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The Resource resource

Computer Programing

Computer Programing
BASIC, Visual BASIC, C, C++, Visual C++, Pascel, Fortan, Oracle, SQL, Pearl, HTML, Java, Flash, Shockwave, etc.

Liberty BASIC  JCCL Tech Center  Code Guru
VB Bookmark  MFC Pro  Cetus Links  Source Code Online
Functionx Visual C++  Master Your ComputerC++  Planet Source Code
Programmers Heaven  Visual C++  Rogue Wave Stingray
Developer Fusion  Dev Library  WndTabs
C-for-dummies  Flamingtext  Web Design Helper
Meata Tag Builder  Eons Network Meta Tag Testing
Jeff Levy on computers
cprograming.com your resource for C/C++


Help With PCs.com

Free Learning


Web Links : HTML Reference Guide
If you dont have a webpage here's where to start.

If your an advance user visit these links:

the NCSA beginner's guide to HTML
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3) HTML specifications page
Java Script
Ender Design
Bells and Whistles
Cool Text
Mouse over's
Flaming Text
GUI Stuff
Media Builder
Scribler Editor


Web Images

Virus Updates: Antivirus downloads and scans

Beware Surveillance Spy Software

Surveillance Software is by far the most insidious...and hard to detect of all computer monitoring type spyware products. Some legitīmate uses for spy software are to watch a child's Internet activity or to monitor employees while in a work environment. Unfortunately, this type of spy software is often used unethically and even illegally by anyone who wants to spy on or steal sensitive or private information from you, or your business, without ever being caught.

Surveillance Spyware can be broken down into four main sub categories:

Keyloggers, which record keystrokes like a hardware keylogger, but without a physical device.

Email Redirectors, which silently duplicate all incoming and outgoing messages to a third party.

Chat Loggers and URL Recorders, which will monitor popular īnstant messaging programs such as AIM and Yahoo Messenger, regular IRC chat clients and web browsers. All communications and web site visits are recorded and sent back to the intruder.

Screen Recorders, which silently take snapshots of your entire desktop screen and everything you are doing, and then package it up as a slide show, for the intruder to view. Screen recorders can also email or upload these recordings for remote access.


Anti Virus

Do a complete scan and removal first at Pandasoftware:

Then get a free version of the home user antivirus at : http://www.avast.com/ Make sure you do the update when you intall these new programs and maintain a regular scan and removal and update at least once a week

Virus info:

Do a scan and detection and removal and then download the program and get the resegtry key to imunize from a remote location

Download Spam Monitor, Spyware Doctor, Hijack Guard

SpyCop detects and disables over 400+ commercially available PC surveillance spy software products that are currently available to anyone !

GO here to get the Cookie Wall and get the POW pop up blocker

Help fourm

Spyware blaster. This one checks and imunizes. remember to use it to find new upgrades frequently

Directory of downloads

Free X Cleaner. Very easy to use. finds spyware and prompts you to remove it.

Spybot Search and Destroy

Hijack This
For advanced users: This programs allows you to see your toolbars installed in you browser and you can remove the ones yopu dont want. This program also allows you top see legitamate programs in your browser. Use with caution and descrestion. It's a great tool for fine tuning and getting more undetected stuff out of your system.

Hijack This



Great Site! Check your firewall protection from inside and out.

Get the Sygate Personel Firewall

Sygate the best firewall for windows This article talks about a few things and the Zone Alarms Firewall and the syagate personal firewall

Information Week Article On Spyware and Removal

Info: If you want to know how to get started and download and install spyware and adware detection and removal software and firewalls. check out this page.

How to make a web page

Using an HTML editor is very easy to program html and this reference guide will provide an understanding by editing HTML in Notepad which is an html editor, just construct all the tags.
Now anyone can program in any HTML editor or Notepad, just use the commands. To Start the web page HTML tells Notepad its an html file, just make sure you save your web page as html by: save as, your webpage name.html.

If your just making a webpage on the fly, use Notepad.

The code in this reference guide is in HTML 4.0
This is the frame work of a webpage:







Now let's make a web page.



<TITLE>This is the title of your site in the browser title bar </TITLE>


<body>This is your content in the body of your web page. It includes comands for text, graphics, and the background.

</body>and this is close / in all HTML tags / closes that command. In this case it's the end of the web page.

Horizontal Rulers
Character Formating
Character Size
Special Characters

Heading 1

<H1>Heading 1</H1>

Heading 2

Heading 3

There are 6 levels of headings H1-H6 from largest to smallest.

Alignment left
<DIV align=left>Alignment left</DIV>
Alignment Right
<DIV align=right>Alignment right</DIV> BR>

Horizontal Rulers: HR TAG: <HR WIDTH="##%" SIZE="##"ALIGN="ALIGNMENT">

<HR WIDTH="60%" SIZE="6" ALIGN="LEFT"Color="Red">


<MARQUEE BGCOLOR="RED"> This is a scrolling marquee </MARQUEE> This is a scrolling marquee

Debuging your document
Check that qoutation marks are added and that your tags are closed.

Bold Character Formating Tags
<B>Bold Character Formating Tags</B>

Strong Character Formating Tags
<STRONG>Strong Character Formating Tags</STRONG>

Italics Character Formating Tags
<I>Italics Character Formating Tags</I>

Emphasized Character Formating Tags
<EM>Emphasized Character Formating Tags</EM>

Italic Character Formating Tags
<CITE>Italic Character Formating Tags</CITE>

Italic line break Character Formating Tags
<ADDRESS>Italic line break Character Formating Tags</ADDRESS>

Strikethrough text Character Formating Tags
<STRIKE>Strikethrough text Character Formating Tags</STRIKE>

Underline Character Formating Tags
<U>Underline Character Formating Tags</U>

Superscript above level of regular textCharacter Formating Tags
<SUP>Superscript above level of regular textCharacter Formating Tags</SUP>

Below level Character Formating TagsH2O
<SUB>Below level Character Formating Tags</SUB>H<SUB>2</SUB>O

fixed width font Character Formating Tags
<CODE>fixed width font Character Formating Tags</CODE>

Nesting tags. Close your tags in the reverse order

Character Size
<FONT size=+6>FONT SIZE -2 TO +4</FONT>




<FONT color=lightblue>LightBlue</FONT>

<FONT color=blue>Blue</FONT>

<FONT color=darkblue>DarkBlue</FONT>

<FONT color=lightgreen>LightGreen</FONT>

<FONT color=green>Green</FONT>

<FONT color=darkgreen>DarkGreen</FONT>

<FONT color=yellow>Yellow</FONT>

<FONT color=#871F78>Text</FONT>

More Colors are: Light and Dark magenta, Gray, Brown, Red, Cyan
or use the RGB Values exp rgb=#871F78

Special Characters

Copyright ©

Trademark ™

Registered trademark ®

Dollar sign $

Greater than >

Less than <

"At" symbol @

Ampersand &

A Non-breaking space   gives you an extra blank space

For a list of special characters visit http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/html-spec/html-spec_13.html

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