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Day 4, July 8, 2001 O-Dark-Thirty or The Early Bird Sucks.

Jesse, Freddy, and I got to the head of the line at 3:30 am. There was a respectable group there by 4:30 am. And the line grew, and grew, and grew. By 9 am it was already one of the biggest lines there was. It got so bad, staffers came by and threw out line-cutters by stating they had video footage of who had been there since 7 am. Apparently, someone had taken a video camera and gone down the line taping us. Now that's truly anal but understandable too.

By this time, I was in bad shape. My hoarse throat had by this time developed into something worse. I am not sure how it happened but I began feeling that dreaded feeling in my lungs. I was developing a respiratory infection. Not good. But I grit my teeth and hung in there. It was worth it in the end. I managed to get both my artbooks signed and one for a friend of mine too. You were allowed one autograph before having to get back in line. So many people gave up after the first one that I was able to go through the line relatively quick. I ended up going through 4 times. It paid off. Hopefully I'll have pics of our treasure trove of goodies up soon. We wandered through the dealers' room for a bit more until it closed. I was able to meet up my old pal Jingmon again and we waxed poetic a bit and talked about life and old times. Then we said good-bye once more. None of us felt up to staying for the closing ceremonies so we bade farewell to AX 2001 and headed home.


Anime occupies a significant niche in my life. I guess it is one of my stress reliefs and escapes. Some folks drink, some go to strip bars, some go to sporting events, some watch movies, etc. To each his own. And this one is mine. One of the main reasons I went to AX was also to remember the good things of years gone by. I got to see a lot of good stuff, hang out with old friends, and relax from my hectic job. This trip made many new memories for me and let me remember a lot of good ones from the past too. To all my friends who I got to see on leave and at AX, it was so good to see you again and I look forward to day we meet again. Thank you for lending me your support. I miss you all but I know I am here because I am doing something I feel I need to. Take care and God bless.