Flowers, Fruit & Vegetables

                                                                    The organic, powerful forms of fruit, vegetables
                                           and flowers, in dramatic illustration.

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H    e    r    o    i    c         V    e    g    g    i    e    s

"Choke"  44 x 44  oil om canvas Beets  36 x 39  oil on canvas

Celery 40 x 50  oil on canvas Onions  33 x 60  oil on canvas


F    r    u    i    t     &     F    l    o    w    e    r    s

Ladder Backs & Fruit  50 x 39  oil on canvas  Thonet & Fruit  36 x 36  oil on canvas

Fruit, Wine & Cheese  25 x 31  oil on canvas Flower Basket  30 x 36  oil on canvas

Flowers Hoop Basket42 x 27  oil on canvas Flower Tub  44 x 48  oil on canvas


L    i    l    i    e     s

White Lily  20 x 24  oil on canvas 2 Lilies  20 x 24  oil on canvas

3 Lilies  20 x 24  oil on canvas

R    o    s    e    s

White Roses  20 x 24  oil on canvas


I    r    i    s


Burgundy Brown  20 x 24 oil on canvas Frequent Flyer  20 x 24  oil on canvas

Queen in Calico  20 x 24  oil on canvas Light Beam  20 x 24  oil on canvas


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