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Hey! What's up? Thank you for coming to this page.  This is a proposal page to my girlfriend.  My name is Joe, 23; my girlfriend's name is Chrissy (Christina), also 23.  One day, Chrissy and I were talking about internet stuff after our class in school.  I was telling her how I could make a site with hundreds of thousands of visitors.  She didn't believe me,  so we made a bet.  First we were betting a lunch, then it was a term-paper.  Then I said if I won she would have to marry me!! ...and she AGREED!!  She was serious, and I was shocked and excited, very excited!! 

So I spent two weeks trying to think of a site that would attract a lot of visitors so that I could marry the woman I've loved so much since our senior year in high school.  Eventually I decided to just make a page telling the truth and hope all the great people on the net might help make this happen!  If I get 1,000,000 hits by June 20th, 2002 (Chrissy's 24th Birthday), we WILL GET MARRIED! :-)

Here is the counter that will hopefully read 1,000,000 in a few months time!

Thanks to everyone who has visited the site so far--and for all the emails of support!!

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