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In 1978, Native Americans organized the "longest walk," wherein participants walked cross-country from San Francisco, CA to Washington, D.C. Accompanying them on their walk was a Japanese, Buddhist nun from the Nipponzan Myohoji Order. Since then, Jun Yasuda has crossed the continent four more times on foot, and logged in several thousand additional miles for the cause of peace. In 1983, during one of her fasts, she was approached by Hank Hazelton, a long time activist for Native Americans. Hank had heard of her work, and offered her a parcel of land in Grafton, New York for the purpose of building a "Monument for Peace." In October 1985 work began on the structure soon to be called the Grafton Peace Pagoda. After eight years of toil and struggle, the Pagoda was completed and dedicated in the fall of 1993. This structure contains the story of the life of the Budda in the form of a series of carvings around the outside of the dome.

Grafton Peace Pagoda
The story of Grafton peace pagoda
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Grafton New York