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Welcome to Nastao Nation
Native American medicine society, Santa Cruz clan

Nastao Nation Logo

We are the Santa Cruz, California clan (chapter) of Nastao Nation. Our efforts are directed primarily to causes that promote the well-being and culture of indigenous peoples in our local region, regardless of tribe. We welcome contact with and links from other Native American organizations.

Nastao Nation is a Native American medicine society with a specific cultural, spiritual, political, and social viewpoint. However, the term "Nastao" is sometimes used by others.

The term
Panachi includes all living descendants of the indigenous peoples of North and Central America, from Alaska to Panama. It is a geographic term that does not indicate cultural cohesion.

NA-STA-O can be interpreted as Morning-Star Medicine Society. It promotes sustainable living, Native American ceremony, culture, art, and a drug- and alcohol-free environment.

Descendants of the indigenous peoples of North America who share these values, regardless of blood quantum or tribe, are gladly invited to join us. All who share our values are invited to learn more about us and to help us achieve our goals. It is our sacred responsibility to restore our homeland. Let us set the example. May the trail of tears end here.

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E-mail Copon Nastao, spokesperson for Nastao Nation Santa Cruz. Links to other sites of interest.

Our vision is to open a recovery resource center in Santa Cruz, California, designed specifically to treat alcoholism, historically one of the worst problems in the native American community. Alcoholism diminishes the spiritual and economic resources of the entire community. We use a combination of traditional and holistic treatments. Although originally designed for Native People, we are glad to share this way with all our relations. Please join with us now in helping to heal our community.

Nastao Nation
343 Soquel Avenue #252
Santa Cruz, CA 95062

We use the title Copon Nastao for our spokesperson or ambassador.

Non-profit organization tax I.D. #77-0492559

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