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Woljeongsa or Wolchongsa, located in a thick forest in the east valley of Mt. Odaesan , is one of the head temples of the 4th Jogyejong Sect of Buddhism in Gangwon-do. The temple supervises 60 other temples and 8 hermitages in the area. It is believed that the temple began as a small shrine called Jeongmyeolbogung, and was built by Jajang- yulsa (a revered monk) at the foot of Birobong Peak in the 14th year of the reign of Silla Kingdom's Queen Seondeok's. Many cultural assets remain on the grounds, such as Gwonseonmun Gate, the 15meter- high octagonal 9-story pagoda, and Stone Seated Bodhisattva all of which have been designated as treasures.