3 Can Chili

Well, You'v done it agin!

Spent so much time at the computer you forgot to eat!

Your hungry and it's late and what is there to eat

thats quick, easy, and tastes good?

Let me share a Tasty, quick and easy meal.

I call it Three can Chili.

I use 3 cans of the same size approx. 15oz each.

1 Can Dennisons No bean Chili con carne.

1 Can S&W Cajun Recipe Stewed Tomatoes

1 Can Ranch Style Black Beans.

1 Can opener

1 Spoon 1 pot

Open all cans add to pot, mix, heat and eat!

Or if you can wait, Laddle into your favorite bowl.

and Spoon it down!

This makes enought for three moderately hungry souls

or One fanish feeder, and the family Dog!


Buy supplies ahead of time, and save for emergncy last minute famines!

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