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Anime Expo 2001 on Film

I kept my camera handy throughout AX and I was not disappointed. These photos are mostly of cosplayers. If you see yourself in any of these photos and wish to be removed from this webpage just send a message to and I will do so as soon as possible. Also, if you folks can help me identify some of the mystery cosplayers so I can label the pics, feel free to send me a message. And finally, if you hold your mouse over certain images, my personal comments, if any, will appear. Enjoy the gallery!

*Sorry, but due to Angelfire's new memory quotas, I was forced to remove ALL of the larger images. Hopefully, I can get them back up for you someday.*

Entrance to the Terrace Theater Girls from the Sakura Taisen games This is the original group that was in line since 4 am What would AX be without lines? All I know is that the girl on the right is from Battle Athletess And this is what all that lost sleep, patience, and persistence yielded.  And this is STILL not all the goodies we brought back ...and more lines... Hey Sailor Venus!  The camera is over here! The 4 am crew with their trophies These poor folks were holding this pose for minutes due to the sheer number of people taking their picture Wish I knew who the cosplayer on the right was... Jesse and Freddy with the spoils of AX The Legend Of Zelda... ah, the memories... A rather large Fushigi Yuugi group The view from the pier that the lines were held on.  You can see the stacks of the Queen Mary to the left and Long Beach Shipyards to the right

Ms. Yu Watase and her bemused translators

A very lovely Aerith Gainsborough Dark Serenity Mai from another perspective Hand Maid May and a very brave Pirotess... I believe three tennyos from Ayashi no Ceres Lunar... won't comment any further I couldn't tell whether or not she intended to use me as her scratching post... Di Gi Charat Aya and Meilin? Quistis Definitely one of the more enthusiastic ones to pose for a photo of the better things about anime... I was very much hoping this one WOULD use me as her scratching post... l waiting for a group to be able to pull off The Dragonslayers.  If the Shisengumi can be done, why not? They're praying that no one hits them and runs them over while I'm taking their picture in the dealers' room Relena I had to ask her once again who she was dressed as...and got smacked again for it... If you could identify this character, please send me an e-mail.  Thanks! A very lovely Belldandy.  The footwear is faithfully depicted, she did go barefoot.  BTW, does she look familiar? I guess Heero already blew himself up Miaka in her Suzaku costume Rinoa A new advertisement for Pocky? Milky Dolls from Macross VF-X My old friend, Brian Garvey Giant Robo pair Hey look!  Misato is without a beer and sober! Ruri Sailor Moon... spring time edition Sorry, I haven't watched enough Sailor Moon to identify her... and I don't plan to Chocolate Misu from Bakaretsu Hunters.  It was a warm day... I guess the tie is supposed to mean something, but I avoided Card Captor Sakura like the plague Ah wait, spoke too soon... Looks like Ryoko's been doing some shopping.  I hope she actually paid for what's in the bag No I did not wander into the red light district... Castle Vania I'm not out of focus, it must be you! A very impressive Mai Shiranui Nausicaa Team Rocket has never looked this good! Okay, so I did not know she was Card Captor Sakura Kidd from Chrono Cross