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Technical Information

Rear End Swap (9/01)

This was the first major project involving the drivetrain. The original plan was to swap out the old 2.41 open rear end to a 3.42 posi unit in hope for more acceleration off the line. Later on I found out that I could not use the same carrier in the rear because it was the wrong series and it could not fit a 3.42 ring and pinion set. So I ended up buying a used rear end assembly compatible with a 3.42 set out of a 1975 Camaro at a local Pick and Pull. This new assembly had a 3.08 set in it and it was better than the old 2.41 set. So I decided to keep the 3.08 that was already in it. Besides, if I ever wanted to swap the 3.08 to a 3.42 I could because now I have the correct carrier. I was surprised with the results. The car now accelerates harder off the line and it only turns about 2800 rpm's @ 70 mph on the freeway. I am very satisfied.

New Engine (11-12/01)

CID: 350 Goodwrench crate motor, 4 bolt main, 8.5:1 compression

INDUCTION: Quadrajet carb on an Edelbrock Performer Intake

HEADS: Stock, 1.94/1.50 valves

CAM: Crane CompuCam (204/214 @.050, 264/274 advertised, .423/.446 lift), hydraulic

IGNITION: Summit HEI (48,000 volt coil), MSD Heli-Core plug wires, AC Delco Rapidfire plugs

ATTENTION TO DETAIL: -ARP bolts for intake, valve covers, water pump, fuel pump -Steel braided fuel line

1970 124,901
1971 114,630
1972 114,630
1973 96,751
1974 151,008
1975 145,770
1976 182,959
1977 218,853
1978 272,631
1979 282,571
1980 152,005
1981 126,139