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There's more to being gay, than sex, drugs, alcohol and AIDS.
Being gay is a way of life. -The Author-

A new superhero is in development. Before you know it she will be magicaly appearing in bookstore shelves - soon.

Superheroes come in all shapes and sizes and wear outlandish outfits. Super Queen is no exception.

Amber Lee, a husky drag queen, has a secret. Her Egyptian bracelet can transform her into a superhero at the snap of her fingers. Her abilities are called into action when her lover, Michael Harmon, a Special Agent for the FBI, is kidnapped. Papa Jon, a Jamaican with voodoo powers and leader of a diamond smuggling gang, plans to use diamonds they've smuggled, to purchase a short-range missile that will be used to blow up San Francisco's Gay Pride Parade. Can this unlikely new superhero save her lover from the kidnappers and prevent a devastating event?