This is not a typical prophetic 'word'. I have placed this here because I felt an urging to post this information for all who believe in the literal fulfillment of bible prophecy to read. If you begin this article, please read it all the way to the end, then you will understand why this message/report is so important. Please do not put this message in the 'fringe' category until you have read it all and then prayed sincerely about it. - M. Watson

Since 1996, have been consistently investigating, confirming and reporting
that there are thousands of prisoner boxcars with shackles, manufactured out
of Portland, OR by  GUNDERSON STEEL FABRICATION (and other separate boxcar
manufacturing companies/operations located nationwide. )

First of all, I am not surprised at this train photographer getting arrested
in Georgia. It has already been reported in Georgia that mobile prison units
have been seen on train flatbeds in Georgia, and photos have been taken of
them. (These photos used to be available, I believe, on the website.) Investigators like myself have been
confident that such mobile prison units have been prepared for the hour of
martial law takeover and massive civilian arrests.

Through numerous contacts, including CIA/Naval Intel and other sources, it
has been confirmed personally to me that there are numerous covert
"concentration camps" located across America, Canada and Alaska for the hour
of martial law and the seizure of this nation for the New World Order. Many
of these camps are actual termination facilities, some equipped with
gassing/crematory facilities. (See Some of
these facilities are also incorporated into the military's  DUMB's (deep
underground military facilities.) From sources inside the CIA, it was
revealed to me that these numerous camps have been established to house and
ultimately terminate what they consistently referred to as "the resisters of
the New World Order." (Michael Maholy, 20 years CIA/Naval Intelligence; 
confirmed independently by Elaine Knost, former CIA assassin.)

"Oh, all of us in the intelligence community know about the concentration
camps and their purposes...we ALL know that they are to TERMINATE THE
( Michael Maholy.)

But what IS a resister of the New World Order? The definition they (our
friendly US government) have applied will surprise you! A "resister"
-A Christian (firm Bible believer)
-A Constitutionalist
-A Patriot
-A gun owner who refuse to relinquish 2nd Amendment rights
-Anyone who adheres to the concepts of maintaining our national sovereignty,
the Constitution and rejects the concept of United Nations world government
control in it's place is labled by the government as a "resister of the New
World Order."

-Those radio broadcasters, lecturers, authors, and pastors who publicly come
against    the New World Order.

Have you ever listened to radio broadcasts exposing the  NWO by people such
as Alex Jones ( or Texe Marrs, or Chris Gurner (on Patriot
stations such as Genesis Broadcasting Network)? They are all telling America
the truth about the New World Order and it's dark agenda for America via the
UN/martial law. And each one knows that they are irrevocably marked for
persecution under the NWO/martial law agenda our nation is now entering
into. People like them are the more open and obvious examples of "resisters
of the NWO."

Even now, sitting silently in classified government computers are the names
of millions of fellow American Patriots ALREADY PROFILED as "resisters of
the NWO." Such people have been marked for priority arrest, transport to
these modern concentration camps (under FEMA or military jurisdiction,)
interrogation in some cases, and ultimately termination for many.

Interrogation? "Are you a member of the militia? Who is your leader? Where
are your secret cells located? How many secret weapons caches do you have?" 
Or, "Who is your Pastor? Where are your food supplies hidden? How many
belong to your prayer group?" Etc. The CIA and the military have been
secretly perfecting both mind control drugs and torture techniques designed
to force compliance or to be used in interrogation sessions. I have been
personally informed by former CIA  planners of the NWO agenda under martial
law that those arrested can anticipate "...brutal rape, torture and death
once they are arrested and taken ot the camps!"

I know the credibility of these souces and I do not make these statements
lightly. The people whom I have interviewed on this subject have been part
of the "inner planning" of the coming New World order takeover for years.
They know of what they speak. As one former CIA admitted , "I ever helped
design the blueprints for some of these camps. And although  NOW I greatly
regret my role, the camps stand to this day and will be activated under
martial law." It was then that this source paused and revealed, "...I tell
you, it will be brutal rape, torture and death once they are arrested and
taken to the camps..."

One person who worked with military planners for NWO takeover admitted to me
during an interview, "We sat around discussing how long we could prolong the
lives of arrested Christians under torture until they finally expired. We
came up with 11-13 days." This source has written several books on this
subject, including CIA/mlitary torture/mind control drugs testing and their
victims, and whose father was a military participant in  all this.
(Particularly hated by the NWO agenda are Christians who, for Bible-based
reasons, will refuse to participate in their Luciferic based NWO. Former
Satanists, who are the backbone of the NWO, have admitted this to me
repeatedly. And this is the reason why Christians will be considered a major
target for arrest and removal as NWO takeover progresses in America. How
many times must I emphasize this to wake up the churches in America???)

I have interviewed victim-survivors of the CIA/military torture practice
sessions in facilities such as China Lake Naval Ordnance Research facility.
Neither infants nor children were spared the horrors of such brutal
testing...testing that left many of them either dead or scarred for life.

Those "resisters of the NWO" who are not speedily terminated at the many
gassing/cremating or microwaving facilities across America, Canada and
Alaska may instead be diverted to facilities such as those located in deep
underground military bases for human experimentation UNTIL THEY EXPIRE.
(Remember Joseph Mengele and the Nazi doctors? Sadly, history DOES repeat
itself.) Or turned over to Satanist covens for human sacrifice cannon
fodder.  I have inside basis  and independent, repeat confirmations for each
and every statement I have just made.

I have interviewed many eye-witnesses to these prisoner boxcars. There are
several varieties of prisoner boxcars, ranging from all new, metal, modern
versions higher than average boxcars to refurbished older boxcars. Some have
the modern guillotines (imported from Japan and China) installed in them,
others do not. But ALL have shackles installed to restrain prisoners. One
variety of prisoner boxcars has been imported from China, in the form of 40
foot cargo containers, with shackles installed and a modern guillotine at
the head of each one. Their TRUE intentions are easily concealed from public
scrutiny and have no windows. For all practical purposes, they appear to be
normal Chinese cargo containers (like HANJIN, COSCO, etc.) that can be
piggybacked on train flatbeds or trucks.

It has been reported to me that originally 20,000 of these prisoner cargo
containers were ordered from China. These were ordered under secret contract
through one cooperating Congressman who met with officials in China. (And
you WONDER why NWO supporters like Clinton and Bush Sr. and Jr. have had 
"love affairs" with China??? China, through supplying these prisoner
boxcars,  has just enabled them to more speedily terminate the hated
resisters of their NewWorld Order!)

Some prisoner boxcars have been observed in Montana, at one point near
Columbia Falls in the Glacier area. Personal friends taking a missionary
journey across America stumbled upon them during a picture-taking expedition
in the forest near Columbia Falls. My friend Marie recounted,

"We were following the railroad tracks into the forest, so that we would not
get lost and could find out way out. We were surprised as we followed them
deeper into the woods to discover boxcars, looking out of place and all
painted black. Suspicious, we decided to look inside one if we could. We saw
one that had a door partially open. We struggled to slide it open all the
way, and when our eyes adjusted to the dark interior, what we saw shocked
us. There were rows of shackles installed in the boxcar. My friend Rose
pointed to the end of the boxcar and I said, 'Rose, what IS that?'"

"She replied, 'Why, Marie, don't you SEE what that is??? IT IS A

"We were frightened by then, and decided to follow the railroad tracks and
leave the area. When we returned to our host's home and shared what we had
seen, they got angry and told us, 'we WARNED you to stay away from that
area! It has guards with could have gotten killed!'"

Marie admits she is under government surveillance and her phone is
constantly monitored...simply for discovering a deadly secret.

When I traveled to Montana to investigate, I encountered Patriots in
Columbia Falls who admitted that, while hunting in the northern wilderness
above Glacier, they had stumbled on these boxcars on remote sidetracks as
well. (They also encountered Russian soldiers in training with American
military counterparts.)
I also met with Lee, a metal worker who admitted that there had been a
"boxcar with shackles" operation in Glasgow, MT that employed summer youth
workers one year to help weld shackles into boxcars. From there, they were
shipped west, through Cut Bank and on to remote areas around Glacier to
remain concealed until the hour of martial law takeover and their
deployment. (These are the older boxcars that have been refurbished and
painted black.) One eye-witness from the Cut Bank Indian reservation
personally observed these boxcars as they slowly passed through his
reservation, noting the doors on some still open and the shackles plainly in
view. Disturbed about what he saw, he reported this to a Montana Christian
intecessors' group, which reported this to me in person in Bozeman, MT.

I personally observed, while investigating in White Fish near Kalispell in
the Glacier area, frequent trains arriving with the Chinese 40 foot cargo
containers on board, double stacked, all pulled by BURLINGTON NORTHERN/SANTA
FE. While I realized that many could be legitimately filled with consumer
goods, I also knew that others could be the deadly prisoner boxcar cargo
containers. It was impossible to tell one from the other. People who know
this dark truth reported ot me with alarm that many of these 40 foot cargo
containers have been seen building up at Long Beach Naval Shipyards, which
has been turned over to the Chinese. Knowing the role that Chinese troops
will play against American resisters of hte NWO/UN takeover (through the
Trilateral Alliance Treaty secret agreement with China to deploy their
troops against Americans offering resistance under martial law,) they are
suspicious as to their nature.

Truckers also know some deadly secrets of the New World Order agenda for
America. In the course of traveling thousands of miles across America to
research this subject, I have interviewed many truckers and their contacts.
They have admitted to me personally that they or their trucker buddies have
delivered shipments of the MODERN GUILLOTINES, manufactured in China and
Japan, and unloaded on the loading docks of San Diego and other west coast
ports of entry. Guillotine shipments have been going on in earnest for many
years now, and eyewitness sightings have increased. Military sources have
admitted helping unload such deadly cargoes at military facilities, to be
stored in warehouse for the hour of NWO/UN takeover.

Incredulous over the early reports I recieved of guillotines in America, I
discussed this subject with Patriot investigator Ed Pack, and former CIA NWO
planner Elaine. Both admitted that the guillotines were a reality. Elaine
commented, "I have been to the manufacturing plant in Japan where they are
made. And I have stood on the loading docks of San Diego as they were
unloaded to be distributed across America. I rejoiced, because I knew what
they would be used for: the termination of Christians who stood in the way
of our New World Order!"

Such sentiments were echoed to me by former high level Illuminati/Satanist
DOC MARQUIS, now of CHRISTIANS EXPOSING THE OCCULT. Doc told me that when he
was personally flown out to the FEMA gassing/crematory detention camp in the
Mojave (it has a landing strip) he rejoiced as he was shown around ths
deadly compound.

"My sentiments? I rejoiced over the thought that Christians would be
terminated in this place." ("Christians" in reference to being "resisters of
the New World Order...THEIR Illuminati NWO! Doc is now a Christian and is
exposing the deadly secrets of the NWO.)

Personal friends I have interviewed in Washington State have seen the
guillotines in the back of one truck. Two state troopers pulled over a truck
on the highway these eyewitnesses were traveling on. They were detained by
this. They watched as the trucker led the troopers to the back of the truck
and broke the seal and opened the doors to disclose the contents.

"We were shocked to see that the truck was filled from front to back with
nothing but guillotines!" Satisfied, the troopers then left. These people in
the car behind the truck came out to talk with the trucker. He was terrified
over what his truck contained: it was a sealed shipment. He had not been
informed of his deadly cargo! The eyewitnesses recounted, "He was so shocked
he turned in his truck and his papers and refused to even deliver his
shipment and simply walked away..." (These eyewitnesses are solid Christians
living in Spokane, WA.)

For Christians who would raise eyebrows at this, I will simply refer them to
the Bible as evidence:

"Rev. 20:4-"And I saw the souls of them who were beheaded for the witness of
Jesus and for the word of God..." While it is true that many, including the
Apostle Paul, have been beheaded for the witness of Jesus, if you read it
you will see that it is SPECIFICALLY referring to this present time frame of
the Kingdom of Satan on earth (the Kingdom of the Beast or AntiChrist) and
the period when the cashless society will be manifested with the mark
(Digital Angel?) in one's hand or forehead and it's blasphemous world
religious system.

This is the end-time hour in which we live, friends. And in order to have
mass beheading terminations of so many Christian resisters of the NWO, you
must have the tools with which to do it. Bible prophecy, even that of
negative implications for Christians, will be fulfilled regardless of
whether we like it or not. And the guillotines ARE HERE!

Expect to see these modern guillotines in the near future throughout
America. But if you read the rest of the verse carefully, you will see that
there is no need to fear: those beheaded for their witness of Jesus will
also be resurrected to reign with Jesus Christ at His return! The end for
those who trust Him and refuse to deny Him is TOTAL VICTORY!

Because I believe in Bible Scriptures, I have no fear as I investigate and
expose such things. I face the same persecution as all my fellow Christians
in North America. Will I be called upon to give my life for my testimony of
Jesus and what I report upon??? Undoubtedly. But I have chosen to believe
the Word of God, and to reject fear.

"In God  have I put my trust. I wll not fear what man can do to me, for this
I know, that God is for me." In spite of all I report on concentration
camps, boxcars and shackles and coming NWO takeover in America, I have
perfect peace in my heart.  My God IS greater than the Lucifer directing
their New World Order. And regardless of what God may permit to happen in my
life, I am sealed for eternity as one of God's children and my name is
written in the Lamb's book of Life.

Life is a series of choices. And I have chosen to confess Jesus Christ
before men and to seek God for the grace to remain faithful unto death
throughout the coming times of testing. For the true Born-again believer in
Jesus Christ, death holds no fears.

Will you choose to obey the Word of God, and to confess Jesus Christ before
men boldly, trusting Him to bring ou through the coming times of testings???
It makes no difference if such a confession costs you your home...your
job...your car and more. There is NOTHING MORE IMPORTANT than your eternal
"For what shall it profit a man, if he gain the WHOLE WORLD and lose his
soul?" declared Jesus Christ. If you, as a Christian, are moved to deny
Jesus Christ before men for any reason (even to save your own life) YOU WILL

I prepare my heart daily to face everything I have reported on, and worse.
They HATE Christians such as myself who expose Satanism and their wicked NWO
agenda. But I am living in a hour in which I realize that it is impossible
for me to preserve my life...I can only seek God for the grace to lay it
down completely and faithfully for Jesus Christ and the Gospel.

End-time persecution is surely coming, and all our protesting and denial
cannot stop it. It is time for mature Christianity, and it is time to

-Pam Schuffert



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