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Epilogue - AX is Moving Again?

Long Beach Convention Center has been kind to Anime Expo in my opinion when it comes to space available and community. However it is a little spread out. I am not totally convinced AX 2003ís move back to the Anaheim Convention Center is such a good idea. I canít recall if there was more room there or not. I really donít like that Disneyland is right by there. That means no hotels immediately close by like Long Beach and no restaurants for miles that donít have prices increased by 300%. Call me cheap but I do not like paying $8.00 for a small, poor quality hamburger. I have considered many times of packing sandwiches but carrying around stuff at AX gets tiring quick. Who knows, maybe this will be better. Just as long as it is not in Disneyland Hotel again.

This trip would not have been possible without a lot of coordinating and help from Jesse and Freddy who took care of a lot of details in Calif. It was also so good to see many old friends again, especially on such short notice. Thank you again for the memories and I hope there will be many more after this. I wonít be around for AX 2003 so I hope to see yíall again in 2004!