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Professor Whizdumb says:  If the end of the world doesn't hurry up and come, the world is going to end before it gets here.



          The articles found on this site, and the ones that will follow, are a result of a 35 year (and still continuing) intensified search and study for the truth. A search prompted at the beginning by a feeling of dissatisfaction, and disenchantment with life in general, and even with what I saw in "Christianity". Having grown up in a church, and receiving the Savior at an early age, this was a thing that seemed to me should not be so. It deeply disturbed me.  

            My life has not been the same since the search began.  If I wrote the story, no one would believe it.  There have been many traumatic devastations, with each one being designed to open my eyes to the Truth.  This has been so for most who have been brought out into the Light, including those in the Bible.  Look at their lives closely, and you will see this work being done in every one of them.  It takes the works of the cross to remove the veil from the eyes so one can see.  Without the experiences I have been through, I would not be able to see what I see.  

           I have seen that many are working great iniquity, doing great harm to others, while thinking they are "saved".  I am NOT anyone's final Judge.  That is Jahshuwah's position.  He is the one with the nail holes in His hands, NOT any of us.  He knows who is who, and why.  However, I have seen by the Word of Jah, many whose salvation is in great jeopardy.  You cannot work craftiness which inflicts great harm to others, and expect to escape eternal damnation.  This you will see by the articles written on this site.  It is the day of repentance folks, and not only repentance, but of the paying restitution.  We had ALL better sit up and hear what the "Spirit saith unto us".  Eternal consequences are NOT decided by what men think of us, but by what is written in the "Lamb's Book of Life".  Men can be fooled, but not Jahwah.  The self-justifying "fig leaf cover up" does NOT work before Him.  The higher we are lifted up in the world by fallen men, the more danger we are in.

            I can say, because of what I have learned, the trip has been more than worthwhile.  There have been many times that I wished I hadn't started the journey, and wanted to quit.  As with Jeremiah, I couldn't, for it "burned in my bones".  The "coming to pass" of the matters described on this site will more than cancel out any of the negative thoughts that I have had.  The revelations are startling.  For most, they will be SHOCKING!  I do not claim infallibility.  I could have error in what I am saying.  However, my themes are correct, and the days ahead will prove them out.

             I praise Jah for my early training of "Christian" principles and precepts. I have no complaints concerning them. Because of that early training I was being overcome by the sense that something was wrong. Wrong with my life, the church, and the church's affect upon society.

            I was taught that Jah was a mighty "God". A "God" of power as expressed in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and the Israelites; of Moses and Elijah and all of the prophets. That He was a "God" of judgment, as well as a "God" of mercy who blessed His people. I saw all of these attributes of Jah in the Word, but I did not see it as a reality in my life, or in anyone else's. The Bible, in comparison to the real world today, was like reading a fairy tale.

            Yes, I saw, and still do see the subliminal effects of Jah's hand in the lives of those who had received Jahshuwah, but where was the awesome Jahwah of the Word? Where was the manifestation of that miraculous power in my life, or in the church? Where was that display of power that caused the entire world to cringe and tremble, and run in terror? (This is something that we are about to witness first hand, as the "hidden "God"" is about to manifest His strength and might upon this earth once again.) The church in my mind was a weak sister that did little more than bring people to Jahshuwah. A worthy endeavor, but was that all there was to it? Were we then just left by Jahwah to flounder through life the best we could as second class citizens, waiting for, and looking forward to, the blessed eternity? What was redemption for, just to escape the Lake of Fire? (I have since found out the "Passover Redemption" was not just to bring us out of Egypt into wandering in the wilderness, but to go forth and POSSESS THE KINGDOM! This was the ultimate answer that I was looking for.)

            What I was seeing in those early days of my life just did not fit with what I was taught from, and saw in, the Bible. The people of the Bible went through their trials and struggles, but overall, they were a blessed,  protected, and favored people when they lived rightly before Jah. That did not appear to me to be the case for the "Christians" of today.

            The "Christian" individual who was born with above average intelligence and capabilities, could, with great effort, attain success and a high status in life. This was also true of the "non-Christian" as well though, and there seemed to me to be no real evidence of the hand of Jah. This seemed to be opposite of what the Word promised.  The wicked might prosper for a season, but the just were to rise above them.

            Some might say that only the world can be successful in the world. It is also true that in some cases there are "Christians" who have gone about building their own kingdoms, and have falsely claimed that they are under the blessings of Jah, causing it to appear that Jah was indeed showing His mighty hand in their lives. They have only deceived themselves, while justifying their attaining the lusts of the material things of this world. They have only done as the world does to attain success in the world. Therefore, it appeared that only those that had gone astray could become successful. There was something wrong with this thinking, and it nagged at my inward parts. Under the Old Covenant, Israel grew mighty and wealthy. It came to my mind that if the Old Covenant was better than the New Covenant under Jahshuwah, perhaps we should ask for the Old Covenant back. (Note: There are those whom Jah has blessed. I certainly recognize this, and know they have been blessed for a reason. I am only pointing out some principles.)

            In my mind, something had to be wrong in our relationship with Jah, for under Him, blessings should flow on everyone, and when they flow from Him, there can be no question where the blessings came from. No man would be able to claim any credit for obtaining the blessings, and any man regardless of his intelligence or abilities should be able to receive his share. I am beginning to understand all of this now, but I sure didn't way back then. The reason that it all disturbed me so was a result of Jah drawing me into a new walk that I would have never suspected at the time, nor would anyone who knew me. I was a very unlikely candidate for Jah to pick and call for anything, even though I was a "Christian". That "call" caused a startling effect upon me. So startling and abruptly did it change me, that those around me became very concerned over my mental well being. Looking back at it all today, I can understand why it caused such reaction in them.

            The nagging was of an intangible sort, but I could at least identify it as a yearning for the power of Jah; for what the real life in Jahshuwah was all about; and for the Almighty awesome Jah of the Bible to manifest Himself, and His blessings, in my life. These were the underlying factors that put me into the search for truth. Little did I know what price I would have to pay, and what road I would have to travel to realize the satisfying of these yearnings. To come to the knowledge of these things, the ROAD OF THE CROSS is the only access. In Jah's scheme of things you have to GIVE UP YOUR LIFE TO FIND IT!!! The road of the cross leads to the blessings of Jah. Blessings received on the "before side" of the cross may be (but not always) FROM THE DEVIL! Given by the devil to keep an individual from ever traveling the road of the cross. As Jahshuwah said, it is harder for a rich man to enter into the Kingdom of Jah, than for a camel to go through the eye of the needle. What we have not realized is that the blessings of Abraham's wealth lies on the other side of the cross, the other side of JORDAN. We are not just giving up our life, but giving it up TO FIND IT. I will mention this "TO FIND IT" a number of times to get it to finally sink in. Most people only hear the "losing of their life" part, but not the REST of the story. This is a part of my purpose, to inform you OF THE KINGDOM that most ministers tell us we cannot have until we die. I got news for them. EXTRA, EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT!!!

            Please understand that I am not speaking against all men of means. Many men in the Bible were raised to multi-millionaire status by Jah, for His purpose. Abraham, David, Solomon, and Cyrus were such men, just to name a few. I am only pointing out the dangers of being wealthy, and that wealth comes from Jah for a purpose, whether the man himself realizes it or not. Nebuchadnezzar rose in his pride concerning his wealth and power, and gave no credit to Jah for his obtaining them. If you want to know what happens to those who do not give credit to Jah for their wealth and position, read the Nebuchadnezzar story.

            Jah blesses whom He will. He raises men up to high positions, and He brings them down to the lowest depths. We are HIS creation, and He can do with us as He so pleases. Those He raises to wealth will not use the wealth properly without taking up their cross. It is not wrong to have great possessions, but if those possessions are the focal point in life, and the reason for living, then a man has a problem. The true meaning of life lies on the other side of the cross, the other side of Jordan where the revelation of a man's calling, and why he was raised to a position of wealth and influence is realized. Those that refuse the cross in this day to answer the call of Jah, are in for a rude awakening. Obtaining or hanging onto wealth for selfish reasons brings the inevitable consequences of losing their eternal soul. How much of this I have seen while the individual has no idea of what glory they rejected in this life.  In yielding to the call of Jah, and the reason for their being blessed, they will find themselves being blessed even greater still. So even the wealthy will find a greater life in the Kingdom, than what they are presently experiencing.  

We are Believing Lies!!!

            There are many facets to the "take up your cross and follow me" foundational principle of the "Christian" life. Those facets I will uncover throughout my writings.  However, there is one facet that is extremely important, pertinent to what I am saying, and known by few. People come to hard headed stiff necked prejudiced opinions about a matter before they know the facts. This is especially true when it comes to doctrine. Once we believe a doctrine, attach our self to it, and in some instances, declare our position publicly, a soul tie to the doctrine develops, and our ego becomes highly involved. Because of our inherent pride, admitting any error is always a difficult task. Admitting to a doctrinal error is doubly difficult, and can be devastating to one's psyche, ego, public stature, and even to their relationship with Jahshuwah. I have seen people's entire structure of faith crumble and fall when error or deception was exposed in their life. The trauma can literally level an individual if it hits them in the right manner and direction. We ALL HAVE stiff necked preconceived beliefs that are going to have to go to the cross. If you are not willing to do so, or think that you do not have any, you may be wasting your time visiting this site.

            Admitting error is a definite cross experience. The cross for Jahshuwah was a time of suffering humility and shame, a very humbling experience. So it is for us, and especially so when doctrine is involved. You must lose your life to find it for sure. Admitting error is a crucifying experience that levels a KILLING BLOW to the ego and all of its religiously stiff necked pride.   We must give up our own erroneous presuppositions and come to the knowledge of the true truth. Of course, everyone reading this will think it is the OTHER guy that I am writing about. Sorry, because we all have the same old nature, and are all prone to making the same errors, I am not just talking about the "other" guy. Look in the mirror my brother or sister, if you want to see the "other" guy. This site will put everyone on the cross who is willing to go to the cross to come to the Truth. You are about to enter your Garden of Gethsemane. If we acknowledge Jah in all of our ways, He will direct our paths. If your paths do not ever lead you to the cross and its experiences, then somewhere you are not acknowledging Him, for His paths without exception LEAD TO THE CROSS! In coming to the cross we are then able to come to the truth. While going through your cross experiences to receive the truth, always remember that the TRUTH SETS US FREE!

            People say, "Well, I am filled with the Holy Spirit and walk after Him and He leads me into all truth". So am I brother, and I have the same evidence that you have to prove it. How many times I have had to go to the cross over doctrinal error, and will again, as I do not as yet see my skin shining. You see, He leads us into ALL TRUTH IF WE FOLLOW, but following involves a TAKING UP OF YOUR CROSS!!! Refuse the road to the cross and you are no longer following despite how much you may be convincing yourself otherwise. How many "Christians" have come to Passover, but have never left Egypt, or are dying in the wilderness because of unbelief???  

We are in The ERA of DECEPTION

             We are in an era of GREAT DECEPTION, and conflict between the Kingdom of Light, and the Kingdom of Darkness.  Between Jahshuwah and "anti-Christ", Jah and Satan.  We are entering its final climactic stage. The Bible is full of text that vividly depicts strong delusion and deception during this period of time. Jahshuwah even warned the elect to watch out for it, because its influence would be so heavy and strong. I ask the reader, are you aware of these things? Have you overcome ANY deception in your life or in your beliefs? Satan is deceiving the WHOLE WORLD, and part of our overcoming is to overcome those deceptions. Which of Satan's end day deceptions have you overcome? Or did you not even realize that there were any? If you didn't, don't feel too bad. You have plenty of company!

            While discovering error in my beliefs, I learned to keep Jahshuwah as my foundation and rock, and NOT doctrine. Doctrine, if erroneous, will crumble and fall, and along with it the persons faith if it is what they are really standing and depending on instead of Jahshuwah Himself. Jahshuwah is the Son of "God" (Jah), the "God" of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the "God" of Israel. In Him I believe, and stand firm. NOT in doctrine. I stay planted on the sure rock, Jahshuwah Himself, and NO STORM shall shake Him.

            In that position, I am then able to consider all doctrine to see whether or not it may be so, or if it may be error. I will more than likely struggle with a doctrine that is proving what I believe about the particular subject to be error, but my whole foundation will never again suffer a cataclysmic earthquake.

            In coming to the many truths that I have thus far come to, I was in many instances hostile to them. I was as interested in disproving them as I was in believing them. Not only did I want to find truth, but wanted to expressly expose error. If I did not immediately recognize a doctrine as truth, I bent myself to disprove that with which I had been presented. I have been called Larry, Larry, quite contrary. A hammer will crush falsehood, but not in the least mar the truth. When something stands unharmed, then its validity cannot be questioned. Whether I like the doctrine has nothing to do with it. The Word is not my Word, but Jah's. It is for me to submit to the Word, not to judge it, or complain about it. These hostile reactions are of the "old carnal man" that must be put to death on the cross.

            When reading the attached articles, remember this about me. I struggled too. You can jump up and down, yell at me, think ugly things about me, and get your feelings hurt. But PLEASE, don't turn away until you have heard me out!!! If you will listen, the day will come when you will PRAISE Jah for His mercy to correct us, and to deliver us from evil.  

Faith vs. Witchcraft

             At first, I mistakenly thought that what I was looking for would be found outside of the church. I sure hadn't found it in the church so logically in my ignorance I figured that I would have to look elsewhere.  These surmisings are in themselves a serious indictment against the church, and its lack of teaching and understanding. This search led me into the ungodly realm of the metaphysical powers of the mind, the counterfeit realm of walking in the Spirit of Jah. Being at that time ignorant of the scriptures that condemn this activity, I deceivingly thought that I had found the thing I was looking for and the power of Almighty Jah. Mercifully, Jah eventually brought judgment upon my involvement with these practices, of which I now know to be things labeled by Jah as WITCHCRAFT!  (See articles on The Faith of The Overcomers.)

            I have been left with some mixed emotions concerning this phase of my life. First and foremost is the emotion of repentance and renouncing of my involvement, and praising Jah for my deliverance from it, for it had me on a path to destruction. Secondly, I learned some valuable things from that experience. I learned the difference between what is witchcraft and that which is true faith.  A difference that seems so subtle to the uneducated mind, yet so blatantly clear to the mind whose understanding has been opened. So on one hand, I renounce my involvement, and yet, see how it produced within me a revelation that was a major key in not only discerning which faith activity is of Jah and which is of the devil, but also the discovery of the true faith that is establishing and will continue to establish Jah's Kingdom on this earth; and will bring destruction to Satan's "anti-Christ" kingdom. Truly all things do work together for good, for those who love Jah; have been elected to grace; and called according to His purpose. His purpose being to ESTABLISH HIS KINGDOM on this earth!!! "THY KINGDOM COME, thy will be done, on EARTH, as it is in HEAVEN!!!" Any doctrine that preaches against this foundational truth is IDIOTIC!

            Two kinds of "faith" are being exercised. One is true faith. A faith in Jah and His Word originating from one's spirit. The other is a counterfeit of the true faith which in reality is a form of witchcraft, and originates with the "outer man", or flesh. Both sides of the "faith coin" invoke spiritual, super natural activity.  The true faith brings action from Jah by His Holy Spirit, and also by angels at the command of Jah. The other side excites evil spirits into activity. If you do not know the difference, you had better learn.  In this last day, there will be a super natural "faith war" fought as both sides will be loosing these powers that be through the efforts and effects of their faith. One side will be bringing forth the Kingdom of Jah, while the other side is already active in bringing forth the "anti-Christ" Kingdom of Darkness. Through witchcraft, the "anti-Christ" organizations around the world that are aware of this power are already loosing devils to destroy "Christians" and "Christian" activity through deception and magical powers. The results of such can be evidently seen by anyone who cares to survey our recent history. Since this is a part of the prophetical Word, there is no stopping it. However, for those who want to escape the Strong Delusion, they should be made aware of what is happening so they can use the proper tools of the Word to overcome. Satan's super natural power is only of any real consequence when you are not aware of it. He is the deceiver of the whole world. To escape this delusion, overcoming is a necessity, NOT an option (Rev 12).

            We are living in the age of pleasure and entertainment.  If what is preached does not please and entertain, it is rejected.  Unwittingly, "Christians" have been seduced, as I once was, into the realm of witchcraft. Even to the using of the very scriptures in what I now know to be cultic practices to obtain for themselves that for which they lust. Jah and His Word are not MY servants ever waiting to fulfill my lust and demands for pleasure, entertainment, luxury and contentment. I did NOT create Jah, but He created me . . . and YOU!  We are not to call Jah to help us build our kingdoms, our self-centered comfort zone on this earth. The carnal man has gotten it backwards and somehow developed the theory that Jah is our butler, and ever awaiting our every command. We did not create Jah, but He created us. We do not call Him to an office in life, but He calls us, and calls us to an office in life to build HIS Kingdom, NOT OURS! That is what our life is to be given to. The building of our own kingdom must go to the cross and die. Everything that man has built of himself is going to be destroyed under the judgment of Jah.  Only that which was of Jah will remain standing. Everyone will have to give up their own kingdoms in this day, or else they will suffer the same judgment that their kingdom will. 

When we give up our lives, our kingdoms, we then become centered on Jah and His Kingdom. In no other way can we become so centered. In no other way can the promised Kingdom blessings flow upon an individual, except by taking up his cross and following Jahshuwah. The results, as hard as it is to realize, will be far greater and more satisfying than anything we could have built ourselves. Remember, the scripture does not just say that you must "lose your life", but that you must lose your life TO FIND IT!!! Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of Jah . . . AND His righteousness, His right way of doing things, then ALL THESE THINGS shall be added unto you! This is how Jah's Kingdom blessings flow, and then we are no longer living in just wilderness provision. It is how our position, both in this life and in His Kingdom for eternity will be realized. These are the attributes of the Holy People of Zion, and is why great blessings shall flow upon them right when the rest of the world is going to hell. It is in this endeavor that true faith is released, and the witchcraft of the Kingdom of Darkness is thwarted. Not only thwarted, but DESTROYED!

            I shall not bore you with all that I have been through, or what has kept me pressing forward to find that intangible something for which I looking. Let it suffice in saying that I continued on in my search like a driven explorer in a wilderness area. Driven by the excitement of finding another valley, river, or mountain in my next discovery that would come just around the next bend of the road that I was exploring.  

Truth has been Perverted!

             Through a series of events, I found the power of Jah was NOT in my OWN natural mind, but was to be found at the cross, and in the Name of Jahshuwah, the Living Word. The Word became most exciting to me, and for nearly two years I could not put it down. The Bible still to this day naturally holds my attention, but in this particular time there was something special, as every page thrilled me. Here I had been a "Christian" most of my life, and only now had the Bible become alive to me. Prophetical scriptures began to make sense. I was finally beginning to see what was wrong with "Christianity".  Truth was being preached, but preached with mixture of non-truth. Each realm of doctrine would not listen to the other, and therefore became unbalanced in their beliefs. Truth was there, but very much encrusted over with impurities. As Tennyson once said, "A lie which is HALF TRUTH is ever the blackest of lies". Every place I went (and many did I go to), a DIFFERENT Jahshuwah was preached. Jahshuwah is THE Word. He is THE Truth, THE Way, and THE Life. Not a hodge-podge of different ones. Everywhere I went, things were said as truth that conflicted with what others were preaching as truth. Everybody was believing in their own self-centered interpretations of scripture, unconcerned that what they believed conflicted with, and in many cases was diametrically opposed to, everyone else's doctrines. Nor did anyone think that anyone else's doctrines were of any importance or significance. Each, if you will, appeared to be a replica of a Babylonian tower, who thought their tower (truth, doctrine, works, etc.,) reached unto heaven, higher than anyone else's, and stayed apart unto themselves, causing division in the true Body of Jahshuwah; a thing which Jah hates with a passion. They could not understand each others language (truth), and worse yet, did not care to. This is a self-centeredness I am sorry to say, that we are ALL suffering from in various degrees.

            Jah is not the author of confusion, or division. This that I saw was obviously NOT of Jah, but OF THE DEVIL! No one needed anyone else's revelation of the Word, and discarded them like the daily garbage. This is a dangerous thing as Jahshuwah Himself IS the Truth. Throwing away a part of the truth is throwing away a part of Jahshuwah!

            Jahshuwah does not conflict with, or contradict Himself. He is THE Truth, not all kinds of contradicting doctrines. He is not the author of confusion, nor of LIES. When two groups are contradicting one another, someone, or maybe even BOTH, are LYING! They can both be wrong, but for certain, they cannot both be right. Obviously, a different Jahshuwah, a different Word, was being preached wherever I went. "Christianity" was a world of confusion, and most of us that are in it suspect it not in the least. It led me to cry out one day, "Will the REAL Jesus please stand up?!  


            There was something wrong all right, but I had no idea of the immensity of what that something wrong was. It took me years to become established in what I was seeing. A revelation can be so clear in the Word, but oh so hard for the mind to fathom. Particularly when there are preachers preaching exactly opposite to what the Word says. It makes you think that maybe you can't read right. Knowing full well that the Word is NOT for private interpretation, what I saw worried me for at the time I did not know of anyone else who was seeing the same things that I was seeing. This is sure ground for deception. I could not even find much agreement in those days with the ones with which I fellowshipped. This all greatly troubled me.

            In each case though, Jah was eventually merciful. After a time He would bring into my little sphere, my realm of sight and hearing an individual, a minister, or a group of people, a book or a tape, (or a prophecy like at the beginning of this site) that saw what I was seeing to confirm it as truth. Not only to confirm it, but many times brought greater understanding and clarity to what I was seeing. The working of Jah can indeed be incredible.

            With each new truth I was introduced to, I would seem to go through a rather similar cycle. It ran first from being enthralled and ecstatic over the discovery, to then asking after coming back down to reality, is this really so??? How could this be? Am I deceived? From that point with the passing of time, clarification and confirmation would come. Then the Word would so open to me from cover to cover that I could no longer deny its validity and I would then have to ask myself, "Why did I have such trouble in seeing this? How come the whole church doesn't see it? It is so obviously clear. Why is the 'church' believing just the opposite of what the Word is really saying on this matter???"  

The first part of Romans 8:7 eventually gave me my answer:  

 "Because the CARNAL MIND IS ENMITY AGAINST [hostile to, opposed to, directly opposite of  Jah!!!"  


              Paul tells us in the latter part of Romans 7, and in particular verse 23, that we ALL are facing a war between FLESH and SPIRIT!  That a law in my members wars against my mind, and is HOSTILE TO Jah. How many "Christians" do you think there are that are aware of this??? This carnal mind convinces us that we are righteous, and following Jah, while in reality we are walking after the flesh and deceiving spirits. Because of the inherent pride involved, we are hostile to the truth of the situation, and ward off anyone who would try to help us by telling us of our error.

            I have discovered this "Law of sin" is the old or carnal man with which we are born. It is the carnal mind. I redundantly repeat, a mind that we are ALL born with and greatly troubled by, whether we realize it or not. Ignorance does not negate facts. This mind in us is hostile to Jah, disagrees with Him, and takes a position diametrically opposed to Him and His Word of Truth. And, as incredulous as it sounds, even doing so while deriving our position of doctrine from what we seemingly think IS His Word. (So didn't Eve?) We are naturally prone to living and believing what is righteous in our own sight, while the truth of the Word utterly condemns us. Yet, we cannot see this activity, because of our carnal mind's hostility to the truth. Thusly, we have birthed forth a world of Babylonian confusion. Each tower can see the others mistakes, but because of pride cannot see their own.

            I suddenly realized that we were believing doctrines, even though what we were believing was completely opposite of the truth, because of the carnal mind's war against us, prompted by deceiving spirits from the ethereal realm; cemented into place by deceiving ministers who appear as ministers of Jah and of righteousness!!! This was the reason that I was having such difficulty in believing what I saw in the Word, and why so many others were also preaching and believing something that was directly opposed to the truth.

            I do not say that everything preached in "Christianity" today comes from carnal minded creations. Only that which is opposite of what the scriptures are really saying. The problem is, almost everything we ARE preaching and believing IS in some way tainted, flavored or colored, by those doctrines that the carnal mind HAS created. This may be likened to a glass of water. If a drop of oil gets into the water, it can be easily retrieved. As long as a false doctrine is just a drop of oil in the water, it will remain separate unto itself, and can be easily retrieved. However, if India ink gets into the water, the whole glass will be tainted with its presence. The water receives and embraces the intrusion of the India ink, and they become one. To once again have a pure glass of water, an extensive purifying process must be undertaken.

            Because of the embraced intrusion of error into our beliefs, we as a body of believers are presently suffering from a hodge-podge of confusion that has descended upon our minds. Brought about by a religious whore who is deluding us into the trap of "anti-Christ" without our even realizing it is happening. This has transpired while we ourselves have had little or no suspicion of its occurrence. This confusion is RELIGIOUS BABYLON! A whore who falsely believes that her husband is Jahshuwah. Jah is telling us, His people, the TRUE Bride, to "COME OUT OF HER"! To come out of the confusion and into the truth. This, EVERY sincere follower of Jahshuwah will have to do. NO ONE in this day will be excluded or exempted from such effort to escape all of these things that are coming upon the earth, and from the horrible judgment falling upon Babylon.

            You might want to ask at this point, "Why would Jah allow such a thing to happen to us"??? Because it is part of His plan, and therefore HIS WILL! It is a delusion sent to test us. Paul WARNS us of such, and tells us that in the day of "anti-Christ", Jah would send a STRONG DELUSION!  

Let us read 2nd Thes. 2:10-12;  

"And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that PERISH; because they received NOT the LOVE OF THE TRUTH, that they might be saved. And for THIS CAUSE Jah shall send them STRONG DELUSION, that they should BELIEVE A LIE, that they all might be DAMNED who believed NOT the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness."  


             Here it says most vividly, that a "strong delusion" is being sent upon those who do NOT receive the love of the truth. WHY? So they will believe a LIE and BE DAMNED! I am not saying this, Paul is. I am only pointing out that he wrote such a thing. This is a matter that surely sobers me up and I do not think that we should doubt him. This is a seriously dangerous matter, and ignorance of it will not suffice for justification before Jah. He has sent a STRONG DELUSION that will take anyone who ignores it to the LAKE OF FIRE! These are the ones walking in the carnal mind that is hostile to Jah and His truth, and not in the Spirit. Being deceived, they in no way realize it, and most would not accept it if you told them, and believe me, they will be told. Remember, coming to truth requires the taking up of your cross, and not many are willing to do so. To escape what is coming, we must come out of the delusion that Jah has sent. The coming out can only be attained by receiving the "Love of the Truth", through submission to the cross. Let me again say this means ALL OF US. A person reading statements like the above, just AUTOMATICALLY thinks it is the OTHER guy. Forget the OTHER GUY. He will NOT be around when you come up before the Judgment seat of Jahshuwah. We are ALL guilty of error, and to catch your attention to this, it takes a real shout. I know this by experience both with myself and with others. Because of my concern, I am TALKING TO YOU, not the OTHER guy!!! Please forgive me for saying so, as I only do it for your benefit, but YOU ARE BELIEVING LIES, and I care NOT WHO YOU ARE!!! Everyone is!

            Believing something exactly opposite to what the Word really says is believing a lie, an activity of OUR CARNAL MIND, developed in and from our carnal religions. What are the consequences??? Being damned! I think that we had ALL better sit up, recognize our peril, put off laziness and gullibility, and study for ourselves if the things that are being preached to us are so or not, and STOP just accepting what so-in-so says because we really like him and he seems so sincere. Some of the most "sincere" are the BIGGEST DECEIVERS on the earth today. They are sincere, but just like the rest of us ARE BELIEVING LIES, and in turn are PREACHING THOSE LIES TO US. AND...they will have to repent just like the rest of us.

            Of course, most of those that will read through this last section will again be prone to say to himself . . . "Well, that doesn't have anything to do with me". Sorry brother, it has to do WITH ALL OF US!!! We ALL are born with that carnal mind. Anyone thinking otherwise is already lost in deception and doesn't realize it. Nor does such a one understand the gravity of our position before an awesome Almighty Jah, who can destroy us in the Lake which burneth with fire and brimstone. In order to correct a problem, we must know that one exists, and few there be that recognize this one. For those who are sincerely trying to follow Jah, it is time for us to awaken to this dreadful time that we are living in, and get our acts together before Jah while there is still time to do so.

            I have found that laziness and being gullible are two dreadful enemies that leave us wide open for deception, and these two matters will not pass as justification for our ignorance before Jah. It is so easy to just go to church, and let some supposed or self-appointed expert tell us what we should or should not believe, and never once test or question his integrity, or the validity of what he is saying. We have raised ministers above their rightful levels of honor by placing them before Jahshuwah in our lives. No wonder we have arrived into the prophesied land of Babylonian confusion that we are presently suffering from, as there are nearly as many different Jahshuwah's out there, as there are teachers. In spite of how clearly this can be seen as so, few have any inkling of it whatsoever, and do not suspect it because they really do not care. They HAVE NOT received the LOVE OF THE TRUTH, which in turn means the LOVE FOR Jahshuwah, as He IS the Word and the Truth.

            We are to "study to show ourselves approved unto Jah, a WORKMAN that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth" (2nd Tim 2:15). We are to receive the Word with "all readiness of mind", and to "search the scriptures DAILY, to see if what is preached is so" (Acts 17:11). We are to try ministers to see if they are of Jah, or of the devil. Bearers of truth, or LIARS (Rev 2:2), which we would not have to do if it were not necessary. Obviously it is necessary, as the Word commands us to do so. Some we test are evidently going to be found as liars.

            How many "Christians" do you suppose do these things? How many do you suppose are ignorantly languishing in the quagmire of Babylonian confusion because of laziness and gullibility? Broad is the way to destruction, many there be that go therein. Narrow is the way to life everlasting, few there be that will find it! (Mat 7:13-14)

            How are we to identify a carnal minded doctrine? It is very simple in principle, but a thing that requires labor. It is discovering that which disagrees with, or is directly opposed to, what the Word of Jah is really saying. Again you might want to think, "Oh that isn't me, I only believe the Word". Again I am sorry to say that I have found most accurately that it is ALL OF US! We all have a strong leaning toward, and are highly susceptible to, believing doctrines that are totally opposite of what the Word is actually saying. This site will thoroughly prove this to you, and is the reason why I am preparing you in this manner. The type of person who thinks otherwise may also be one who never bothers to study for them self.  Or, if we do study, we study with erroneous stiff necked unyielding presuppositions in our mind and therefore, only look for what we surmise to be confirmation of our position of thought and belief, developing an almost invincible prejudice against any truth that would prove our position to be in error. Then, while in this mode, we convince ourselves that we are "sincere seekers of truth". In that mind we are the ones who are ever learning, but are not able to come to the knowledge of truth. Ministers are not any different than the rest of us, and they compound and multiply the problem by preaching these errors to us. They can only produce what they are, and "Christianity", and OUR NATION today, is a product of what they have produced!!! This is the fruit of our pulpits.

             The discovery of wrongful believing is hard to take, and rejected by the many. Few accept the working of the cross. One third of the way to overcoming Satan the deceiver is not loving our life (ego, pride) unto the death (Rev 12). At the Word of Jah every mouth is stopped. At this juncture a decision must be reached. Love our life and reject the love of the truth, or love NOT our life and receive the love of the truth and submit unto Him, the Living Word. Many shall be put into the valley of decision with the messages contained on this site. People will either save their life, or lose it, with how they will react to what is written. I plead with you to see if these things be so by studying the matters for yourself. Please do not just reject what is said out of hand. I do politely warn you, those that reject Truth are going to come to a dreadful end. 

Proverbs 18:13 says:

            "He that answereth a matter before he heareth it, it is FOLLY and SHAME unto him!!!"

             To come to the truth we must receive the love for it. Loving has to do with passionate desire. We must receive the longing, the yearning for the truth when Jah comes to make it available to us. This is what was happening to me thirty years ago, and I can tell you that in spite of all the tough roads I have had to travel since, I am most grateful to Jah that I answered His call. I hate to think of where I would be today if I had not done so. That is a frightening thought to me. A thought that makes my whole body shake. Not because I am filled with some spirit of fear though. I just happen to see things as they are, and what two entirely opposite positions await us in eternity. A position decided by what we do with the truth when it comes to us in this life. I have returned to the FEAR OF Jah!

            The yearning inside me in the beginning of this walk was for the Resurrected Jahshuwah (not the dead one), and the KINGDOM OF Jah. I didn't realize it then, but I sure do now. The only way into the Kingdom is by coming to the knowledge of the WHOLE truth. The truth leads us to the Kingdom, and this is the ONLY PLACE IT CAN LEAD US!!! Lies lead us into DYING IN THE WILDERNESS!!!

            We have been deluded into a spirit of unbelief with Satanic doctrine that proclaims there will not be ANY KINGDOM OF Jah on this earth, UNTIL AFTER the return of Jahshuwah. This hands Satan his VICTORY on a silver platter, and leaves "Christians" in UNBELIEF DYING IN THE WILDERNESS!!!

            The truth is, Jahshuwah CANNOT RETURN until AFTER the Kingdom of Jah HAS been established. Until His PASSOVER VICTORY, has taken us out of Egypt, through the wilderness of delusion and unbelief, and INTO THE PROMISED LAND, the Restored Gardens of Eden as so prophesied. The Promised Land IS the Kingdom of Jah, and will manifest in the "dwelling places of ZION"!

            Two Kingdoms are now coming forth in this day. The Kingdom of Jah, and the Kingdom of "anti-Christ". Both will be established BEFORE the "Great Tribulation" begins!!! It is the establishing of these two Kingdoms, that are indeed hostile to each other, that CAUSES the "Great Tribulation"!  The now maturing strong delusion is subtly drawing people into the Kingdom of "anti-Christ". They know not they are being taken on the conveyor belt of life into this Kingdom that is going to DESTRUCTION. If you will listen to Jahshuwah the Living Word and what He is REALLY SAYING, you will be DELIVERED from that conveyor belt. Taken from the "broad way", and put onto the "narrow".  

Preaching Spies

             Preachers of truth will be as Moses, Joshua and Caleb, leading people to the Kingdom of Jah.  The preachers of lies are the spies filling people full of the same unbelief that is in them, and are the very mouthpiece of Satan. From the abundance of their OWN hearts, they fill people full of unbelief for the Kingdom. 2nd Cor 11:13-15 says:  

          "For such are FALSE apostles, deceitful  workers, transforming [disguising] themselves INTO the apostles of Messiah. And NO MARVEL; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is NO GREAT THING if HIS MINISTERS also be transformed [disguised] as the MINISTERS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS; whose END shall BE according to their works."

Heb 3:7,8,10,12,17,19:

            "Wherefore as the HOLY GHOST SAITH, Today IF you will HEAR HIS VOICE, Harden NOT YOUR HEARTS, as in the provocation, in the day of TEMPTATION in the wilderness: . . . Wherefore I WAS GRIEVED with that generation, and said, They do ALWAY ERR in their HEART; and they have NOT KNOWN my ways. . . . Take HEED, brethren, lest there be in ANY OF YOU an evil heart of UNBELIEF, in departing from the living Elohim. . . . But whom was he grieved forty years? was it not with THEM that had SINNED, whose carcases FELL IN THE WILDERNESS??? . . . So we see that they could not enter in because of UNBELIEF!!!"    


             The "preaching spies" are filling people full of unbelief for the Kingdom, the GREATEST SIN OF ALL, and it brings sure judgment on all that preach and believe such rot. These preaching spies are not friends of mine and they are in for a RUDE AWAKENING. If they hang on to their egos and do not repent, then let them be as Paul said, "ACCURSED"!!! (Gal 1:8)

            My ever trodding forward search has thus far led me, so to speak, through a thousand teachers, all of whom I am thankful to Jah for, regardless of the errors most of them had mixed into what they were preaching. I did not much like having to sift through what they were saying to find the truths that lay within their messages, but if they had not been preaching, I probably would not have found the truth they had. I do not recommend studying the works of a known deceiver, but even in his doctrines, truth can be seen. Deception is only truth in a twisted form. Get rid of the twisting and you will have an unadulterated truth. Even Satan, the first false prophet twisted truth with Eve to deceive her. If his sayings at that time were not in the Bible, there would be some mysteries that we would not be able to see today.

            I listened to these teachers and read their books while I checked them out against the Word of Jah. As I said, I really am most thankful for them all, but I have to mention that I found an incredible percentage of them would preach or teach from one isolated scripture, doing so without any regard of the context the verse was found in, nor of the plan, pattern and context of the cover to cover Word. I realized they could get away with it, because the people themselves did not know, or take the time to find out what the Word had to say in a total overview. People may know some scripture, but they do not have a good general knowledge of the total Word. Their computers are empty so they can take in anything that is being said. They have no "reject, does not compute" file in their heads against error. Being programmed with falsehoods, they are prejudiced and have a built in reject program for the truth. These falsehoods (LIES) are computer type programs, created by the carnal mind which came from the "Tree of (our own) Knowledge of Good and Evil". With this carnal mind we accept what seems right to us, and reject what seems evil. With the carnal mind which totally rejects the "Tree of Life" (Jahshuwah the Living Truth), we call evil good and good evil. The carnal mind readily receives the programming of lies, which then only serves to strengthen its opposition to the truth. When the truth is presented, alarm whistles go off in the head, and without thinking any further, the individual immediately and glibly goes into the reject mode. The more the individual's ego and pride are involved with his errors, the less chance he will ever have of being able to accept the truth which could have exposed his errors, thereby setting him free from them. This is the working of the carnal mind that is IN ALL OF US.

            Even the most simplistic data entry systems for computers have an edit phase to them, unless there wasn't any criteria established for doing such. This is the mind of most "Christians", in that they do not have an edit phase established in their minds against false doctrine. They can receive anything as truth, except of course the truth itself. Being born with a mind hostile to the truth, our access key is backwards. Our computer brain naturally lets miss-information into it. Satan therefore gains easy access to our files with this key in hand. We must renew our minds, and cleanse our memory files with the Word of Jah in TRUTH. Only the Truth of the Word should have access to our computer files with information to be placed in our memory bank. Our computers should be allowed to consider anything presented as truth, but only that which actually IS truth should be allowed access to our memory disk. In only this way of cleansing our minds can we escape the strong delusion that has fallen upon us like a dark gaseous cloud that causes a person to not see past the end of his nose.

            In a sense for us who are "born again", we have two separate computers. The carnal mind, and the mind of Jahshuwah. Each is at war with the other. One receives falsehood and rejects truth and the bearer of truth. This is the mind, or "old man", that we are to put off. The other receives truth and rejects falsehood and the false teacher. The Word of Jah brings forth the discernment of which is which. When it is properly understood, the understanding will be confirmed throughout the Bible. It will NOT be a thought from out of one isolated scripture, but will be that which is confirmed by BOTH the Old Testament and the New Testament. In order to escape the "Strong Delusion" we must learn the difference between the carnal mind and the mind of Jahshuwah within us, and the workings of each. We must assure ourselves that we are believing the truth and not lies, for one brings us to the Kingdom and life eternal, while the other brings us to everlasting destruction. These are very serious consequential results.  

In My Searching . . .

             In my search, I have gone through the "faith" teachers; Pentecostals, charismatics and the gifts; deliverance from demons; healing, prosperity; Kingdom teachings; local church; praise and dancing; prophets and personal prophecies; marriage and family teachings; teachers of prophecy; into what many call the anglo-Israel cult of today; as well as many others I cannot even remember. I learned to set aside the fallacious errors of each realm I searched through, to hold fast to that which was truth, and to KEEP MOVING as an Israelite taking over ALL the promised land. The advancement came through a painstaking, confusing, soul searching, laborious, patience wrenching process.  

NOTE: Some might wonder if I know anything about the secret government that rules the earth, and all of its organizations, as well as its control of our money system.  Oh yes, I surely do.  I went through an intense study concerning these matters, and wrote a considerable amount pertaining to them over twenty years ago.  People thought I was crazy when I wrote about the "New World Order".  Today it is spoken of openly.  I doubt there is much that anyone could tell me about these matters that I do not already know, and probably know some things that they might not know.  Things that I do not dare print here.  In fact, you will find little written on these subjects in this site.  After seeing many either murdered, or imprisoned, I have thought better than to write any more than what I already had.  That thinking is NOT born from paranoia, nor fear, but wisdom!  ALL such writers are listed as "Enemies of the State", and will eventually be dealt with accordingly.  Immediately if they stir up too much dust.  That might be news to a few who have published on the World Wide Web!!!  The Beast System is out to kill the man-child, or anything that appears to be the man-child, even as with Moses, and Jahshuwah Himself.  I will return to exposing what is happening behind the scenes when I sense it is what Jah wants me to do.  

(Note:  Since writing this, I have once again begun to expose what is happening.  See the "Editorials Page".)

In the meantime, there are many who are writing and publishing on these subjects  which relieves me to write about my first love, and that which is of dire importance to anyone who wants to find the way OUT of being under the rulership of the World "anti-Christ" Beast System (New World Order).  

If you would like to know who is behind the entire New World Order, then read the article, "Jacob I loved, Esau I hated", found in the Table of Contents.  Whether you like it, agree with it, or not, IT IS THE TRUTH!!!

(I would warn that some of those that are seemingly working to expose the "Conspiracy" are actually working FOR the Beast System to entrap the gullibly unsuspecting, registering them in the "Pick Up List" IF Martial Law is enforced.  Some of you may know that concentration camps are already in place, furnished with spring loaded guillotines.   We are in a serious day folks, and far more serious than most of you could even comprehend.  The "Ten Kings" are ruling the earth behind the scenes right now, even though they have not as yet received their outward kingdoms.  I would admonish you to keep an eye on Gorbachev.  He is a key individual, was the sixth head of the "Red Beast", and is right now orchestrating the entire "New World Order" from his headquarters at the Presidio in San Francisco.)

             I learned first hand how Satan will twist a truth into a lie, just as he did with Eve. Admitting to being deceived is a terrible thing for anyone to have to do, but NOT ONE PERSON will ever come into the full knowledge of the truth without going through such an experience. Truly, deception is deceiving even the very elect of Jah in this day.

            Satan twists a truth into a lie with such subtleness, that the followers are completely unaware of it. They start out right, but in time and without notice, things become perverted. Those outside of the group or organization can readily see the error because of their separation. Upon seeing the error, they think the whole premise is erroneous, and throw out the baby with the dirty bath water. They will have nothing to do with it. How many have shunned the gifts of the Holy Spirit because of the errors involved with their use, and the devil inspired pride-filled claims about them? And not just the gifts, but a myriad of other doctrinal issues as well such as the True Identity of the House of Israel as opposed to the House of Judah (Jews). A real tragedy that we need to learn to overcome, as we are missing some very vital things because of it. It has been one of Satan's prime intents to keep us blinded at all costs, and from receiving the FULL knowledge of the truth by keeping the different truths separated from each other and then perverting them. I ask you, how many realms of "Christianity" have you gone into searching for the truth???

            I have discovered there are many foundational truths that must be understood to really know Jahshuwah the Living Word, and to succeed at the walk with Him. Truths that are not just nice and exciting to know, but are paramount to the life in Jahshuwah. Yet, "Christians" in general, are completely unaware of them. What a sorry mess we are in.  

How many times have you heard Romans 8:28 quoted. It says . . .

            "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love Jah, to them who are the called according to His PURPOSE."  

            Do you know what Jah's PURPOSE is on this earth? Why this earth is here and we are upon it? What is this life all about? Do you know? I mean REALLY KNOW? If you understood what Isaiah chapter 14 is saying in conjunction with the first three chapters of Genesis, then you'd know what the purpose of Jah is that He has purposed upon the whole earth. You would also know why we are to "Seek ye FIRST the Kingdom". If you do not know and want to, then stay tuned.

            What is the main scriptural definition of SIN??? A definition that runs from cover to cover. I have asked more "Christians" and "ministers" alike this question, and do you know they cannot answer me?!! Is it any wonder then that this nation has become a cesspool of sin and degraded people? A Babylonian harlot that is full of every abomination and sinful wickedness that man and devils can devise? You cannot avoid being contaminated with something if you do not know what that something is. Once contaminated, it grows like bacteria, and the only way to get rid of it is through a deep cleansing. (This is the reason for Zion. It is not just a place of protection to escape to, but is a PURIFICATION CENTER.) Do you want to know the answer as to the Bible's definition, or better said, Jah's definition of sin? Try reading 1 John 3:4, a New Testament scripture that is confirmed by the entire Bible.  

The First Three Chapters of Genesis

            How many sermons have you heard concerning the first three chapters of Genesis? There isn't one in a million that understands these chapters even a little bit, let alone have deep insight into them. Yet these chapters are the very foundation of all Truth . The rest of the Word unfolds from, and is built upon, these chapters. Without this in-depth understanding, it is no wonder that we have so many crooked foundations of understanding, and so many conflicting beliefs built upon these crooked foundations right in what we call "Christianity".

            Because we do not have the correct understanding of these three chapters, it is not surprising that we do not know the purpose of Jah on this earth; what the mandate of Adam was; what the "restoration of all things" is that all the Holy Prophets wrote about and longed to see; what the two trees, the Tree of Life, and the Tree of Death, have to do with us today. No wonder the church has become a weak sister with little or no affect upon the world. Oh, how that is going to change! There will be overcomers that will overcome Satan, his deceptions . . . AND . . . his tree of DEATH!!!  

            How about Jacob and Esau???  Why did Jah love Jacob, and HATE ESAU?!  
Esau's name was changed to Edom.  Did you know that Edom means RED!  Does this have anything to do with the RED BEAST in Revelation???  Is there any connection to RED COMMUNISM???  Is one seed line destined to bring forth the Kingdom of Jah, and the other committed to Satan and his Kingdom of "anti-Christ"???

            What do you know about Ahab and Jezebel??? Is it important to know about them? Jahshuwah certainly thinks so. He says that those who OVERCOME JEZEBEL will be given HIS RIGHT to SMASH THE NATIONS as clay pots with a rod of iron (Rev 2:26-27). Do you hear anyone telling us who Jezebel is that we are to overcome to obtain this right? Does anyone even know that this right is available to us??? Is it any wonder then that we neither know what the mandate of Adam is that has fallen upon us, or that the church is USELESS against the powers of darkness??? What happens to those who DO NOT overcome Jezebel??? Is that the end that you desire? Well, how will you escape such a fate if you do not even know who she is? It is right there in your Bible to read. How can you claim ignorance before Jahshuwah at His judgment seat when you have it within a hands reach DAILY?! Does it seem like too much work to find out? Tell me about that. As I said, laziness is an enemy and of no excuse before Jah.

            Want me to go on with the questions? I shall refrain, as it is not my intention to write a book rather than a web page, as I am already in danger of doing. Nor do I want to leave you at present without answers to what I have asked. I only stir your mind to make you aware that quite possibly there is much that you do not know, THAT YOU SHOULD and need to know to survive this end of the age hour. And . . . much that you are possibly believing that maybe you shouldn't be.

            After thirty five years, the dust has begun to settle for me. The real truths are standing firm after the onslaught of investigation and are coming sharply into focus. I will not claim purity in my writings, but I do see clearly enough that I must get them published. May Jah cover any error.

            Jah's people perish for two reasons . . . lack of knowledge . . . and . . . lack of vision. From my perspective, both are facts today, and though they realize it not, Jah's people ARE PERISHING! You say not so??? Then you do not see what I am seeing.  

The Sheep Have Been LED ASTRAY!!! 

            Jeremiah 50, starts out by saying, "The Word that the Lord spake against BABYLON". Verse 6 then states, "My people hath been LOST SHEEP: Their SHEPHERDS have caused them to go astray . . . "  

            According to Jah, His people have been LED ASTRAY . . . and . . . the astray place is BABYLON! And, it is the SHEPHERDS that have LED the sheep into this position. They are leading them TO THE SLAUGHTER by teaching falsely, and with mixture which according to Tennyson is the "BLACKEST OF LIES"! So much are they doing this that today people are spiritually blind to what is going on in the earth, and to the judgment not only headed our way, but has ALREADY BEGUN! In our Babylonian pride, confusion, and blindness, we have come to sit as a proud Queen on a throne feeling safe and secure, proclaiming that we shall "see no sorrow".  How far from the truth we are. We have become a junk food junky. A fat woman who has lost her taste for the truth because she has eaten junk food for so long. Junk food that is killing her, and yet she loves it so much that she cannot stop gorging herself upon it.

            Today's circumstances and events are unmistakable when aligned with prophetic scriptures. We are in a perilous day. A day in which our very souls are at stake. A day of blinding delusion, and impending judgment upon those who do not come out of that delusion (Babylon).

            It is a day to repent and to find out from which we are to repent. A day to "FORSAKE HER", and to "COME OUT OF HER", and to FLEE UNTO ZION!

             What is Zion??? That I will speak of later, but for now know that it is first of all a people. A people that will give their allegiance to Jah and His Kingdom, while forsaking their own. A people that will LOVE NOT their (fallen) life unto the death of the cross, TO FIND IT through the full and complete redemption!

            The dawning of the light, the truth upon a people that shall be wise enough to listen will cause them to ask for the way to Zion. The coming to Zion is the coming out of Babylon's delusion that is upon us. A delusion that makes us think that Babylon is the true church preaching truth, when in fact it is a counterfeit that is preaching LIES! The "Zion People" shall turn from the Babylonian confusion and dead ritualistic religions and their dead prayers. They will become alive, "stand upon their feet and become an exceeding great army". They will pray with fervor, Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth, AS IT IS IN HEAVEN, and no longer do so as a dead congregation reciting ritualistic sayings, but in EXERCISED FAITH shall they pray, and as Elijah, pray unto the manifestation of the prayer.

            The fervor will be created by seeing what is transpiring, coming to pass on the world scene. This will cause them to realize that Zion is the ONLY ESCAPE from the devastation coming upon this earth. Oh . . . how earnestly they will pray to be ACCOUNTED WORTHY to escape all these things. Yes folks, the hidden Jah is getting ready to show Himself. Just as we have read in the Bible, He is going to manifest His presence in this day, only in a manner that is unprecedented in our human history. This time He is coming in a final fury to end this present age we are living in, and, in that coming, DESTROY EVERYTHING THAT IS HOSTILE TO HIM!!!  

Let him who will understand, understand. 



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