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Utilizing time tested "bloodlines" to produce the next generation performance bulldog. We are a small private kennel emphasizing on quality and soundness. We are not afraid to admit that our experience with these wonderful dogs has been a continuous learning adventure. Along the way, we have established breeding standards and brood stock which enable us to produce dogs able to perform anything asked of them. The genuine article... Family companion, game hunter, show competitor, weight pull specialist, protector and friend, our aim is to produce dogs that represent the dedication of the great breeders who came before us. In doing so, we hope to elevate the standards of present and future breeders. We thank God for the blessing of our dogs and we welcome inquiries from all those with genuine interest in the maintenance and improvement of this breed. No dogs are sold or intended for any illegal activities. No photos may be reproduced without written permission.

We concentrate on these strains:

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Truth and Honor
The True American
The American Spirit Lives On!
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Drain's Zab PEDIGREE
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Drain's Bink PEDIGREE
Drain's Choc Block PEDIGREE
Hammonds' Batima Park PEDIGREE
Hammonds' Screamer PEDIGREE
Drain's Gin-N-Juice PEDIGREE
Drain's Deacon PEDIGREE
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