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Plum Village - the meditation center - is about 85 km east of Bordeaux (France).The Most Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh founded the Unified Buddhist Church (Eglise Bouddhique Unifieť) in France in 1969. The Unified Buddhist Church established Sweet Potatoes Community in 1975, Plum Village in 1982, the Dharma Cloud Temple and the Dharma Nectar Temple in 1988, and the Adornment of Loving Kindness Temple in 1995. The Foot of the Hill Temple was established in 2003. Due to its rapid expansion in recent years, the community now comprises eight hamlets: Upper Hamlet, Foot of the Hill Hamlet, Middle Hamlet, West Hamlet and Lower Hamlet, New Hamlet, Gatehouse New Hamlet and Hillside New Hamlet.

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