††††††† Gracious and loving Father, send your Holy Spirit upon me and my Carmelite brothers and sisters as we work to prepare all things well for a fruitful and successful Congress.

††††††† Give us the Spiritís gifts of practical wisdom and discernment that we may creatively arrange for a well-ordered and smooth running Congress.

††††††† Give us the Spiritís gifts of courage and perseverance that we may easily overcome all the difficulties and pitfalls that we may meet along the way.

††††††† Give us the Spiritís gifts of humility and charity that we may work together in gracious cooperation and harmony.

††††††† Bless all of our effort and work for the Congress that it may give glory to your name and grace all who come with deeper wisdom and holiness.

††††††† Finally, we ask you, dear Father, for great joy in your Spirit, that we may find deep joy in this task and be a source of joy to all who will share in the Congress.

††††††† We ask this through Jesus, who is Lord forever and ever.