Endtime Dream

a Endtime Dream

Ape-ing "EL"

Inturptation is highlighted and underlined in body of letter.

I dreamed..on Feb 2003 An Endtimes dream

I havent dreamed in symbols for quite a while. (Dreams From Father)
It came as a word of knowledge just as all my dreams
seem to be a word of knowledge (Forth telling)
as Father continues to bring the understanding of them forth, No one is more amazed than I am!
As He un-veils a deeper understanding in his own timing.

Thought I'd share it with you. I have been praying and the meaning of the symbols have been coming the Holy spirit keeps bringing understanding . So I will begin to try to put it altogether to share. Father has shown me somethings in the spirit already. That were every "Heavy" about what has already happened in the spirit. like on 9/11/01 The day the toweres fell. Abba had been showning me sudden darkness had fell. I saw it in the spirit 3 times. Once He spoke it to me. Once out shopping, I saw the darkness over the people all around me. I couldnt get home fast enought ! . and again setting in my house one moment it was light out the next it was night just like that.. Spooky ! But I knew it was Father showing me !!! He had been telling me it was coming. Then I saw it happen in the spirit.1 Thessalonians 5:3

Jeremiah 13:16 Give glory to the LORD your God, before he cause darkness, and before your feet stumble upon the dark mountains, and, while ye look for light, he turn it into the shadow of death, and make it gross darkness.

In This dream I seem to be on a quest to find the man child. and I was aware I was moving with the spirit through out the dream. Revelation 12:5

First I saw a little boy, a child a Man Child about 8 8 is new beginings years old full of the Holy Spirit and Anointing.Those lead by Totally the Holy Spirit The sons of Elohim. I went to him and ask Him if He'd like me to pray with Him. He started to cry for joy, and threw his little arms around my neck.and ask me, " Where did you come from?" As if seeing another in the spirit was a miracle! I said to him," From about 60 years from here." ( I'm 59 ) From 60. 10x6=60 6 is from mans labors - Meaning -Left the works of the flesh behind 10 fold. - ten is one of the perfect numbers, and signifies the perfection of Divine order, meaning this is a work of Elohim bringing us from man's labors, works of the flesh into the fullness of His Spirit.( This is where Father wants to brings us. )

The scene changes I'm on the road on a bike or tricycle. a tricycle I think. bicycles are symbols of balance, Tricycle = the bicycle but with the added stability (3rd wheel) the symbol of the tricycle wheels- in this context, is Showing Child like faith in Elohim, Yahshua, The Holy spirit. Elohim's balance, His work. We are to have a child like faith. Children ride tricycles, the ( third wheel - Father) Give them stability.

I'm just ahead of another veichle ministry that I cut in front of. Thinking I was the slower traffic, I though I should pull over and let them pass by me, so I do. Looking back behind me but they are gone, and this little trike comes rolling down the road behind me empty, No Little boy.. Ok this met - Begining to doubt calling and postion . ( My own questions & concerns of getting ahead of Father.) But when I looked back the Other viechle, ministry is gone. ( I havnt gotten ahead of Fathers plan.) The missing child on the trike symbolizes those not following, and have left the childlike faith. They are not becoming the Man Child Matthew 18:3.

I go to this home The world / where I'd pulled over, and go to knock on thier door to see if they have seen child. I look down, there are square stepping stones Man built path and flowers growing up between them . I had stepped on one flower and moved so I wouldnt step on any others Follow man made plans & paths and you will crush others. ( Flowers).. Then I'm at the door way I inquire but they arent able to help me. (unknown Man's voice answers ) The Voice of the stranger John 10:5 as I start to leave, I see I have somehow brought in a garden hose with me. Symbol of ability to ministry ( water ) in the spirit . And just inside thier front door is another door going back out but since I'm trailing this hose along with me I cant leave by going that way and have to leave the way I came. Because of the anointing we dont follow their path, way, plan, ect. The Other door is the false Christ. significant He is in the world now!

He is the other door in the house. Yahshua is the only door! The doors are set in an ( L ) elle shape from each other. Occult Significance of "L" is the hanged man.

The Hanged Man. This extraordinary symbol is almost unintelligible in the double-headed cards. Properly, it represents a man hung head downwards from a sort of gibbet by one foot (his hands are bound behind his back in such a manner that his body forms a triangle with the point downwards), and his legs a cross above it. (Two sacks or weights are attached to his armpits.) He symbolizes Sacrifice. The "L" is the counterfit for "EL" !!!

EL is the "First Person Singular" word that we now use and incorrectly substitute today - by the very generic word, "God". In Matthew 1:23, for instance, we are told that "Immanuel", translated, means, "God with us." Actually, ImmanuEL means, "EL with us"... Similarly, the proper use of this Name, in this format, EL, always finds it used with another descriptive / title attached, either like its use in Immanuel, or in such familiar phrases as: "El-Shadday", which means, "The Almighty El"

I look Seeing in the spirit as a watchman back in the house World I cant see the man that spoke to me He was behind a wall that I senced to be the kitchen Heart but I could hear him. and there is another man setting at the table. I sort of check him out and he avoids my look. Showing falsehood, lack of chariticure, the unsaved, unbeliever. Then I'm back out side in their side yard going around and into their garage. Garage- Goverment An attachment to a house a place for thier cars/ ministry Power source.

I'm in there looking By The Spirit I'm seeing and this very large group of people arrive. Wealthy prestigous well dressed in all their Mason finery with their badges and medals Parade type finery.. The Masons in full dress coming in to the garage.. Men and Women.. This is litetal. Masons are very much behind the secne in the garage. (Goverment ) ministring to the world, Coming in to power. The hidden occult power of satan.To bring in a one world Goverment!

The men are looking at me in that lustful knowing way, the women are being prideful and vain and looking at me making comments of how poorly dressed I was. Show their charticture, spirit . evil nature. I had on cut offs for shorts above the knees type, the ones you make for your self from old pants. I looked down at what I had on. I had ridden the trike so I felt it was ok what I had on. They mock the things of Elohim and the sons of Elohim. Because it looks foolishness to them. The Foolish thing is what Father has chosen to confound the wise !

1 Corinthians 1:27 But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

I left and went back out side. From the yard I could see By The Holy Spirit as if in the country acrossed a comman 4 wire fence the number four always has reference to all that is created and see other houses away off in the distance. Their influnce it is world wide I think I was still looking for the child. Desire for the manifestation of the man child to come forth. I turn and the women in the group, two of them, number Two always speaks of fallen man are mooning me and still saying rude things to me. Moons,& months have to do with satans works; moon also applies to the fallen part of the church 5 foolish virgins, which is the moon under the feet of the woman in Revelations.12:1 (There is a differants between the Bride Elect Matthew 25:6 And at midnight and the Church. Ekklesia) And They have totally exposed them self by leaning forward to moon me. I turn away from them and just ignore them.

The next part of the dream is about the sleeping church, ten virgins. Matthew 25:5 Up the road is a run down abandon shed gray looking weathered. The Church It is abandon, Ichobod the Glory has departed. I look in there. Inside I find a little bird about the size of your thumb. It is black and white, truth and error At first I think of keeping it, It is very, very pretty ( I raise birds) but then I deside no, it's not mine to keep. (in this context Birds are symbolic of deceit. Abba gave me Jer 5:27) (I had reached into pick the little bird up from between the arms of catus plant, the plant stuck to my thumb and I brushed it away, it didnt hurt but looked it like a miniture cactus pear plant the type you find in the desert. Dry and barren, The Church is deceived and still in the wilderness.

I had recieved warning from the Spirit that Judah was going Captivy at the end of Dec 2002 for the sin of pride and idoltry. And recieved revelation later that in Jan 2003 the third day The Bride elect had been caught up Spiritually and seated in the heavenly in Authority. (In the third day) (2003) This is a type of Yahshua's being raised on the third day, It is also type of what will still come. The two witnessness are raised on the third day also!

Then I looked in the next room there were many of these little black and white birds asleep in there, all roosted along the walls in this old abandon shed. Ekklesia - Church, A sleep spiritually I wonder who is carring for them? As I noticed, and was concerned as there in no water No Spirit there for them. Matthew 25:5 While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

This next part of the dream is speaking about the end - Discribing the symbolic names of the man of lawlessness. And the danger of not entering in. (There are many, many antichrists) But Only One man of lawlessness.

The scene changes. I have climped up on a ledge of a building or something I am still looking for the child I think. There is now someone with me but I dont know who it is The stranger, satan. We climb down into this other structer it look like an wooden framed out house (That was what I was thinking of in the dream) The man of lawlessness Woo-don Symbolic names discribing the man of lawlessness. but it was like a shaff, very, very deep, I couldnt see a bottem. The Bottemless Pit I climbed down jumping to the side avoiding the shaff into a room that was empty and seemed damp and underground like.. I think it means the soulish realm, the sub–conscious (below conscious awareness) And I know I'm not going to stay in there. I didnt like being there. The shaft is to the pit and is the way to hell. and the man of lawlessnes is the wooden out house.

There was what I felt was urine, running and dripping down from above into the shaff part. The man that had followed me now looks like Mel Gibson. another name for the enemy, man of lawlessness Charles Gibson (Chaldean Gib's son, the Canaanite, as also Mel Gibson, My El, Gib's son) - The Norsemen, when they arrived in Scandinavia from Scythia, had the Eagle as their emblem and worshipped it as their God ( Gott Wooden - Odin ). The Wooden 'Apollo' - A Don- Symbolic names of the man of lawlessness.

He is still hanging upsidedown from his legs. ( The Hanged Man - "L" ) (like a Ape) he is ape - ing "EL" ( a gibbon is a ape! ) in the shaff, looking in at me and I back at him. I know him by the Spirit, and He knows who I am too. He has taken a big mouthful of this urine and is wishing it about in his mouth !!
I say to him , " What are you doing !" I cant believe he did that! He answered me... Something --? About keeping way, or cleanesing the cats infection occult. Drinking Urine is rooted in satanic occult praticies...to gain power satan wants more power.. Malachi 3:5


The highest of all Satanic holidays is ones own birthday. After ones own birthday, the two major Satanic holidays are Walpurgisnacht and Halloween (All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve).In North America there are generally eight holy days for Satanists. They are: Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and as close as possible to the first day of spring, summer, fall and winter. During special holy days, when human sacrifices are used, the body is decapitated, the flesh is ground up and the bones are buried. Flesh is often taken and mixed with blood, drugs, and other substances
(urine from the master and high priestess etc.) and eaten by those who want more power.

And I'm thinking No Way! And I wake up !

Blessings, Sunny

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Dear Sunny and All:

I'm going to print this so I can really absorb it.
Did you send it to the End_time group as well ??
You should if you didn't. Praise God, In Him, Susan

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> > I dreamed... An Endtimes dream > > I havent dreamed in symbols for quite a while.( Dreams From Father )


Marvelous Grace

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