.  

Under the Constitution of The United States, "Treason" is defined very specifically as "an overt act of war against The United States, witnessed by two or more people."  The attacks of September 11 were certainly witnessed by two or more people. We even have  
them on videotape (Click Here for video of the first Plane Hit)    (Click Here for video of the SECOND plane hit)  

They have been called "an act of war" by none less than The President of The United States.   To that end, it appears that  
various officials of our own Government have committed Constitutionally-defined Treason.  On the basis of Mr. Kennedy's remarks  
alone, there is probable cause to have a vast number of Government Officials taken into custody, charged, tried and,  
if convicted, executed. 

An Executive Director at the CIA named A. "Buzzy" Krongard formerly worked for Bankers Trust in the banks top "Private Client 
Services Group" catering to the richest of the rich.  Bankers Trust was purchased by Deutsch Bank.  In 1999, Mr. Krongard  
left Deutsch Bank for his present high-level job in the CIA.  

In the days immediately BEFORE September 11, a number of very unusual stock trades were made in the two airlines whose 
planes were used in the attacks:  American and United Airlines; and in two Securities Firms who had major offices in the  
World Trade Center: Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and Merril Lynch.  The trades involved the purchase of enormous quantities of  
"Put" options, which allow the option buyer to earn profits in the event the value of a stock goes down.  Many of these unusual  
trades were handled through. . . . . . .Deutsch Bank. . . . .the place where Buzzy Krongard worked prior to becoming  
Executive Director of CIA.  Coincidence?  I don't think so.  In fact, the appearance of "advance knowledge" is so strong, that to date 
$2.5 Million of the $20 Million in profits earned on those unusual trades, remains unclaimed by anyone.  Perhaps taking the profits  
now, when people are watching, isn't such a good idea.  Too many question would have to be answered.  For extensive information 
about this aspect of the story, Click Here. 

Shortly after September 11, The Congress of the United States was able to draft and introduce an "Anti-Terrorism," Bill  
which was 151 pages long.  How could such a huge Bill be formulated in such a short time, covering so vast an amount of legal matters. . . . . .unless of course the Bill was drafted long in advance of the attacks, and merely introduced afterwards?  
This would hint at members of Congress itself having advance knowledge of the attacks! 

This "Anti-Terrorism" Bill has given police sweeping new powers, previously unthinkable in the US, when measured against  the  
Fourth Amendment to the US Constitution, which protects citizens from "unreasonable search and seizure."  This Bill, now  
signed into law, does to the US Constitution, what those airplanes did to the World Trade Center.  If you think this an exagerration,  
Click Here to read about "Homeland Security's" Internal Security Checkpoints in the US where every one of us will have to produce 
several ID cards proving who we are, in order to travel.  People witout "proper ID" or those "deemed to be suspicious" will be 
detained.  Any detainee attempting to leave will be shot! 

We are told that our Government has irrefutable proof that the attacks were masterminded by Osama Bin Laden.  But  
the "proof" has never been released to the public or to anyone other than British Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Military Dictator 
of Pakistan. In the words of the old Wendy's Hamburger commercials "Where's the beef?" 

Word of this "proof" seeped into British tabloids as being a satellite telephone call on September 9 from Bin Laden to his mother,  
during which he allegedly told her "you will hear big news in two days, and then you will not hear from me for a long time."  
If this is true, and the press already has the info, why not let everyone hear the tape?  Everyone on the planet already knows that the National Security Agency has the ability to listen-in on cell phone, telephone, FAX, e-mail and satellite communications around the 
globe. We all know about "Echelon."  This is no secret. Why hide it?  Unless it doesn't exist. 

So now we're bombing Afghanistan, to punish the Taliban for not turning over Bin Laden to us.  But is that the reason, or does it have 
more to do with the vast Caspian Oil Reserves?  In order to get those oil reserves, pipelines must traverse. . . .Afghanistan.   
The Taliban allegedly backed away from such a deal.  Perhaps THAT is why they must now be toppled. 

There are too many questions about the events of September 11.  And unless we start asking them forcefully, The United States as 
we knew it, will be gone forever.  Vice President Cheney calls it "the new normalcy."  Depending on the answers to these troubling questions, it may have to be a "new normalcy" that our government never expected. 

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