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A Shrine To A Great Man, Conor.

This website is maintained by the thousands upon thousands of women who worship Conor. He is the world's greatest lover.

Quotes From Some of Conor's Former Lovers

"I will never forget Conor. Did I mention he is well-endowed?"

"I remember the first thing he said to me. 'Are you going to cum when i fuck you, or can i go down on you for a half hour?'"

"I still have dreams about him...and it's been four years..."

"Conor? He's like a jack-hammer. He gets in there with some pressure, and when he's done, you're not the same. You're changed."

Frequently Asked Conor Questions

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I just got a hold of Conor's personal e-mail address. I don't know how long i can keep it posted, so mail now girls!