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Junior Girl Scout
Troop 635

About Our Troop:

We earned our Brownie Wings in June of 2000

We meet twice a month plus special meetings and outings

We are starting our first year of Junior Girl Scouting

We belong to the Bellflower/Hollymount Service Unit in the Girl Scout Council of Greater Long Beach

We currently have 8 girls in our troop, some of us have been together since Daisy's!



Who Are We?

GIRLS: Amber, Amy, Angie, Anna, Caitlin, Kate, Lauren and Zakkoyya

LEADERS:Susan and Laurie

ADULTS:Jennifer, Diane, Anita, Susan, Marti and Linda

Troop 635 Scrapbook(Mostly our Brownie Year)

Our Troop Goals for the 2000-2001 Junior Year

What we like about living in Southern California

Other sites we like to explore

We want to THANK these folks for helping us build our website!!

PLEASE E-MAIL US!We love to hear from other Girl Scout Troops

Last Revised
August 10, 2000