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Welcome to Chris' 1978 Camaro Type LT Website


Whenever I went over to my Aunt's house when I was younger, I remember looking at that "awesome looking" car she had parked in the driveway. Little did I know I was looking at my first car. I received my Camaro in September of '98 when my Aunt GAVE it to me because she wanted a smoother and quieter car. However, I began to notice many flaws the car had so me and my dad decided to store it in the garage and work on it for a couple of months until we were satisfied with it. We changed the old rusting exhaust to a new Flowmaster setup, gave it a good and thourogh tune up, checked the brakes, changed the wheels, gave it a good wax job, detailed the interior, etc. My Camaro today is basically all stock except for some minor exterior details that make it look similar to a Z28 0f the '78-'81 vintage. I recently added some second generation 5 spoke steel Z28 wheels and a 1980 Z28 functional hood scoop with blue "AIR INDUCTION" decals on the side of the scoop. In the interior I added two AutoMeter UltraLite 2 1/16" oil pressure and vacuum gauges. Other from that it is stock. I want to replace the tired 350 that is in it right now with a new 350 Goodwrench Crate Motor. To this 350 I'll add an Edelbrock Performer manifold and a Quadrajet carb. I'll also add a 2030 PowerMax series Crane Cam for a little more rump and power. Since this is my daily driver I will probably not put headers on. I want to take the stock Turbo 350 transmission and have it rebuilt. While it is out I may add a stage 1 or 2 TransGo shift kit for more firmer shifts. I also want to toss the stock 2.41 one-legger rear end for a 3.08 posi. The main idea is to make everything look stock but have modifications that you can't see. (Can you spell S-L-E-E-P-E-R?)

This is my 1978 Camaro Type LT. The Type LT was considered the mid range Camaro of its time. It was better than the base coupe but not exactly a Z28. Even though I have the same motor, transmission, and interior as a Z28, I do not have the performance gears or suspension that was present on the Z28. The picture is too dark to see my Z28 wheels. More pictures of my car to come.


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