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..[[..s0nG pLayIn..]]....[[..bRisSa ~*~ Sp3cIaL kInD of LoV3..]]..

..][ i'll neva stop lovin u ][..

they say in this world
nothing lasts forever
but i dont believe thats true
cuz the way that i feel
when we're together
i know that thats the way
i'll always feel for u...
from now until forever
thats how long i'll be true
i will make u this vow
and promise u now until forever
i'll never stop loving you...

¤d3viLisH -›¦‹- Ång3L¤

sUm ob tHa fAv0rIteS...
"dah worst way 2 myss sum1 is wen they r rite besyde u n yet u can neva hab dem"

"A fren is dah 1 who walks in wen dah whole world walks out"

"People walk in n out of ur lyfe,
onlee those dat mattah leave footprints in ur heart"

"ur heart c wat ur mind cant"

"Don’t cry over anyone who wont cry for u"

"A best fren is like a 4 leaf clover, hard to find n lucky to hab"

"Wat do u do wen the onlee person who can make u stop crying is the person who made u cry"

"Don’t frown, u neva know who is fallin in love with ur smyle"

"2 luv some1 is 2 find a miracle in dem dat no1 else sees"

"ne 1 can catch ur eyes, but it takes some1 special 2 catch ur heart"

"relationships r like glass,
sumtimes its bettah 2 leave dem broken than 2 try hurtin urself puttin it bac 2getah"

"If I hab a rose 4 evry tyme I thought bout u
I'd walk 4evr in my garden"

"If I could reach up n grab a star 4 evry tyme u made me smyle,
dah whole night's sky would be in dah palm of my hand"

"cherish every moment of ur lyfe 4 it will never come again"

"If we sleep as much as we r awake,
mayb lyfe is ur dream n a dream is ur lyfe"

"u dun no wat u have til its gone"

"i'd rather be a fool wit a broken heart,
than to be some1 who neva had a part of yooh"

"but tha eyes r blind, one must see wit tha heart"

"kisses dat r easily obtained r easily 4gotten"

"i wanted 2 wryte a lettah, my love,
a lettah dat would neva tell of dis desire 2 see yooh,
of dis fear of losin yooh"

"i wrote ur name in tha sand, but tha waves washed it away.
i wrote yooh in my heart, n 4eva it will stay"

"an angel of tha heavens, i've foun b4 my very eyes.
a picture of perfection, in my heart ish wher he lies"

"if out of tyme, i could pick 1 moment n keep it shinin,alwaise new,
out of all tha days dat i hab lived
i picked tha moment i met yooh"

""it's wat u do unthinkin, dat makes a quick tear start
tha tear may b 4gotten, but tha hurt stays in ur heart"

"missin yooh could turn pain 2 pleasure,
if i knew yooh wer missin meeh tooh"

For every dream that ever came tru
I’ll dream someday I’ll b with u
For all tha stars that shines 4eva
I hope someday we’ll be 2gether

..][ anotha chance ][..

I`m sorry that I never said "I love you"
I`m sorry I didn`t show I cared
Now that we cannot be together
I ponder all the time we shared
The time when you look into my eyes
The time we stood and looked out the window
The time we sat in your car
Now I stand with my cheeks all red
The tears so warm and bare
And if I did have another chance
I would say "I love you" and "I care"

..][ alwaise n 4ver ][..

altho it may seem
that i dont care
and altho it may seem
that wen u need me
i wont be ther
jus put faith in me
and in the end, i promise,
i wont turn my bac on u
ever again
and i will forever be ur angel
in my heart i know
it will be u
whom i will love
always and forever...

..][ neva say forever ][..

Never say forever cuz it isnt something real,
It isnt something lasting,
It's something you think you feel,
But if you say forever,
Just promise me, you'll try,
Cuz when someone say forever,
Forever means goodbye...

by: Jakeyboy L.

..][ promise mee ][..

Promise me you’ll be here
Through the best of times and bad
Tell me that you’ll love me
And think of all that we had

Promise me I’ll never cry
Not a single tear will shed
Tell me it’s true
All the things you’ve ever said

Promise me your heart
Will always be right next to mine
We share a bond too strong
To ever conceal or hide

Promise me you’ll stay
And fulfill my every dream
Let’s see how much love
Our romance can bring

Promise me my heart
Will never break again
Say you’ll never hurt me
And now it’s different from back then

Why don’t you just promise me
And say it’s all true
Even though they’ll be broken
I’ll still love you
by: AsNxRoSe

..][ tell mee ][..

tell me that you want me
to be your one & only
tell me that you need me
to never leave you lonely

tell me that you love me
so i'll love you back too
tell me that you're faithful
so i'll allwayz stay true

tell me that you will stay
so i'll never let you go
tell me that you trust me
so i'll allwayz let you know

tell me if you're confused
so i can help you understand
tell me that you need help
so i could lend you a hand

tell me that you're sorry
if you ever make me cry
tell me anything you want
but just don't say ~goodbye~...

..][ mah angel ][..

From the highest reaches of heaven
U came here to mah world
And everyday I thank tha one above
For makin u mah girl

You're on mah mind 24 hours a day
And seven days a week
I luv to talk with u on tha fone
Just so I can hear you speak

A minute without u is a lifetime
A day feels like forever
An eternity is tha amount of time
I want us to spend together

Mah angel from tha highest place
Tha one who makes it all ok
Two ocassions when I think of u
And those are night and day

You're tha sun up in mah sky
Tha moon that lights mah nite
If heaven wanted to take u back from meeh
I'd give em one hell of a fight

Asian angel, so sweet and pure
Angel, so lovely and divine
Tha most perfect angel in all tha universe
I'm so proud to call u mine

..][ are we styll frens ][..

I could have held you all night long,
I could have laid next to you forever,
But then I know tomorrow soon would come,
And still we couldn't be together . . .

I went against what my head was saying,
and followed my heart through,
And instead of quitting while I was ahead,
I started falling in love with you

We had so much fun together,
the memories we made so great,
all those nights laughing and smiling,
staying up so late . . .

As the snow falls on the sidewalks,
I know this too will pass,
for feelings are like the seasons changing,
and one season never lasts . . .

So,I know this must stop now,
and tomorrow soon will come,
as we walk away and never look back,
as our warm feelings become numb . . .

Too often we don`t realize what we have until it`s gone
Too often we wait too long to say "i`m sorry, i was wrong"
Sometimes it seems we hurt the ones we hold dearest to our hearts..
and we allow stupid things to tear our lives apart.
Far too many times we let unimportant things get in our mind...
and by then it`s already too late
to see what made us blind.
So be sure you let people know
how much they mean to you...
Take the time to say the words
Before your time is through
Be sure that you appreciate everything you`ve got
and be thankful for the little things in life that mean a lot

..][ tha key to mah heart ][..

I HaD cLoSeD ThE dOoR UpOn My HeArT,
aNd wOuLdN`t LeT aNyOnE iN.
I HaD TrUsTeD aNd LoVeD,
OnLy tO Be HuRt,
bUt ThAt wOuLd NeVeR HaPpEn AgAiN.
I hAd LoCkEd ThE dOoR,
aNd ThRoWn tHe KeY AwAy aS HaRd aS i cOuLd.
LoVe cOuLdN`t eVeR EnTeR tHeRe AgAiN,
mAh hEaRt wAs cLoSeD fOr gOoD.
BuT ThEn yOu CaMe iNtO mAh LiFe,
aNd yOu MaDe mE ChAnGe MaH MiNd.
AnD JuSs WhEn i ThOuGhT ,
ThAt TiNy KeY WaS ImPoSsibLe tO FiNd.
YoU StReTcHeD oUt uR HaNd,
aNd pRoVeD Me wRoNg.
In uR PaLm yOu HeLd ThAt TiNy KeY tO mAh HeArT,
yOu HaD iT aLL aLoNg.

..][ missin wat used tooh b ][..

People always say,
Things never stay the same.
Now I truly know what it means,
And all that repeats in my head is your name.

I sat back and watched,
As you changed before my eyes.
The whole way through I was in denial,
Convinced my heart was telling me lies.

I didn't want to believe in my heart,
I Didn't want to express my feelings.
Time flew away and took a piece of me,
I don't know if I'll start healing.

It hurts to know,
That all I did was stare.
As it happened so quickly,
Your warm look is now a glare.

I lay with my eyes shut,
Replaying what was left behind.
As if there was something I misplaced,
And is desperate to find.

I don't know what to say anymore,
Thinking of you is all I can do.
But I will say this,
I truly miss you.
by: §w†-›¦‹-GµRLi

..][ tHA LaDi3s ][..

There are many good things in life,
Like cars, money, and weed.
But if you want something confusing,
A girl is all you need.

A girl doesn't say what she wants,
But you're somehow supposed to know,
If they want to do this or do that,
Stay here, stay there, or just go.

Then there's the time, you all know what I mean,
That monthly little joy,
That lets them abuse the shit out of you,
just for being a boy.

If you ever dare to look at another girl,
They seem to scream, go on, and panic.
But watch how fast they ignore you,
at the sight of that queer from "Titanic".

They give you questions like, "Am I fat ?",
And "If you could go with one of my friends, who?",
There is no answer, face the facts,
You are definitely through.

They take nothing and blow it up,
And make a tremendous fuss,
So girls no matter what you think,
You are just as hard to understand as us

..][ tHa feLLaHs ][..

A heart is not a playing thing,
A heart is not a toy,
but if you want it broken,
Just give it to a boy.

Boys, they like to play with things
To see what makes them run,
But when it comes to kissing,
They do it just for fun.

Boys never give their hearts away
They play us girls for fools,
They wait until we give our hearts
And then they play it cool.

You will wonder where he is at night,
You will wonder if he is true,
One moment you will be happy,
One moment you will be blue.

If you get the chance to see him
Your heart begins to dance,
Your life revolves around him,
There's nothing like romance.

And then it starts to happen,
You worry day and night,
You see my friend, you're losing him
It never turns out right.

Boys are great though immature,
The price you pay is high,
He may seem sweet and gorgeous,
But remember he is a guy.

Don't fall in love with just a boy
That's takes a lot of nerve.
You see my friend, you need a man
To get what you deserve.

So when you think that you're in love,
Be careful if you can
Before you give your heart away
Make sure that he's a man

..][ silent cries of love ][..

These silent tears keep falling
For this love I can't forget
A love that though it hurted
I still do not regret

What is it inside of me
That refuses to let go?
What's this burning pain
That i've been forced to know?

Why do I set myself
To fall time and time again?
What are these feelings of love
On which my heart depends?

Why, when I push you away
Do my feelings come back stronger?
What is it bout you
That make meeh hold on longer?

Will you ever understand
How much I really care
& if u realize,
if i turn, will you be there?

if u ever see meeh
Would u just walk away?
or would you turn around?
and come walking my way?

Why is it at night
I still dream of your touch?
Why after all this hurt?
Do I still love you so much?

..][ no one eva told mee ][..

Love is perfect
That's what I used to believe.
No one ever told me,
That love meant to deceive.

I thought that it was laughter,
And playing in the rain.
No one ever told me,
About the hurt and the pain.

I thought that it was sunshine,
And roses all of red.
No one ever told me,
About the angry words that are often said.

I thought that it was rainbows,
High up in the sky.
No one ever told me,
That it's often just a lie.

No one ever told me,
Oh why didn't they let me know?
That when you are in love,
You usually must let go.

i wanna be wit u
2 c u wake everyday
and kiss u good nite
wen tha sun goes away
jus to hab u by my syde
thru morning, noon, n nite
2 hold u in my arms
each n everyday of my life..

:: mAh 411 ::

:: tHa h0mIeS ::

:: tHoUgHtS ::

:: hOm3::

:: mAiN :: :: pAyg3 ::