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Martinez Homing Pigeon Club

Martinez, CA


The Golden Gate Classic 2001         400 Mile Special

$10,000.00 First Prize

(Based on 400 Birds)

Sponsored by The Martinez Homing Pigeon Club. All lofts in the affiliated clubs of the Bay Cities Combine can handle *** birds.

The interest is already greater this year. Where can you get into a more competitive race with this amount of prize money for only $100 per bird? Or fly both the Golden Gate Classic and the Martinez Futurity Race (250 miles) Two weeks earlier for $115

Race Information

1. Race will be flown from Ely, Nevada ( Approximately 400 Miles ) the weekend of the last Bay Cities Combine race. (***Shipping: Thursday night before the last Combine Young Bird Race. Exact date will be posted on this site.)

2. Entry Fee will be $100 per bird. To be paid no later than July 13, 2001.

3. Bird Band numbers must be registered no later than August 11, 2001 (or on the date of the first Bay Cities Combine young bird race).

4. Capital Prizes will be split 70% Breeder 30% Handler.

5. A $500 prize to 1st Out of Area Bird. (Any bird not bred within the Bay Cities Combine boundaries). 

Out of Area Flyers Please Note:

   If your bird is lost before the first Bay Cities Combine y.b. race, your handler can  nominate one of His/Hers birds for you so you still have an entry registered for the race. Then and only then, Capital Prizes will be split 50% Breeder 50% Handler rather than 70% Breeeder 30% Handler split.

6. Birds to be shipped directly to the individual handler of your choice accompanied by the Entry Fee. For a List of Handlers Click Here. Handler will then forward promptly on arrival all entry fees and registration forms to the Race Treasurer.

Manuel Dias

335 Oakvue Road

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

(925) 932-8326

7. Birds may be shipped anytime after February 01, 2001 until June 02, 2001.

8. This race is ***open to all Bay Cities Combine Flyers.

9. Nominate 10 birds and fly one FREE. "No Limit" for Handlers and Breeders.

10. There will be additional prizes for North, South and Central Flyers.

11. The first 15 places in the race may be drug tested.

12. Race Results will be posted here on this site as soon as it becomes available.

Golden Gate Classic 2001 Race Results Click Here

13. Any rules not covered above will be handled by the race committee.

14. For more information about this race you may contact anyone of the following:

A.) Bob Teachout       (925) 937-9211


B.) Manuel Dias          (925) 932-8326

C.) Juan Sotto            (925) 363-7352


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