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Secular Humanists of Los Angeles
P. O. Box 694
Lawndale Ca. 90260
Ph #: (310) 371-8469;

Monthly meetings are held at 11 a.m. first Sunday of each month
at the Center For Inquiry - West, 5519 Grosvenor St., Marina Del Rey, Ca.

Socializing & lunch after meetings ( about 12:30 )
at Dinahs' Restaurant, Centinella & Sepulveda. Join us!



September 3rd
Lionel Burt is a professional athelete proficient in golf, tennis and snow skiing. He will demonstrate some of the techniques he uses to coach professional atheletes. The techniques involve questioning ones basic assumptions and challenging established beliefs. This month's speaker is provided by CFI-West's Jim Underdown.

October 1st
"Campus Freethought"
Three students leading the cause of Freethought on their respective campuses will lead a discussion. The students are representatives of Freethought organizations from the University of Southern California, California State University at Long Beach and the California State University at Fullerton.

The purpose of Secular Humanists is
to promote secularism through education & publicity;
to support secular families & communities,
and to maintain secular government & institutions.

Principles of a Secular Government
A secular goverment affords no privileges or advantages to religious institutions. Accordingly, the following principles apply* to the legislation & administration of government.

a. Ecclesiastical property is not exempt from taxation.
b. Public appropriations are not made to sectarian charitable or educational institutions.
c. Chaplains are not employed by congress, the military, or other public institutions.
d. Religious services, holidays, & festivities are not ordained, observed or recognized
. . . nor engaged in by government.
e. Religious morality is not enforced by law.
f. Observance of sabbath is not enforced by law, nor is blasphemy.
g. Affirmation of versimilitude or feality in judicial, legal, & ceremonial matters are not based
. . . on appeals to deities or use of religious artifacts.

* These principles are based on nine demands promulgated by the Free Religious Association in 1874.

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