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Anime Central 2004 on Film

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DIR EN GREY (Akuro no Oda) j-rock cosplayers Deedlit from LODOSS Yoriko Readman from R.O.D. Chii from CHOBITS and Shuiichi from GRAVITATION
Hikaru Ichijo from MACROSS ~ DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE Cho Hakkai (Brandon) from GENSOMADEN SAIYUKI Myoubi from ALICHINO Narusegawa Naru & Winter Special Otohime Mitsumi (Lisa)
Travel companions Ashley and Brandon from the Anime Stack club Hotel roommates Ashley and Brandon preparing their costumes A couple sitting next to Chiyo-chichi from AZUMANGA DAIOH Ghetto Fabulous and Lisa
Deedlit from RECORD OF LODOSS WAR Momomiya Ichigo & Minto Aizawa from TOKYO MEW MEW Otohime Mitsumi (Lisa) and Seta Noriyasu from LOVE HINA Victoria Celes, Alucard, Integra Wingates & HELLSING trooper (Sinclair), plus a lazy otaku with gerbil fetish
Cross-playing ZELDA and Link Alucard and soldier (Sinclair) from HELLSING Kamiya Kaoru from RUROUNI KENSHIN and some ogre about to eat her Kuririn from DRAGONBALL and pan-handling guitarists
Ouka from .hack//TASOGARE NO UDEWA DENSETSU Alucard & HELLSING member (Sinclair) Mirielle Bouqet from NOIR Rikku and Paine from FINAL FANTASY X-2
Sol Badguy, Dizzy & Ky Kiske from GUILTY GEAR Deedlit from LODOSS Aoyama Motoko and Urashima Keitarou (Sinclair) from LOVE HINA Aoyama Motoko and Urashima Keitarou (Sinclair) from LOVE HINA
Sailor Bubba plushie Otohime Mitsumi (Lisa), Aoyama Motoko Urashima Keitarou (Sinclair), and Seta Noriyasu from LOVE HINA Wolf Brigade CAPO troopers from JIN-ROH Yuffie Kisaragi, Tifa Lockheart, and Aeris Gainsbrough from FINAL FANTASY VII
Shishio Makoto, Komagata Yumi and Makimachi Misao from RUROUNI KENSHIN Freya and Eruda (Chii) with Atashi doll from CHOBITS Winter Special Otohime Mitsumi (Lisa) and Spring Special Narusegawa Naru from LOVE HINA Robin Sena from WITCH HUNTER ROBIN
Haruka Tenou (Sailor Uranus) and Michiru Kaiou (Sailor Neptune) from SAILOR MOON Aikawa Akane, Sawanoguchi Sae and Nakatomi Nanaka from MAHOU TSUKAI TAI! REPEAT: Alucard & HELLSING fodder (Sinclair) Link from ADVENTURE OF ZELDA
Victoria Celes, Alucard, Integra Wingates & HELLSING trooper (Sinclair) Misha from PITA-TEN My very heartfelt thanks to BooksOfMagic for donating this following photo for your enjoyment! You are the best, CL! Many thanks to C. Litten for sharing this photo!