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Samye means Unimaginable in Tibetan. It was founded by the Tibetan King Trisiong Detsen and belongs to the Nyingmapa and Sakyapa sects. The construction consists of three styles, namely, the Han, the Tibetan and the Indian. It is said that the monastery was destroyed by fire and was rebuilt three hundred years as the residence of the 6th Dalai Lama. Finally, it was completed by Rating Rimpoche. Four stupas of different styles, colored in red, white, black and green to represent four Heavenly Kings, stands at four corners of the hall. Four larger halls and eight smaller ones, evenly distributed around Utse, are deemed as the oceans in that universe. The monastery is secluded from the outside world by a circular wall, with thousands of Buddha statues sitting on it, which represents a mountain near the border of the universe.

Samye monastery