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CD Savers
1351 Dustin Dr.
Ste. #28
Yuba City, CA


They're all salvageable. The data imprinted on a cd does not get damaged when a cd gets scratched, we can remove those scratches and restore compact discs to their original condition, preserving all the information stored on them. For customers requiring less than 15 CDs to be refinished please follow the proccess below. For those requiring more than 15 discs, please click on the bulk rate button to the right.

Step one: You request a mailer. You do this by simply clicking the order button below and filling out an order form.

Step two: We send you a prepaid mailer for the number of cds you requested along with a receipt of transaction. You simply seal your cds in the mailers along with a check or money order for in the amount of $5.50 for each compact disc, be it a music cd, a
cd-rom, dvd, playstation game or any other compact disc, it matters not. We charge the same price for all discs, with the exception of douple side discs, which we charge per refinished side. You drop the mailers in the nearest mail slot and wait for your cd's safe return.

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