"Esdras II" & "Third Curse" PROPHECY UPON THE WORLD Dear Brothers & And Sisters in Christ,
I believe you will want to see this page. So I am sharing it . It was sent to me as a CD . I feel to pass it on. I did not write it. I copied it and added it as one page. But for easyer reading I've now divided it up, for easerer loading. It is a prophetic type word . So Also see "Omega man" parts are there too.

I received it just as I was doing a study on the Kenites (Tares) Sons of Cain. It confirmed so much to me and helped me understand better what the Holy Spirit was showing me personally in my own study.

I had just started this study on the Kenites(Tares)as I was sent this CD. And that was what I was seeing, that the Kenite scribes did make some changes to the true names and did it "knowing" what they where doing..I believe this is what he was referring too in his CD.

He believes (Yahshua Mashiyach),is The Son of YHVH,
and He is the "express Image" of The Father (Hebrews 1:3). Further, per John 1, Anointed Yahshua Messiah
Moreover, there is no other name by which we can be saved (Acts 4:10-12)

But He uses the true names. Not those tamper with by the Kenite scribes. The one point that troubled me about his CD was His rather dogmatic view on the names. Which sounded a bit condemening. But the fact is they were changed.

I had use the name Jesus for years and years and never did the Holy Spirit depart. Jesus is the only name I knew
But Now I think Father is wanting us to learn His true names.

But I dont feel there is any condemnation to us in Christ if we haven't yet learn them . Father knows his own Children. He looks upon each heart. I want to use His true name out of respect and love, now I understand they were changed.. And help others understand His names were changed. But not to bring condemnation. (Law)

I felt he was referring to those deceived and truly outside of the true Christ,
those with a beast nature.. Without this foundation for understanding it might be confusing to you.

He believes the man of lawlessness has been revealed.
(In the temple.)
So do I.
We are the true temple are we not ?

Father dwells in us too in our spirit.

Some may feel this message is from a Raven and not the Dove.

But remember Eljiah was fed by the ravens.
God sent the raven to feed him!

Father told me three times in one day many years ago,(1980's)
He would send the "ravens" to feed me !!
He used three differant anointed christian.
All gave me the same word!
None aware of each others word!
He Has used Ravens many times since!!
Do you understand????

I am not judging this person as being a raven.
Just saying Father can speak to us through anyone
He choses to, man or donkey or however he choses to.

We are to judge fruit, And recieve the wheat Father brings to us,in any manner He chooses to bring it to us.
Judgement of man, is Fathers judgement to make not mine.

This message was from Father to me bringing me personal conformation to my own study. My spirit witnesses to "that" truth in it! I was led to share it. Take the wheat, leave the chaff. What you do not understand put on Father shelf Untill He confirm it to you and brings understanding.

The Holy Spirit can still winnow for us! if you are not sure of the voice you are hearing, fast and pray until God answers you. He may answer by speaking into your heart, or by confirming it from others, or by dream, or by vision-but by whatever way, God will answer you. Be assured-He will answer you.

Hope this will clarify my view. I'm still learning too.

Due to the lenght of this article I've divided theses pages, and added new pages for easyer loading.

Sorry Not all the CD Graphic are in But I'm trying to get them added. But there capions for them are left in place.


Daniel Recieves The White Stone.