OCDS Formation Uniform Guidelines

  1. Mission Statement

  2. Climbing the Mount in Response to God's Call to Carmel

  3. Specifics for all Stages of Formation

  4. Stages of Formation

    • Aspirancy

      Formation I

      Formation II

      Ongoing Formation

  5. Accountability

  6. Resources

  7. Articles

  8. Tools for Use in Formation

  9. Principles for Leading Discussions

  10. Principles for Developing Assignments

  11. Models for Assignments

  12. Aspirant's Self-Help Evaluation Sheet

  13. Self-Evaluation

  14. Points to Consider about the Candidate Prior to Interview

  15. Guidelines for all Interviews

  16. Creative Adaptations

  17. A Portrait of Successful Formation

  18. Sample Forms

  19. Impediments to Joining the Secular Order

  20. Liturgy of the Hours?