Part Two Eagles

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"For all nations have drunk of the wine of wrath of her fornication, and the Kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the 'merchants of the earth' are 'waxed rich' through the abundance of her delicacies." Where is a nation that consumes more mammon? Yahovah has already pronounced His judgment upon U.S. and already using His weapons of war against its people to consume them to the end (written in Daniel). Read Book of Job. People of U.S. will not repent. Can you see 'who' Satan promised that he would make as a Goddess?

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Eagle God Mace on her right side of Throne Ancient Queen (Washington, D.C. Capitol) (Goddess)

IF ALL JEWS IN U.S. DO NOT LEAVE IMMEDIATELY, SUDDEN DEATH IS IMMINENT! "And another voice from heaven Saith, come out of her, My people, that you not be partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and Yahovah has remembered her iniquities. ..."Double unto her double according to her works."...

"How much she has glorified herself, and 'lived deliciously', so much torment and sorrow give her... For she saith in her heart, 'I sit a queen'. (We are sounding warnings of another holocaust! CNN 5/19/2001: 80,000 per year in U.S. are reported missing! Congressman's Jewish girl intern "Levi" is missing! An 8888 [as in Nazi train and Gore's Number] train took off "on its own". The commercial of Martin Luther King speaking to an empty D.C: all signs for today that it is now over.)

"Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she will be utterly burned with fire: for strong is Yahovah who now judges her." We tell you the truth: it is quickly to be over for this unrepenting U.S. World Harlot. What? Praise Yahovah! (Rev. 18:3-11)

Update: The "Twin Tower" destruction on 9/11/2001 is an incredible warning of what is the real future of the U.S. Daughter of Babylon-Egypt. Her World Trade and her Stock Trade no more.

Elite German Federal Reserve has already stolen Gold and Silver of the U.S., even out of coins, and replaced it with worthless paper and junk metals. Those behind the World Order smell victory. Gore has proclaimed himself God "to those that are his". Eight years he was "Vice" President. "Vice": to choose "evil or bad" over that which is "moral and good". It is official: published on Letterman's "extra" list of after election Countdown sayings: Gore is happy in his (J.C.) role model. 2001-4. Will anyone now wake up from this deception and great lie that the Masons and Gore have achieved?

The majority will not drink Yahovah's "Living Water", nor repent of their sins and ignorance and turn to Yahovah and Yahshua with all their hearts and minds and spirit. What more can now be said? One German Aryan man called all of this prophecy "garbage". Yahovah shall "cast him out" like garbage. Even if he licks the shoes of Gore, it shall not save him! Even if he bows; kisses the foot of Madonna! Woe, how billions will now die for a lack of knowledge. Saith our Yahovah: "I spake to you again and again in your prosperity, but you said: I will not hear. See? You have not obeyed My Voice. Thus, I send desolation." (Is Yahovah not already doing this across this proud and arrogant nation?)

Yahovah is giving Americans and the world precisely what they want!

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Gore with "Iesus Beard" The "Debater" Real Osiris-Iesus (The Man they Love) (The Liar) (Pepsi-Gore)

"It was given unto him to make war with Yah's chosen, and to overcome them; and 'power was given him' over all kindred's, and tongues, and Nations." (Rev. 13:7) "...He had two horns like a lamb and he spake as a dragon." (Rev. 13:12) Gore, has power 2001 through 2004, then the end.

His kingdom is to be cleansed, purged, and ready for him to rule over all the goats in 2004. Satan is now to copy Yahovah, in saying: "Start at My Temple", and "Sit at My Right Side while I make your enemies your footstool!" (Thus you should know what comes next after the Twin Tower incident)

As Apostle Shaul (Paul) said: "they will (now) believe the lie that they all (might) be damned." Woe to us and the world. Yahovah has already unleashed "the destroyer": Gore is death itself and he is now over us. Yahovah's terrible curse of (Malachi 4:5-6) is already spreading over all the earth.

"Behold! I will send you E-li-yah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of Yahovah (YHVH). He shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and SMITE THE EARTH WITH A CURSE!" It is done.

Millions wait on this prophet, and many Jews still wait on a "Messiah", as 2000 years ago, they waited. Most Jews rejected Yahshua then, and refused to believe He was Messiah coming in Yahovah's Name. Many have already given up, and have turned to Eastern Religions, into Mythology, to the Masons, to Egyptian and Canaanite ways, and pagan witchcraft traditions, and they are still very far from Yah!

If the world thus rejects Yahshua Messiah, shall they not reject His prophets? The world, especially Christians, have rejected the E-li-yah today who has again come with Yahovah's Living Words. (Malachi 4:5-6) is being fulfilled, except for completion of Yah's bowls of double portions of wrath. Thus Saith Yahovah: I have proposed it since before the Beginning, and I have now done it.

(Prophet Isayah) Few men shall be left after Yahovah does these things to the wicked! "Behold, Yahovah comes out of His place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain." (Isayah 26:21) For those who are fast asleep, and arrogant, proud and deceived, they are now in for a horrific sudden shock.

They ignore, laugh, and mock at these words, and warnings, but quickly they will not be laughing. All of this effort to give you these truths is not for money or profit. It is from Yahovah/Yahshua.

A (mirror image of Hitler's ways). August 21, 1994 U.S. German Volk Nazi "multi-billion dollar crime bill" easily passed to make it easier to confiscate guns (intentional violation of Constitutional right to bare arms in the second amendment). Why? This gives Gore's "Eagle" police State-army unprecedented power and brutal authority to selectively discriminate across the U.S. Against who?

As Hitler did, they plan on extermination of all Jews and enemies living in U.S. Numerous prison camps, and holding areas (even with efficient furnaces), have been built across the U.S. They have thought out details this time. Russian (East German) equipment and U.N. German troops are in U.S., and hired assassins from Hong Kong. U.S. Military are now getting 2 million Nazi "Black Hats".

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German Eagle God Chariot of Caesar Russian Eagle God of Caesar (Extension of Assyria and Rome) (Six Conquering White Horses)

The whore, the woman, the Mystery of Babylon and Egypt, is in many places around the world. "She will be driving six white horses when she comes" (Gore is from Mother Russia with love) Roman Triumph Arch over Jews is around the world: 4 Horses of "Caesar" and 6 Horses of "Nike".

If Jews do not flee immediately to Israel, they will not be given a chance to do it. Congress has authorized murders, illegal search and seizures, "massive arrests", property confiscation, instant imprisonment, death, and 100% discrimination (without legal appeals through Masonic-Admiralty courts) against non-Germans and Jews numbering now in the millions. Hitler did the same thing.

All armed political dissidents, racial unwanteds, Jews, and deformed people are the enemies of their "German World Order", and all worshippers of Yahovah and Yahshua are targeted. The wicked are "alert" for Gore's orders to "turn his dogs loose", and to begin their long-awaited German blitz and purge. Who let the dogs out? See why Yahshua Messiah said to not feed these dogs!

Do you see why Apostle Paul warned of dogs? These are Gore's dogs, sheriffs (deputy dogs) and millions in his "dog tag" U.S. army, "K-9" dogs! (Canaanites). Pope's army of bishops and others wearing "dog collars" are promoting rotten pagan "dogma" and participate in their demonic ways.

Egyptians worshipped the "Dog Star", and it was one of their "Standards". Masonic Letterman let a bunch of dogs out in his studio among the people as a "sign to the wicked". The "101" Dalmatians Movie is also a sign: "Glynn Close" = The "Dogs" of Gs "N" is Close. Remember number "108".

(The father of the dogs is Satan: the wild dogs are now civilized, but still retain their killer habits. After the September 11, 2001 pre-planned catastrophic carnage, the dogs are to get their things in order and to wear their "dog tags', now called I.D. Tags, which have their DNA ) They Proudly Wear Their new coded 'Dog Tags'!

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Gore's "Eagle Soldiers", the 'dogs' today, and "they know not what they worship"!

(Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, National Guard, FEMA, Special Forces, are under the Eagle God) One thing is certain: if now given the order to shoot a citizen they do not even know, or capture them or throw them in a prison camp, would they do it? The answer is an astounding Yes. Understand?

"Yahovah created the waster to destroy." (Isayah) Yahovah is thus allowing Satan (in Gore's dead flesh) to have immense power, authority and freedoms for 42 months to fulfill His purpose to destroy "flesh and mammon". Gore's massive assembled Gomer band of German Eagle warriors (Assyrian-Canaanites and mercenaries) now carry the terrible righteous sword of Yahovah as written. It will not be stopped until Yah cuts it short for the elect's sake, or all flesh on the earth would be destroyed, as spoken by Yahshua. See Satan's movies and TV shows and "Roc" bands, as they now scream out this incredible message: "IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN". MTV today is 100% Satanic.

The demons inside these people know it is all but over, but the "walking dead" deceive themselves. "Asshur-Augustus-Alexander" Tsar Gore plans to do this: 2001-2004. The wicked still repent not! Multi-millions are getting tattoos all over their bodies with pierced "rings". (100% Against Torah) The crime bill was passed on "Sunday" (Eagle son) "sun" Jupiter-Zeus (Iesus-Jesus) the real anti-Messiah day. August (8) x 21 = 168 = 1 + 6 + 8 = 15 = 555 (height obelisk Washington Monument) As reported on CBS "Eye of Isis" Morning News August 22, 1994, direct announcer quote: "Like a Phoenix (Eagle) rising from the ashes, the crime bill passed: the final vote wasn't even close". See? Masons and those in their covenant are preparing to do great evil and think they are safe.

But: "Because you have said, We have made a 'covenant with death', and 'with the pit' are we at agreement (making a covenant with Satan and his ways); when the 'overflowing scourge' shall pass through, it shall not come unto us; for we have made lies our refuge, and under falsehood have we hid ourselves … your covenant with death shall be disannulled, and your agreement with the pit shall not stand; when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then shall you be trodden down by it! (brought into defeat)." (Isaiah 28:15-18) This is imminent to happen!

We, the lost sheep of Yahshua, are being found as we approach the imminent countdown to massive death. Three distinct meanings of "Gore" are: "blood", "murderer", and "pierced with a horn". Gore is "the man of blood" – the "last little horn world ruler." Why do the people refuse this truth? Because they are not written in the Book of Life, they love life and the things of this world, and worshipping the wrong one. Christianity, for almost 1800 years, has been Yahshua's enemy! To Yahovah, there is absolutely no difference in an "Iesus" Christian, Mason, Catholic, or punk 'Rocker'.

Sacred Masonic Stone Crystal  Graphic's not available

"Fiery Flying (PEPSI) Serpent" of Isayah and "Abomination of Egypt" in Exodus 8:26 (Masons took the Nisroch Eagle God Moshe "burned", and made it their Sacred Crystal) Eagle-Serpent "Son-of-the-Sun" comes from the Serpent: see the above ancient "Pepsi" logo in the throat of the Fiery Flying Eagle Winged-Serpent. (described in Isayah). Right is Mason's "Stone".

One basic Source: The New Lexicon Webster's Dictionary (Encyclopedic Edition) 1972, N.Y. Gore - (cloth in Russian) "the man of the cloth". This is a raging, hidden, spiritual battle between Yahovah and Yahshua's elect and chosen ones that are His in Spirit and in Truth, and Satan and his son's elite and chosen ones that are his in their spirit and flesh, full of hidden murders and many lies.

Therefore, we reveal boldly from Yah's Spirit to those that are His in Spirit and in truth, and for all of Israel, once again. "Jacob's troubles" are here. 10:30 p.m. September 8, 1993, "Vice" Gore stepped out into the "limelight" to address the "night owls". He did this on the Letterman Show, who is an elite Masonic communicator, an Egypt "Toth Man" who delivers the news on the "night owl" show. Gore called Letterman "YOU PEN (pin) HEAD!" in an opening skit, before his introduction: letting Masons tuning in that night know for certain that a message was being written exclusively for them.

Gore revealed "who" he is to the wicked by using "Little Horn" Nazir "Son of the Sun" Orb ancient symbols, images, numbers, dates, and "mystery Babylon and Egyptian" signs: Letterman Show was "orchestrated" by Satan for enjoyment of his Masons and his evil Lost Angels. Letterman, a Mason, also revealed who Gore is today through hand signs, codes, and many evil coded "dark sentences".

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Osiris Capstone symbolizes "Gore" It also symbolizes "Isis" (This "Gap" was eliminated in 1995) (See her "Left Eye" larger)

For starting to understand things buried in ancient mystery, but understood by millions of Masons, when "Vice" President Gore stepped into the "limelight" on Letterman's stage, this too was a sign: Polished "white limestone" once covered all of Satan's ancient Giza-Cheops Pyramid in Egypt, his massive earthly "rock" of perfection. (Rock, as in GM "I-Roc" Z-28, and meaning: I'm an "Eagle"). (Look at the deceived today, including Jesus "Doctors of Theology", trying to connect this to Yah!) Incredible as it sounds, the U.S. is today's "Daughter of Egypt". Aryans (Hittites) once ruled Egypt, and have made the U.S. the "Egyptian Daughter", accomplished the past 200 years through "Eagle son" Masons: Satan/Gore's continuous workers of darkness today communicate in "dark sentences".

How can it be proven that Gore is Satan's "Son of Destruction"? Through Yah's "Living Word". Revealing the Mason's own "mystery" words, signs, symbols, images, names, places, dates, and numbers, and what they have done in D.C. proves it. Yahshua promised His chosen vessels in these end times that... "nothing done or 'hidden' in secret (by the wicked) will be kept from them". Give Yahshua Messiah all praise. This is proof today that His Living Word is all truth, as written. Satan had to reveal to Masons that Gore was his 666 child, his deified and anointed chosen last one, "his son who now gets his power (42 months) to rule the world." Then, Yahovah shall end it.

Gore - To the Masons is "Horus", "the Osiris-Iesus child", the "stiff (stout) one" of ancient Egypt to rise from the "ashes" of "the great Egyptian Zippor bird", as today's "Eagle God Son".

Masons - know Gore has taken the worldly throne of Satan that is rightfully his as "first born Cain-Esau's son". Cain was first born, Esau was first born, and Ishmael was first born. They were not the chosen for Yah's covenant. The truth is they have all made "their own covenants".

 Egyptian Covenant under the Eagle God and Phallic for "perpetuation of the race". Dot in Circle = a deified Pharaoh Osiris Son of the Sun, as does the Right Eye. See (fertility) rabbit, Pepsi Serpent, Horned Owl, Eagle feathers, bowls, Osiris (black)-Isis (white) bound. (The Sex-Rabbit is traced to Ur, and was also a Standard of Egypt on a Pole in a Square)

Gore - To "G" Masons, Satan and his son(s) are "the Gods of this world" who provide them with all things, such as knowledge, "spiritual enlightenment", and freedom from Yah's commandments, and world materialism: all within "the old Egyptian square-cube"(four corners of earth).

Remember what the Devil (Satan-Lucifer-The Adversary) actually said to our Yahshua Messiah:

"If you therefore will worship (bow down to) me, all shall be yours." (Luke 4:7) (Yahshua never rebuked Satan in saying that he did not have a worldly kingdom to give away) Tens of millions of Masons worldwide share in the rule of Satan's worldly (4 corners) kingdom of mammon (materialism) and share in the money and rewards of the flesh. For this advantage over others, read again the above. All Masons are Lucifer worshippers, and they all bow down to him.

Millions of Masons are Lawyers, Judges, Congressmen and Senators, Presidents, Bankers, Governors, Sheriffs, State Police, Military, Mayors, College Deans and Professors, Doctors, Corporate Executives, Managers, directors, Ministers, Preachers, and Fast Food Restaurant Managers and owners. Do they serve "God", the 666 Beast (Lucifer the Eagle) and its image (deified Jesus Christ Eagle Son)?

They love pledging to the God "They Trust". (Cain's ancient Eagle God of Egypt and Ur-Babylon) They love to be loyal servants and builders in Satan's worldly kingdom. They know who they serve. They love Lucifer's worldly extra benefits in power, materialism, and a free network of advantages. They love being involved in the affairs of the world, and they love the world under Satan and his son. They love their freedom from Yah's laws and being able to govern over others as productive citizens. They love giving out material rewards, benefits, and security of their covenant to others of like kind. They love their 666 Temples of Zeus and Isis, now over the U.S. and the World: especially in D.C. They love living in lies and doing hidden wickedness, and even murder for perpetuation of their race.

What do you think Yahovah shall soon do to all of them, and their wives, and associates? Yahovah shall destroy their works and their mammon and show them no mercy whatsoever. Why? Their works and mammon were all obtained serving Lucifer, not Yahovah or Yahshua. Why? They forget even the words spoken by Lucifer: "For what is delivered unto me… (delivered to Satan from Yahovah) and to whomsoever I will, I give it." (Luke 4:6) The first part they absolutely hate, but the second part they love and welcome. Yah is the deliverer of all things, and thus Satan is indeed limited (restricted) to the dividing and giving of that which is his, of his wicked worldly kingdom.

Thus, Yahovah and Yahshua are considered the greatest evil threatening the Mason's World Order they have built through Satan's guidance. Yah and Yahshua, Jacob/Israelites, and true Jews, are hated. A Mason gave (unknowingly) a compliment while becoming very angry at me. He refused to accept Yahovah's truth, and I refused his invitation to become a Mason. The lines are drawn. Then he said: "I always knew you were one of those!" This is one of the best confirmations I have received! Yahovah and Yahshua have many times given signs and confirmed this work and prophecy, but to receive a solid confirmation from the enemy I am one of His (Yahovah's) was a total surprise.

Gore - To Masons, is Pepsi "Number One". He will lead German chosen race and those "adopted" into their ranks against all true Israelites of Yahovah and Yahshua throughout the world. Gore will purge the world of their enemies and people they call "cults", when they themselves are the actual true Lucifer worshipers, already killing millions, and broadcasting lies and cover ups.

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"Eve-Isis" taking Serpent's Vow "Goddess Diana Serpent's Vow" 3,000 B.C. (Receiving the Osiris Phallic) (Receiving Satan's Phallic and Seed) What most women love today! Theme has been carried up to today!

Eve-Isis is another name for the "Lady", the "Woman", "Nike", or "Diana", or "Venus", or "Minerva" or the Catholic's Madonna, and the Goddess "Victoria". What is behind the sexual promotion of "Victoria's Secret". (Glorification of the act of Eve's sin in the Garden is magnified today). In the Diana's Vow Rock, the image of Satan holding his phallic and other things are obvious.

[Adultery] was originally committed by Eve in the Garden with Satan (which brought forth Cain and his seed.) Yahovah pronounced enmity between "Satan's seed" and the "woman's seed" before Cain and Abel were born, and immediately after the act was committed. (Genesis 3:13-15). Yahovah said that "Satan has seed", not us. Few ever discuss this truth today.

Gore - Is "the Dead one" (Stiff One) of Egypt, Osiris back again in the flesh as Horus, the "Eagle's and Isis son, brought back through a "miraculous birth" without conception; thus imitating Yahshua. Masons have "secretly created" a real Osiris-Iesus, the 666 "child" to come out of "the Eagle's Nest" (in D.C.) Their hidden plan has been active long before 1776 to make "U.S. Daughter of Egypt" the throne of Gore and the Promised Land for (13) tribes of Germanica.

Those who study Mason's religion make the connection to Egypt. "We must consult the past to study Freemasonry. We must stand by the 'sarcophagus' of the murdered but restored 'Osiris in Egypt'…we must pursue our researches until we find the thought that lay in the minds of the institution and founded our mysteries. Then we shall know precisely what they mean." P.146. M.W. (Note: Giza Pyramid used by the Masons is for their Osiris-Iesus, who has now risen in Gore)

"A very limited knowledge of history of primitive worship and mysteries is necessary to enable any person to recognize in Master Mason, Hiram, the Osiris of the Egyptians …" P. 419. M.W. "Hiram, according to Sickels (Ah.R., p.196) is the same as Osiris." P. 468. M.W.

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Gore "The 666 Child" Gore is "The Child" Osiris (Satan's Little Prick) (Actual Map of Arlington, D.C.)

This Black and White photo of Gore as a 'young child' was intentionally "spot textured" (a special tinted graphic effect) and used in one of his autobiography books. Why? Nimrod-Osiris "images" in Egypt were intentionally "spot textured" black and white on the tomb walls and on Papyrus papers. Arlington Cemetery Grid map (right) portrays Gore as Osiris, the child reborn as "the black one". (See also the "Serpent's Eye", and the two cut-off Osiris phallics. Compare this to page one of Gore)

We could write more about Osiris, but his history is in libraries. Each Mason is thus in the image of their Nimrod-Osiris, and world's deified Crowned Double Eagle God Son is Pepsi Osiris-Iesus.

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"Little Horn Child" Gore Mocks 'Good Man' Humble Man of Sin (German Urchin) ("Good" = Yahovah) (Man with words)

Even as a child, elite Masons would have already known who Gore was going to grow up to be (thus imitating Yahshua Messiah as a child, as even the "wise men" knew who was the Son of Yahovah). The elite Masons have planned in great detail for the coming of age of their Messiah to rule the world.

They have watched him "grow up", and be trained in the skills to govern Satan's worldly kingdom. He is now ready to do what they already know he is going to do, and must do throughout the entire world (to fulfill Yah's prophecy). All of this truth is far removed from what Christians are being taught.

Billions of 'tax' dollars in DNA government research and private DNA laboratories were invested for Satan's workers to secretly create: "The beast that was, and is not, and yet is" (Rev. 17:8-11)

Very little about what people assume is Gore's past, is reality. Gore's life is a "fabrication" and full of thousands of Satan's signs of his favored son today. Even where Gore's residence is in Tennessee has signs: the names of roads, places and things, and even the Scriptural name "Shiloh" of his pet "black dog". Mason's know all of this, and we will not waste time at this late stage listing these many signs.

1947-48: John's Revelation was fulfilled through the elite's top-secret DNA, CPR, genetic, hybrid, cloning, and D.C. experimental laboratories to bring Satan's immaculate deception without a father. All of this had to be done to fulfill this verse: "The beast that was (Alexis) and is not, even he is the eighth (Gore), and is of the seven, (Alexis and the other six before him), and goes into perdition."

(Rev. 17:11) After the election, "Chris Matthews" (which name means the Christ, the gift from Yah) of MSNBC choked up on National TV, and would you believe that he actually declared Gore the "Immaculate Conception" to multi-millions of viewers? Do you understand what that was all about? This was not a slip of the tongue. This was not by coincidence. This bold announcement is real.

1947-48: The final stage was done in Washington, D.C. There was a lab actually called "Dumbarton Lab". (Masonic code meaning, Imitation Son 2000). This is difficult to explain, even to the Yahshua Messiah believers. For every answer given to a "complex" question, it usually brings up ten or more questions, and it could continue into the absurd. Letterman gives his "Dumb and Dumber" jokes on his Top Ten Countdown, and is referring to Gore. When you see the car test "Dummy" (Imitator) on Red Lobster 10/15/2001 Commercials (out of place) count down of "shrimps" (Jews October 30, 2001) and his "left arm and hand" falls down at 30, and a "black man" toasts a wine glass, look out!

It is too late for debates. Masonic dark sentences on TV now indicate a great "purge" in 2001! (Many signs indicate great evil to strike 2001-2004. All must be done to clean up Gore's Kingdom) Are we to debate, debate, and debate, and continue to butt heads with the deceived, when they (workers of Gore) are ready to suddenly round up and cast us; their "enemies" into the furnace? Gore is playing out the "King Nebuchadnazir" vision that the prophet Daniel had of these days!

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Gore and Mouthpiece Gore and His Mother Gore is the 666 Shadow (Clinton 33rd. Degree) (Nike on Lot 666) (Anointed 9/18/1993)

Update: Clinton announced "Opening the Book of Life" and decoding DNA on June 25, 2000. What does this have to do with prophecy? Yah said: "Life is in the blood (DNA)". Satan's workers are not stupid. DNA is a major key. They know who they are, and that they have been chosen to be over the goats and to rule with Satan. Examine these rulers today. Is Tony Blair a Jew? Is the ruler of Spain a Jew? Are the rulers of Germany, Austria, and Belgium Jews? Are Clinton and Bush Jews?

Is the mayor of New York a Jew? Is Senator Hillary Clinton a Jew? Was there ever a Jew that was a U.S. President? See the long rosters of Bavarian Masons in their Lodges and see the overwhelming number that are names of German Anglo-Saxons, and a few that are "adopted" Jews. Yet, the multi-millions of Germans today still want to blame Jews for their problems. Looking around today, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out who are included in the huge sea of goats. Yahovah has already given His final warning that He will cut off the Gentiles in Dec. 2001 from hearing His Word!

To millions of "College Spring Breakers", sucking down many beers, having sex and fun, and going swimming or surfing, none of these things in prophecy makes any sense, or is not of interest. What is amazing, Christians not sucking down beers, fornicating, or having orgies, take no interest in these truths either. With or without their attention and examination, evil workers can separate Goats and Sheep through DNA: a long range part of their plan all along. Every person on the face of the earth (with the formula to match them with) can be positively identified through the simple DNA cell tests available today all across the nation. It is a done deal. This is part of the German World Order.

Already, in Wilmington, North Carolina in 2001, they have started a DNA Program called "The Fingerprinting of the New Millennium". It is being promoted as a DNA Life Print Child Safety Program. The program is designed to actually DNA fingerprint "every child" in your local area during a National Tour. In each area, a corporate citizen steps forward and underwrites the program.

This program also features taking a child's picture using a Digital Video Capture Device that interacts with custom Government I.D. software. They say you alone get the only copy. Do you believe that? See '6' in her Crown: Isis Goddess has also risen and the world worships her!  Graphic's not available

Gore's "Son of the Sun" Horse nudging the Sleeping "Isis" above the White House (Mason Temple [Yellow Square] is the "Heart of Egypt's Goldie Locks Isis")

Gore - lived 8 years in the "Son of the Sun Spot" as "Vice" [evil] President. Gore is the horse of death and destruction. Masonic Temple is located precisely in the location of the heart of Isis of Egypt above Gore's "Ashtray" (his Ash Receiver that made National News). Isis is on a "bed of Christian and Catholic churches": the street at the bottom line of her wrapped mummy is lined with churches. See "number six" in her forehead, or "number nine" of the Eagle upside down. Her Egypt "vulture symbol" over the dead" is on right with spread out wings. Guess the precise location of "Kennedy's Playground" the Mason's built inside of Isis.

Great Scott (Masonic) Circle inside the Green "Osiris" Square with the "black punch" is above the White House. Gore used these symbols on Letterman 9/8/1993 (breaking the ash receiver) to let Masons know he was the deified "Son of Satan" of their ancient Golden Arch covenant. Gore doing this act appeared in numerous magazines, and also in newspapers across U.S. It was shown again on Gore's repeat visit to Letterman Sept. 2000. Gore said this act was the "Number One" thing he did of importance during his entire eight years as "Vice" President. Yes, it was! And, because it reveals who he is today, it was repeated for world Masons in late 1993 on Letterman, and again on Letterman in September 2000. Study the map!

Gore - is the "first man" of his kind ever created through this expensive and complex DNA blood technology" who now deceives the whole world." As simply as can be explained, they have taken that which was dead (DNA of Tsar Alexis Romanov) and a (non-consenting) "female" young "virgin carrier" as a living lab, and have brought him (Alexis) back to life through the person of Gore. This is not a hoax, or joke, or from a King mystery novel. Yahovah revealed Gore as Satan's created Osiris-Iesus, the eighth King, the "evil one" over the bottomless pit. Yah provided Masonic documentation behind Gore, and gave their actual documented 3,600 B.C. "covenant with death" of Satan's Tree, spoken of by (Isayah in Chapter 28) *. Yah will indeed allow them to do this last great purge, known as Jacob's Troubles, and then it will be billions wishing they were never born. Why? Yahovah's Double Portions of wrath.

Gore – is the Mason's God, as Satan is already in him. Gore is also Osiris-Iesus, imitating Yahshua. He fulfills Scripture: especially Yahovah's incredible riddle in (Revelation 17:10-11).

* Hittite King's Tarsus Stone Seal of Satan, made of hematite "Bloodstone". The British Royalty Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, England has the five plates of this "Seal". 1890-95 by Rev. Samuel Kinns, Ph.D., F.R.A.S. book, "Graven in the Rock", Volumes I and II. This Seal is the Mason's Covenant, and called the "Golden Arch" of the Eagle God and Son. The inside joke of the elite Masons is 99 Billion Hamburgers served under it at their McDonalds.

COVENANT GOLDEN ARCH SEAL OF SATAN AND HIS LITTLE HORN EAGLE SONS German Aryan Hittite King's Covenant Seal of Satan (going back to 3,800 B.C.) for his future sons exists, and in the British Museum. It is fulfilled in Washington, D.C. through the work of Masons.

 Graphic's not available

Panel One of Eagle God Covenant All "Little Horn Rulers" are under it.

Masonic Tower of Babel with the "X" (Capitol Zeus World Temple today), the phallic (Washington D.C. Obelisk), "Three Arrows" (Pentagon Defense Seal) and Son Orb Seat, McDonald's Golden Arch (Masonic Degree) Eagle God's son, and other things, are fulfilled in today's Gore. It is linked directly to their long line of German Aryan Kings and Queens, and should be enough documentation.

It proves that Satan and his seeds of Cain-Esau (Germans) have dramatically impacted history for thousands of years. It is connected to D.C., Masons, "Daughter of Egypt", all German/British and Russian Masonic Royalty across Europe, German Catholics, today's One World Order, and Gore.

Yahovah said: "You made Kings and Queens, but not by Me. You have made princes and princesses, but I know them not." Hittite Seal is also directly linked to German-Hittite Kings and Queens, princes, and princesses, dukes and duchesses of England, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Finland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Russia, France, and Holland in Europe, and N. A. (U.S. German long list of Masonic Satanic Presidents). They are connected to this covenant through DNA (Bavarian) German "elite family heritage" of the Ur-Chaldean "purple".

Example: England's King George V was blood cousin of Wilhelm I of Germany, and Nicholas II of Russia who was the German blood cousin of King George V. (Eagles vs. Eagles in WW I and WW II). Kings and Queens of Spain, Greece, and Holland are also connected to this DNA bloodline. It connects German relationships between England Royalty rulers and the leaders of U.S. Example: Pres. George (German) Washington was the distant blood cousin of Queen Elizabeth (German). 200 years later, George (German) Bush is directly DNA related to Queen Elizabeth II (German).

What has changed? Nothing. You should now be able to fully understand why George W. Bush Jr. was chosen as Gore's visible selected "pawn" from the elite in the final "chess game" today. George W. Bush and his entire family and that of his England connection is German, not Jewish.

2001 Bush had a great party at the Lincoln Memorial, and many listened to all kinds of loud music made by Ricky Martin "Roc Star" and others. This was right out of a verse in King Nebochadnazir's day: "The princes, the governors, and captains, the judges, the treasurers, the counselors, the sheriffs, and all the rulers of the provinces, were gathered together unto the 'dedication of the image' that Nebochadnazir… had set up. Then an 'herald' cried aloud, (made a proclamation) to you it is commanded O people… that at what time you hear the sound…of all kinds of music, you fall down and worship the (Caesar) golden image that Nebochadnazir the king had set up." (Daniel 3:2-7)

 Graphic's not available

This is a Temple and Throne Seat in the "image" of the Great Eagle God Son Caesar (Bush made a proclamation to bow and worship this "God", now Gore, the Eagle and Son)

Documented truths in German/England/European Royalty charts are in most libraries. For obvious reasons, this 3,600 B.C. "covenant with death" has been a guarded elite Masonic secret. It answers their business successes, materialism, and wealth, and their "rule over the world" with Satan.

(No Jacob/Israelites have ever ruled German or Gentile Nations). How is this possible? Yahovah gave the rule of the world to Cain and his seed in (KJ Genesis 4:7). Again, Yahovah said: "… you (Cain) shall rule over him (Abel)." This is a covenant promise from Yahovah not only for Cain, but also for all of his future seed (by blood, DNA) in his loins. (Still true today, but coming to an end)

This is why elite of this covenant are obsessed with DNA blood typing between "goats and sheep".

Multi-millions, even billions, know nothing today of any covenant, and they care less if it were proven beyond question that such a covenant actually exists. Billions in the world also have little use for the "opposite" Yahovah covenant of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Israel) and Yahshua Messiah. 2000 statistic in "United Germany" revealed 75% believe in nothing but themselves. It is worse today than it was under Hitler, who was also a German Mason and a German Catholic under this 666 covenant.

Nazi movement is in the millions and skinheads in Germany and "sister" (by blood) countries, are on a rapid increase. What is important to you is Yah's revelation of the culmination and fulfillment of the two covenants. WHICH ONE ARE YOU NOW UNDER? Are you with Satan's "GOATS", or with Yahovah's "SHEEP"? These images, symbols, and key characters on the Stone Seal are in Washington, D.C. within Satan's Egyptian "square" and last Eagle son "666 throne seat" for Gore.

MYSTERY OF GERMAN ARYAN UR-HITTITE "GOLDEN ARCH" TARSUS STONE REVEALED Background reference of the Hittite Stone: Two Volumes of "Graven In The Rock", by the late Rev. Samuel Kinns, Ph.D., Fellow of Royal English Astronomical Society; and member of The Society of Biblical Archaeology, and The late Principal of Highbury New Park College, England. The first original dedication (of the Tarsus Hittite Covenant Seal) was to the honorable Lord Halsbury, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, in March of 1891. Kinn's two-Volume book was published in 1895 by Cassell and Co. Limited, London, Paris and in Melbourne. Prof. Sayce reviewed Kinns work. Without any other evidence to support what is in this prophecy, THIS COVENANT IS ENOUGH!

Note: Only 4,000 quantity/quality II Volume sets for Kinn's personal friends and "library editions" were recorded printed and distributed: mostly in England and Europe. Kinns listed Bible scholars, Ministers, England Theology schools, and close colleagues who received these well researched books. (Other Seals, and covenants and plates are illustrated, plus translations of Nebochadnazir's tablets)

Without arrangement by Yahovah's Spirit, it would have been impossible to travel and stay in England in 1992, and then two volumes of extremely rare books placed into my hands by a friend. They had never been used, and were waiting since 1896. Most will not be able to find them in Libraries. On the inside cover sums up the matter before you: "The Word (Yahshua Messiah) is Truth". Kinns, and others with him, had no idea what they had brought back to England for examination.

On pages 155 through 165 in Volume I is a brief description of five story panels and illustration(s). Yahshua's covenant is real and it is forever. This 3,600 B.C. German-Hittite Covenant is also real, but it is not forever. It promises that an elite future seed of this Eagle-Serpent God King (son of the sun) shall rule over a world of "goats" as Satan's "Little Horn". This deified King is thus given Satan's power rod. Satan promises if this Eagle king's future seed keeps/obeys this covenant, and completes Satan and Son's world temple, worships and serves only them, then they, and all of their seed shall have his world all to themselves and everything in it! This covenant is exclusively kept by Bavarian Masons today. They now expect to receive the entire world for themselves, as Satan promised. Shall Yahovah give it all to them? Shall Yahovah let their cup run over, and then destroy it?

 Graphic's not available

Hittite image Nefatari Isis "Queen of Egypt" She was over the dead, as today in U.S. (The fertility "fish" is her and Osiris's symbol) (Millions have the Osiris "fish" today)

See the obvious Masonic symbols in their Isis Goddess original Egyptian painting on the left. Above her wings is the famous Eagle-Falcon "Horus-Osiris-Iesus" Red, White and Blue "Eye" (right bird's eye, as in famous U.S. "Bird's Eye" Food Brands in Supermarkets). She grasps two E-W feathers.

Ancient colors of Egypt was Red, White and Blue. Masonic U.S. Flag is the same as ancient Egypt. Everything about the U.S. flag is strictly Egyptian back to Ur!! Satan's five pointed star, the actual red and white alternating stripes, blue Isis square, and of course, the Eagle God * over it, or inside of it!

* July 4-5, 2001 on CNN, the "intentional discovery and bringing out of moth balls" one of the U.S. Flags that U.S. President Abraham Lincoln allegedly grasped as he was shot, clearly shows a "circle in the blue square" with the "Eagle God" in this circle surrounded by the stars! The Eagle God inside of the Isis Square was first proposed by Masons to be the U.S. Flag design, but then made the final design less obvious in what they were actually doing!

When you take the pledge to this abominable flag, it is "taking an oath" to Isis, Satan, and his deified son Osiris-Iesus (Pharaoh Gore today) and pledging (beginning with the words: "I pledge…") your commitment to "phallic-vagina worship" for the "future perpetuation of the race" of Cain's seed, or the sons and daughters of Satan! You are making a sacred binding pledge (an oath) to continue in the ancient evil ways of Isis-Ashtaroth the sex-fertility Goddess all the way back to Eve's act!!

U.S. Flag with Eagle in an Egg Design! Nothing is by Coincidence!

  July 2001 (Note Eagle God in Blue) A Tribute to Today's 666 Pharaoh

You are pledging to be "obedient plebes" to Pharaoh Osiris-Iesus, and what they have always stood for and represented even long before our Moshe and Torah! (and to the republic for which it stands…) Multi-millions in the U.S. today do not mind at all being loyal plebes to Pharaoh and Isis! In fact they love this ancient ritual of continuous emphasis on sex day and night, and the worship of the Eagle God, and all for the perpetuation (or continuation) of their race. (See the incredible emphasis on the vast majority of TV and in movies today of raw and seduction-lewd-porno type sexually explicit programs, soap operas, movies, and even filling News channels and in commercials! In fact, "Jackie" Kennedy, Onassis in her book containing much on Isis of Egypt, and written before she died, plainly states that all women today are the "images" of this ancient Isis Sex Goddess of Egypt! (What do you see?) (Because she wrote about the secrets of the Masonic Mysteries and their Isis, her penalty was death)

Note the two "Right Eyes" above Isis are the "Eagle Eyes" of Horus, or Osiris-Iesus. Note also the obvious "Red Dress" on this ancient Isis. Today, there are many songs demons inspire in the bodies of people to sing praises and love songs to her! The "Lady in Red", and "She's the Woman with the Red Dress On", by Ray Charles, and the recent "Lady in Red" in the "Isis" movie "Pretty Woman".

Richard "Geir" (means the Eagle of Egypt: Geir Eagle) (Leviticus 11:18) and he plays Satan-Osiris (as the Iesus Prince of the World who has everything) and he falls in love with Isis and worships the whore he picked up (right off the street)! This is a perfect image of a real "Eve-Isis" woman today, and thus she has been crowned in year 2001 Hollywood's "Super Star" of all of Satan's Isis women! (She has also been married again and again and again currently living in adultery, yet multi-millions simply adore her, love her, and idolize-worship her!). Does this idolized star have anything to do with Yahovah or Yahshua Messiah ? (Get a life or lets get real!) An older favorite of Satan was Elizabeth Taylor (married 8 times), who was actually called the golden "Phoenix" and played "Cleopatra".

But how does all of this directly connect to the Germans today, and their German World Order? Dr. Kinns also connected the "Hittites with the Egyptians" found on a rare peace agreement Seal: an ancient silver plate engraving between Rhameses II and the Aryan Hittite King (over the Canaanites) at that time. This was before Israelites took the land after leaving Egypt. This ancient seal included the marriage of the King's "German Aryan Hittite virgin daughter" (Nefatari) with Rhameses II. We should not have to elaborate on a subject (near to Yah's heart) of Egypt at the time of Moshe and Exodus when Yahovah freed Jacob/Israel out from under the bondage under the shadows of the Eagle God and Pharaoh. The Hittite Stone (in a square with a handle), when it was first seen by Professor Sayce (another deceased famous British Scripture scholar, speaker, and historical author in 1890s) said: "Nothing like it has ever before been brought to the notice of European scholars." p.165.

Ministers today will not explain these Historical Hittite Sculptures with Prophecy  Graphic not available

The East-West Lions of 'Lions Club' Lincoln Type Hats Hittite Eagle-Lion God Covenant Rev. 9:8. Note Masonic "Grand Master Mason" Hat (See also the "Son of the Sun" Great Eagle God Winged Orb directly above his head)

Hittite King has "six fingers", wears an ear-ring, has "long hair", and bound by the Serpent. Nisroch, the Great Eagle God from ancient Ur-Babylon, holds the two conquering E-W lions.

(The gathering Grand Master Masons in the video enclosed at the re-enactment of the laying of the 666 cornerstone at Capitol Hill, have these identical "Little Horn" black hats! In total ignorance of this ancient truth, are numerous Orthodox Jews from Europe and Russia, and elsewhere, such as now living in N.Y., who also wear these same abominable 'Black Hats' of different styles and shapes! Where did they get this idea? From traditions of the ancient Hittites-Canaanite rulers who lived in the Canaanite land before them, and with them, during the times of many Israel and Judah Kings! Will they now give them up? Very doubtful until Yahovah/Yahshua removes them from their heads!)

Note: Understanding Hittite symbols and rock engravings of this covenant was limited in the 1890s. Significance of Tarsus Seal (fig. 29, Volume I) was only described as Satanic in 1892-1896. Today, 1992-2001, Yahovah's warnings against entering into any German Aryan "Hittite Covenant" (Canaanites), or ever worshiping their Gods, (as their Eagle) is clear, and is still in force today.

Kinns and Sayce made no mention of the Tarsus Stone to Washington, D.C. or Masons and German World Order, or to an elite DNA Egyptian-Aryan Hittite bloodline. Why? The DNA technology and Masonic things connected to this covenant were not known in 1800s by "non-Masonic scholars".

Also, combined ancient Egyptian and Hittite symbols and "hieroglyphics" used on panels were not understood. Sayce did identify the Hittite symbol for their 'God', and this appeared over the 'Great Eagle' again and again in other Hittite stone covenants. (You can confirm this in most libraries).

Kinns recognized the Hittite stone as Satanic, and described the "Triangles", "Tridents", and strange "mirror images" (to Yah, Yahshua, Yah's Spirit), as being "perverted to idolatrous worship." P.164.

Kinns did not identify "Little Horn" and "Big Horn" symbols connected to a "son of the sun circle" on a "Tower of Babel". He did say in his brief analysis of this stone that perhaps sometime in the future, someone would be able to "de-code" and read the characters in the five Satanic panels and give the world their meaning. One hundred years later, That time is now, as Yahovah has revealed it!

As I live, Saith Yahovah: "I have no pleasure in the death (destruction) of the wicked, but desire that the wicked turn from his way (repent) and live (be saved)." (Ezekiel 33:11) Yahovah already knows their hearts, and knows they shall not repent or overcome these things! After eight years of being laughed at, mocked, and called a false prophet and evil, their hearts are indeed hardened.

END OF PART I "THE FALSE MESSIAH" (666 Cornerstone of Zeus, known as Iesus today)

  Graphic's not availabe

Gore, 666 Osiris Capstone Gore to Satan in Him Memphis, Tennessee Great Pyramid (On One Dollar Bill) (Osiris-Isis Flag) (Patterned after Memphis Egypt)

PART II of this prophecy is longer, and covers more on the mystery behind Mason's Number One Albert Arnold Gore Jr., and the elite's explanations of the Top Ten Countdowns of Gore and Letterman, which conclusively prove who Gore is today. (Finding out that these hidden truths are presented as jokes, and as dark coded sentences by elite Masons, makes them less acceptable, but they are the truth just the same).

You will find out the "dark sentence" Masonic meanings and key words of why Gore is described as these things and much more in the book: 'The Prince of Tennessee', The Rise of Al Gore 2000, by David Maraniss, and Ellen Nakashima, Published by Simon and Schuster. ISBN 0-7432-0411-5. Introduction from The Prince of Tennessee: " Gore's prophetic 'PATH to POWER', at first glance, seems straight and narrow…demanding parents groomed him as a 'PRINCELING' to reach the top. The quintessential 'GOOD SON'… (code)

p. 41. "Al's first word that he learned to spell was G-R-E-E-N."

p. 55. "Al would sing: 'THE LION SLEEPS TONIGHT'…

p. 56. "Al was a 'DEADLY GUNNER' FROM THE 'LEFT (Sinister) CORNER'…" p. 63. "FROGGY McGRATH", Gore's history teacher…

p. 64. "His classmates teased him as 'THE WOODEN APOLLO'… (Man of Revelation)

p. 64. "His friends at Harvard saw him as a 'ROYAL FIGURE'…" (Royal Eagle Son)


p. 76. "Gore could not take his mind off of WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION."

p. 78. "Gore became hooked on TV. 'HE STUDIED IT': you could tell that even from his watching, the comments he would make 'WATCHING REGULAR TV SHOWS'. He made astute comments about 'STAR TREK' OR 'LOST IN SPACE.'

p. 78. This quote of Gore in his Harvard English class reveals considerable: "THE APOCRYPHAL STORY THAT I TELL, WHICH DOES'NT TELL THE TRUTH…"

Also Masonic dark sentence and coded book: 'Inventing Al Gore', by Bill Turque, 2000, ISBN 0-395-88323-7. Opening dark code: "To Melinda, who showed me the way." Melinda meaning:

 Graphic's not available

Who Suspects? See Demon in Center Mighty One Osiris "Playing His Game in 2000"

MY EL, N's DAY = My Mighty One [Gore], his Day of the Eagle [n] Nisroch, has showed the way. (These are phonetic and dark codes). P. 341 "AL GORE HEARS THE VOICE OF GOD."

Gore 'coded dark sentence quote' as the rising next Hitler: "Today the evidence of an ecological 'KRISTALL NACHT' is as clear as the sound of 'GLASS SHATTERING IN BERLIN." P. 230.

"Gore, dubbed the Eddie Haskell 'ENERGIZER BUNNY' by Times Margaret Carlson." p. 368

. And also the dark coded 1999 book: 'Gore: A Political Life', by Bob (Robert) = "Ra's Bright shining one", Zelnick (Zelnick = Z's El, [mighty one] "Nick's son" = Satan's Son), An 'EAGLE' PUBLISHING Co.

Under Chapter: 'MILLENNIUM MAN', p. 361. Quote: "In January 1998, Gore was well into 'HIS GAME' of 'SHADOW (the real one with the power today) PRESIDENT'."

 Graphic's not avaible

"Mouth of Satan" "Re-elect" Means that he was already "elected" (Flatteries) (The Evil One is indeed in Office 2001-2004)

We have tried to give you understanding, as Yahovah has given us understanding, and we do know that these things of codes and dark sentences do not always present themselves quickly.

To end this Part I, we present an obvious incredible sign right from one of the first of Yah's prophecies revealing who Gore is in Scripture. It is on the "front cover" of one of the mentioned books about Gore. As nothing is by coincidence, this very specific Gore picture was not just randomly chosen out of tens of thousands that they could have used for a cover. We have thus chosen to put it right in front of you. Read the Scripture, and then look at the picture and see if you notice something unique about him!

 Graphic's not available

"INVENTING AL GORE" HITLER REJECTED LIBERMAN! The "X" Child of Prophecy 2000 "Rejected" Candidates * (Bruised Head of the Child)

(666 Cornerstone of Masons)

Saith Yahovah: "I will put enmity between you (Satan) and the woman, and between your seed (Satan's offspring and false messiah) and her seed; and it (Yahshua Messiah) shall 'bruise your head', and you (Satan) shall bruise his heel." (How many actually know that this verse describes

two very different cornerstones? Two very different seeds? Two themes all through Scripture? One is the Hebrew Yahshua Messiah, and the other bad seed is Satan's son[s] to rule the world!) KJ Genesis 3:15 (This is one of the most early profound verses in prophecy Spoken by Yahovah, as Yahovah also makes it very clear that Satan does have 'seed', and he did plant it! Yahshua also verifies this ancient truth in the New Testament under the parables of the seeds!)


Note: Gore chose Lieberman as his (Jewish) running mate, because he already knew that they would lose (be rejected by the political D.C. Masons). This fact of a 'pre-planned' rejection was confirmed on the David Letterman Night Show in September 2000! The Top Ten Countdown of Gore/Lieberman 2000 was simply titled "Rejected Slogans" (code for Masons). He would not have to worry one bit about Lieberman being in any White House administrative (power) position. (Also, Hitler once 'put down' another 'Lieberman', and this choice was not lost with the Nazis!)

This 'move' also gave Jews in the U.S. a false sense of security that Gore is their friend, and nobody would ever suspect that he is their nightmare come back once again worse than Hitler! Satan and son have done it: the Jews will now stay in the U.S. and suffer in the punishment of the Babylonian Whore, despite Yahovah's pleas for them to "Come out of Her"! (How well we know this great truth greatly offends our brothers and sisters in Yahshua Messiah, and our fellow Jews today, and terribly offends the German Catholics and Christians. This is what the truth does from Yahovah!)

My own word study

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