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Spanish Riding School

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"...on such horses gods are even portrayed. Men who understand the art of horsemanship, in truth look magnificent..." ~Xenophon

"1572-the time of the late Renaissance, in which the 'rebirth of the ancient classic form of living' brought a re-evalutation of all values in the whole of Europe. Simple gothic culture with its humane spiritualization and universal God at the centre was at an end." (Rodenas, pg. 90)

Humanists discovered ancient sayings of Socrates, Simon of Athens, and Plinius, about a "noble and ancient horsemanship" which was very different from the middle ages. An ancient Greek book was found written by none other than Xenophon himself (430-354 BC). It was called "About Horsemanship" and these were the principles that provided the basis for the Spanish Riding School.

For a dressage rider, or any equestrian in fact, these ideas and techniques for riding and training horses are being used even today...

Lipizzaners, you are indeed creatures without equal. You fly without wings and you conquer without swords!

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