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Located inside the historic Samrangseong Fortress walls, Jeondeungsa was originally called Jinjong-sa . Princess Jeonghwa donated a rare jade lamp to Buddha as an offering in the eighth year of King Chungnyeol's reign (1282) of the Goryeo Dynasty, giving the temple its present name of Jeondeungsa, meaning 'Inherited Lamp'. There are ten buildings, including Daeungjeon Hall (Main Hall) and Yaksajeon (the hall where the healing buddha is enshrined). The buildings represent the pinnacle of Goryeo Dynasty's architectural beauty and have been designated as Treasures. Also, a 1.64m tall bell, with 1m and 43m circumference, said to have been cast during the Northern Song Dynasty Period in China (11th century), can be found on the temple grounds.

Jeondeungsa Temple