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Here is one way:

Approach the grave of the chosen corpse at sunset or midnight. Draw a circle around the grave; burn a mixture of henbane, aloe wood, hemlock, saffron, opium, and mandrake. With the coffin open, touch the corpse three times with a wand and tell it to rise. The corpse should be arranged with the head to the east and arms and legs in the position of Christ when he was crucified. Command the spirit to enter it' old body and to answer all questions put to it or else suffer torment and wandering thrice seven years. After your questions are answered burn the body.

Here is another:

Apart from raising infernal or familiar spirits you can also exorcise the apparition or ghost of a departed person. In order to do this, the Magician and his assistant must first repair to the churchyard or tomb where the deceased was buried, exactly at midnight, as the ceremony can only be performed in the night between the hours of twelve and one. The grave is first to be opened, or an aperture made by which access may be had to the naked body. The magician having described the circle, and holding a magic wand in his right hand, while his companion or assistant beareth a consecrated torch, he turns himself to all the four winds, and, touching the dead body three times with the magical wand, repeats as follows:

By the virtue of the holy resurrection, and the torments of the damned, I conjure and exorcise thee, Spirit of N. deceased, to answer my liege demands, being obedient unto these sacred ceremonies, on pain of everlasting torment and distress....Berald, beroald, Balbin, Gab, Gabor, Agaba.Arise, arise, I charge and command thee!

After these forms and ceremonies, the ghost or apparition
will become visible, and will answer any questions put to it by the exorcist. But if it be desired to put interrogatories to the spirit of any corpse that has hanged, drowned or otherwise made away with itself, the conjuration must be performed while the body lies on the spot where it is first found after the suicide hath been committed, and before it is touched or removed. The ceremony is as follows. The exorcist binds upon the top of his wand a bundle of St. John's wort of Millies perforatum, with the head of an owl; and having repaired to the spot where the corpse lies, at twelve o' clock at night, he draws the circle and solemnly repeats these words:

By the mysteries of the deep, by the flames of Banal, by the power of the east and the silence of the night, By the holy rites of Hecate, I conjure and exorcise thee, thou distressed spirit, to present thyself here and reveal unto me the cause of thy calamity why thou didst offer violence to thy own liege life, where thou art now in being, and where thou wilt hereafter be.

Then gently smiting the carcass nine times with the rod, he adds:

"I conjure thee, thou spirit of this N. deceased to answer my demands that I propound unto thee, as thou ever hopest for the rest of the holy ones and ease of all the misery; by the blood of Jesus which he shed for thy soul, I conjure thee and bind thee to utter unto me what I shall ask thee."

Then cutting down the carcas from the tree, they shall lay its head towards the east; in the space that this following conjuration is repeating, they shall set a chafing-dish of fire at its right hand, into which they shall pour a little wine, some mastic and some gum-aromatic, and lastly ( the contents of it) a vial full of the sweetest oil. they shall have also a pair of bellows and some unkindled charcoal to make the fire burn bright when the carcass rises. The conjuration is this:

"I conjure thee, thou spirit of N. that thou do immediately enter into thy ancient body again and answer to my demands; by the virtue of the holy resurrection, and by the posture of the body of the savior of the world, I charge thee I conjure thee, I command thee, on pain of the torments and wandering of thrice seven years, which I, by the force of sacred magic rites, have power to inflict upon thee; by the sights and groans I conjure thee to utter thy voice."

This ceremony being thrice repeated, while the fire is burning with mastic and gun-aromatic, the body will begin to rise, and at last will stand upright before the exorcist, answering with a faint and hollow voice the questions propounded unto it: why it destroyed itself, where its dwelling is, what its food and life are, how long it will be ere it enter into rest, and by what means the magician may assist it to come to the rest; also of the treasures of this world, where they are hid. Moreover, it can answer very punctually concerning the places where ghosts reside, and of the manner of communicating with them, teaching the nature of Astral spirits and hellish beings so far as its capacity alloweth.
All this when the ghost hath fully answered, the magician ought out of commiseration and reverence to the deceased, to use what means can possibly be used for procuring rest unto the spirit, to which effect he must dig a grave, and filling the same half full of quicklime, with a little salt and common sulfur, must put the carcass naked into it. Next to the burning of the body into ashes, this is of great force to quiet and end the disturbance of the Astral Spirit. But in this and in all cases where the ghosts or apparitions of deceased persons are raised up and consulted, great caution is to be observed by the Magician to keep close within the circle; for if, by the constellation and those who follow the Black art for iniquitous purposes, it is very dangerous to conjure any spirits without describing the form of the circle, and wearing upon the heart, or holding in the hand, the Pentacle of Solomon. For the ghosts of men deceased can easily effect sudden death to the magician born under such a constellation of the planets, even whilst in the act of being exorcised.

Taken from the book: The book of black magic and ceremonial magic