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This is the web site for the Sunbeam Owners Group of San Diego.





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It contains a calender of events, a contact email address which will be checked from time to time, various articles as they are contributed by the members and a photo gallery.

It is not intended to be a repository of all things Sunbeam but simply a single contact point for the club.


The Sunbeam Owners Group of San Diego was formed to allow owners and potential owners of the many fine vehicles produced by the Rootes Group to enjoy and share their interests with other enthusiasts. In addition to the popular and better known Alpine and Tiger sports cars of the 60's we welcome Rapiers and Talbots as well as the other "sister" marques from the Rootes Group including Hillman, Humber and Singer.

We have casual meetings once a month and several activities each year including the legendary Baja California ('Ole' Olson memorial) Lobster Run, back country tours, brewery and winery visits and picnics. We also join in with other British car clubs and encourage other clubs to attend our functions.

We welcome any non-members who have an interest in this marque to our meetings and are always pleased to share our interest and enthusiasm with others.

If you have any questions or comments please

email us at


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