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Cal Ripken Wishlist

Vaughan Kastor
Trading Bases
The Bench

The following list includes Cal Ripken, Jr. cards that I am looking for to trade. I've left out some of the high-end inserts or game-used cards to save space but would be glad to trade for them as well. Thanks for checking! Updated on 7-24-20.


Diamond Kings- 44 (AP blue, blue frame, gray frame, plum frame, red frame)

Diamond Kings Aficionado- 3 Base, hollow blue /99)

Diamond King All-Time Diamond-Kings- 30 (base, AP blue, AP gold /49, blue frame, gray frame, plum frame, red frame)

Diamond Kings DK 206- 5 (base, holo blue /99)

Diamond Kings The 3000- 13 (base, holo blue)

Donruss Retro- 224 (base, baby shark, baby shark VAR, stat line /431, stat line /500, holo blue, holo blue VAR, orange, orange VAR, pink, pink VAR, purple VAR, red, red VAR, Inde. Day, Inde. Day VAR, stat line /650, yellow)

Donruss Optic Retro ’86- 1

Topps ’85 Topps- 8513 (base, black /299, blue)

Topps ’85 Topps Silver Pack Chrome- 85C4 (base, black REF /199, blue REF /150)

Topps Decades’ Best- 44 (base, black /299, blue, chrome), 61 (base, black /299, blue, chrome)

Topps Gypsy Queen- 317sp (base, blue /150, GQ logo swap, missing nameplate)

Topps Opening Day Spring Has Sprung- 9

Topps Topps Choice- 22 (black /299, blue)

Topps Tribute- 18 (base, green /99)


Diamond King- 121sp (base, artist proof, artist proof blue, blue frame, plum frame, red frame)

Diamond King DK 205- 1(base, holo gold)

Diamond King Flashbacks- 4

Diamond King DK Materials- 77

Panini Black Friday- 39 (base, future frames /99)

Panini Father’s Day- 14

Panini Leather and Lumber Benchmarks- 14 (base, gold, holo solver /25)

Panini Leather and Lumber Maple and Ash- 6 (base, gold /99, holo silver /25)

Panini Prizm- 254 (base, blue, prizms blue, prizms blue mojo /399, Carolina blue, cosmic haze, prizms green, prizms hyper blue, prizms hyper green and yellow, prizms hyper purple and green, prizms lime green /199, pink, purple, red, mojo /299, red white blue, silver)

Stadium Club- 26 (base, black foil, b/w, foil, members only, sepia)

Stadium Club Beam Team- 8 (base, black /99, red)

Stadium Club Chrome- 12 (base, orange ref /99, ref)

Stadium Club Oversized Box Topper- CR, Power Zone- 6 (base, black /99, red)

Topps ’84 Topps All Star- 84 (base, black /299), Relics- CR (base, anniversary /150)

Topps ’84 Topps Silver Pack Chrome- T8450 (base, blue ref /150, green ref /99)

Topps 150 Years of Pro Baseball- 1505, 15011

Topps 150 Years of Pro Baseball Greatest Players- 6 (base, 150 anni /150, black /299, blue, gold /50, green)

Topps Allen and Ginter- 74 (gold border, X)

Topps Allen and Ginter Mini- 74 ( base, A&G back, black border, gold border, X)

Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Star Signs- 3, Ginter Greats- 33

Topps Allen and Ginter Mini Framed Relic- CR

Topps Archives Topps Magazine- 8

Topps Archives Snapshots Captured in the Moment- CR (base, b/w, blue /50, Venezuelan Gray)

Topps Chrome Update 150 Years- C13, The Family Business- 2

Topps Faces of the Franchise- 4 (base, 150th /150, black /299, blue, gold /50)

Topps Fire- 100 (base, blue, fire flame, gold mint, onyx, orange /299, green /199, purple /99)

Topps Franchise Feats- 4 (base 150th /150, black /299, blue, gold /50)

Topps Gallery- 153, National Baseball Card day- CR

Topps Gallery Masterpiece- 4 (base, green /250, blue /99, orange /25)

Topps Gold Label- Class 1- 74 (base, black, blue /150, red /75)

Topps Gold Label- Class 2- 74 (base, black, blue /99, red /50)

Topps Gold Label- Class 3- 74 (base, black, blue /50, red /25)

Topps Grapefruit League Greats- 4 (base, 150th /150)

Topps Greatness Returns- 21 (150th /150)

Topps High Tek- 1 (black /50, blue, green /150, pink /75, purple /99, white)

Topps Historic Through Lines- 50

Topps Iconic Card Reprints- 25 (base, 150th /150)

Topps Museum Collection- 10 (base, copper, sapphire /150, amethyst /99)

Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection- 40

Topps Throwback Thursday- 153 (/761), 171 (/851)

Topps Transcendent- 29 (/100)

Topps Triple Threads- 22 (base, amethyst /299, emerald /259, amber /199, gold /99, citrine /75)

Topps Update Photo Variations- US147

Topps Update The Family Business- 2 (base, 150th /150, black /299, blue, gold /50)


Classics Classics Singles- 10

Diamond King Bat Kings- 2, Portraits- 3

Donruss- 64 (blank backs, blank var., teal border /199, press proof /99)

Donruss Career Stat Line -64 (/276), 64 (/211), 64 (/93)

Donruss Father’s Day Ribbon- 64 (/49, var. /49)

Donruss Optic- 71 (base, bronze, holo, pink, purple, red/yellow, shock, white sparkles, aqua /299, orange /199, blue /149, red /99)

Finest Careers Die Cuts- FCCR (1-10)

Leaf Best of Baseball- 3

Panini Revolution- 14

Stadium Club- 160 (black foil, b/w, members only)

Stadium Club Chrome- 100 (base, REF)

Stadium Club Never Compromise- NCCR (base, red, red foil, sepia, black /99)

Topps ’83 Topps- 8339 (base, blue, gold /50)

Topps Allen and Ginter- 60 (base, glossy silver, X)

Topps Allen and Ginter Mini- 60 ( base, A&G back, black border, gold, X)

Topps Allen and Ginter Box Toppers- 10

Topps Allen and Ginter Fantasy Goldmine- 2

Topps Archives- 20 (base, purple /175, silver /99)

Topps Archives Rookie History- 98T (base, purple /150, green foil /99)

Topps Archives Snapshots- ASCR (base, b/w, blue /50, Venezuelan Gray)

Topps Base Set Photo Variations- 550A

Topps Big League- 336 (base, blue, gold, rainbow foil /100, b/w /50)

Topps Fire- 136 (base, blue, flame, gold, onyx, orange /299, green /199, purple /99)

Topps Gallery- 84 (base, artist’s proof, canvas, private issue /250, green /99)

Topps Gallery Boxloader- OBTCR

Topps Gallery Masterpiece- 8 (base, green /250, blue /99, orange /25)

Topps Gold Label- Class 1- 13 (base, black, blue /150, red /75)

Topps Gold Label- Class 2- 13 (base, black, blue /99, red /50)

Topps Gold Label- Class 3- 13 (base, black, blue /50, red /25)

Topps Gypsy Queen- 303 SP (base, Bazooka, GQ Logo Swap)

Topps Instant Impact- II16 (base, black /299, blue)

Topps Living- 106 (base /6,423)

Topps Museum Collection- 46 (base, copper, sapphire /150, amethyst /99)

Topps Salute- 26 (blue, black /299)

Topps Tek- HTCR (base, diamond grid, galactic diffractors, galactic wave, lightning, magma dif green /99, orbit diff, magma /50, green /99, black /50, blue /150)

Topps Throwback Thursday -#8 /592 , #71 /1894, #89 /835, #235 /475

Topps Transcendent- 44 (/83)

Topps Tribute- 58 (base, green /99, purple /50)

Topps Triple Threads- 62 (base, amethyst /299, emerald /259, amber /199, gold /99)

Topps Update Photo Variations- US253

Topps Update Salute- 8 (base, blue, black /299)

Topps Update Storybook Endings- 7 (blue, black /299)


Diamond Kings Heritage Collection- 5(base, blue /25)

Diamond Kings Studio Portraits Materials- CR /99

Donruss ’83 Retro Materials- 4(base, gold /50)

Donruss- 177B sp HOF 2007

Donruss Aqueous Test Proof- 177A /49, 177B sp HOF 2007 /49

Donruss Cyan Back- 177A /199, 177B sp HOF 2007

Donruss Gray Border- 177A /199, 177B sp HOF 2007 /199

Donruss Magenta Back- 177

Donruss Masters of the Game- CR (base /999, silver /349, blue /249, red /149, gold /99, black /25)

Donruss Optic- 156 (base, holo, white sparkle, aqua /299, blue /149, Carolina blue /50, black /25)

Donruss Optic Masters of the Game- 1 (base, orange /199, blue /149, red /99, pink, purple)

Donruss Press Proof Gold- 177A /99, 177B sp HOF 2007 /99

Donruss Stat Line Career- 177 (career /500, season /211)

Immaculate Collection- 97 (base /99, material /99, red /25)

Immaculate Collection Swatches- 99 /99

Leaf Best of Baseball – 5 (base, blue /35, purple /25)

Orioles Topps national Baseball Card Day- BAL10

Panini Chronicles- 63 (gold /999, blue /399, green /199, purple /99, red /25)

Stadium Club- 221(base, black foil, gold foil, sepia, b/w orange foil)

Stadium Club Chrome- 10 (base, REF)

Topps ’87 Topps- (48, 108)

Topps ’87 Topps Silver Pack Chrome- 87 (base, green /150, blue /99, orange /75, silver /50)

Topps All Stars MVP’s- 11 (base, blue), 17 (base, blue)

Topps All Time All Stars- 6 (base, blue, red)

Topps Allen and Ginter- 74 (hot box foil, X)

Topps Allen and Ginter Mini- 74 (base. A&G, black border, gold border, nno, X black, Brooklyn back /25)

Topps Bunt Perspectives- PCR (base, green /99, orange /50, purple /25)

Topps Chrome Update All Rookie Cup- 18

Topps Fire- 14 (base, blue chip, flame, gold minted, green /199, magenta /25)

Topps Fire Monikers- 2 (base, blue, gold, onyx, orange /299, purple /99)

Topps Gallery- 185 sp

Topps Gallery Hall of Fame- 25 (green /250, blue /99, orange /25)

Topps Gold Label Class 1- 97 (base, black, blue /150, red /75)

Topps Gold Label Class 2- 97 (base, black, blue /99, red /50)

Topps Gold Label Class 3- 97 (base, black, blue /50, red /25)

Topps Gold Label Legend Relics- CR /75

Topps High Tek- CRJ (base, blackout braid, braid, camo, hexagon circle, spiral grid, squiggle, stadium, tidal diffractor /250, green rainbow /99, blue rainbow /75)

Topps Home Run Derby Champions- 3

Topps Memorable Moments- 40

Topps Museum Collection- 63 (base, blue /150, copper, purple /99, red /50)

Topps New Era ’87 Topps- 1

Topps Salute- 21

Topps Triple Threads- 62 (base, amber /150, amethyst /340, emerald /250, gold /99)

Topps Update- US227C sp

Topps Update All Rookie Cup- 13, 14, 15


Diamond Kings- 128 (base, Artists Proof /99, AP Silver /25, framed, framed blue /99, framed red /99)

Diamond Kings DK Minis- 128 (base, black /25)

Diamond Kings DK Originals- 13 (base, sapphire /25)

Donruss ’82- 41 (black /99, gold press proof /49, holometric /299, holoview /199, pink border)

Donruss- 181 (A base, SP/Iron Man, black border /199, gold press proof /99, pink border)

Donruss Masters of the Game- 10 (blue /199, red /99)

Donruss Optic Masters of the Game- 10 (base, blue /149, red /99)

Donruss Stat Line Career- 181 (/431, /211)

Panini National Convention VIP- 66 (base, prizm /99, pulsar /50)

Stadium Club- 293 (base, black, b/w, gold, members only)

Topps Archives- 243 (blue /199, Desert Shield)

Topps Berger’s Best Series 2- 1996

Topps Bunt- 162 (platinum /99, topaz /50)

Topps Bunt Stadium Heritage- 2 (/25), Title Town- 10 (/75), amber (/50)

Topps Gypsy Queen- 326

Topps Gypsy Queen MVP Minis- CR

Topps Gypsy Queen Minis- CR (SP, foil, gold /50, green /99, purple /250)

Topps Legacies of Baseball Lasting Imprints- CR (base /99, purple /50)

Topps Legacies of Baseball Vault Metals- 36 (base /135, purple /50)

Topps MLB Debut- 28 (bronze, gold, silver)

Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection- 11

Topps Team Logo Pins- CR

Topps The Greatest Streaks- 1

Topps Tribute- 29 (base, green /99, purple /50, green /99)


Diamond Kings- 22 (framed red, silver /99, framed blue /99, gold /25, mini, mini framed /49)

Diamond Kings Press Proof- 238 (bronze /299, platinum /199)

Donruss- 238 (base, Hot Off the Press

Donruss All Time DK-2 (base, Press Proof Silver /49)

Donruss Preferred-3 (gold /299, red /199, black /99)

Donruss Preferred Cut to the Chase-3 (bronze /49, gold /25)

Elite- 195 (21st Century /199, Inspirations /92, Status Gold /49, red /21)

Elite Back-to-Back Jacks-10, Gold Stars- 13

Elite Throwback Threads- 9

Finest Generations- 13 (REF /25)

Leaf Legends of Sport ’60 Leaf- 1 /139, /105, Enshrined /105, National Pride /105

Panini Cooperstown- 17 (base, HOF Chronicles, red /35, blue /25)

Panini Cooperstown Crown Royale- 17 (base, blue /25, purple /50, silver /75)

Panini Cooperstown Etched in Cooperstown Silver- 5 (base, dual)

Panini Cooperstown Golf Classic- 20, Induction- 20, Names of the Game- 7

Panini Cooperstown HOF Induction- 17

Panini Prizm Prizms- 155 (blue /75, b/w checker /149, blue baseball, camo /199, Jackie Robinson /42, orange /60, purple flash /99, red, red power /125, red white blue mojo, tie dye /50)

Panini Prizm Diamond Marshals- 15 (flash /100)

Pop Century- CRJ

Stadium Club-33 (black /201, b/w /17, foil board /25, gold)

Topps 2632- (9,10)

Topps Archives -24 (silver /199, gold /50)

Topps Baseball Royalty- 10 (base, silver /99)

Topps Comm. Patch Pin- 4 (/199)

Topps First HR- 52 (base, silver, gold, Medallion)

Topps Gallery Greats- 10 (gold /99)

Topps Gypsy Queen- 87 (framed bronze /499)

Topps Gypsy Queen mini- 87 (gold /99, red /50, silver /199)

Topps High Tek- B, Chain Link- Cal, Confetti Diffractor /99, Diamonds, Grid, Pipes, Sky Rainbow /79)

Topps Museum Collection- 22 (blue /99, copper, green /199)

Topps Stickers- 9

Topps Tribute- 71 (base, black /50, green /99)

Topps Triple Threads- 14 (amber /125, emerald /250, gold /99, onyx /50, sapphire /25)

Topps Update Chrome Rookie Sensations- 17

Topps Update Etched in History- 12 (gold /50)


Classics- 20 (silver /149)

Donruss- 198 (gold /99, silver /199)

Donruss Diamond King Box Toppers- 9

Donruss Stat Line Career- 198 (/400, /114)

Donruss Team MVPs- 15

Donruss The Elite Series- 17 (/999)

Panini Golden Age Darby Chocolate- 26, Panels-9

Panini HOF Crusades- 91 (base, red /75)

Panini HOF Diamond Kings- 91 (base, red /75, blue /50)

Panini HOF Elite Dominator- 3 (base, gold /25)

Panini HOF Elite Series- 3 (base, gold /25)

Panini HOF Framed- 91 (green /75, red /75, green/red /50, red / red /50, blue /25, red / blue /25)

Panini Prizm Diamond Dominance- 30 (prizm, blue /75, purple /99, red /25)

Panini Prizm Prizms- 159 (base, blue /42, blue mojo /75, camo, orange die cut /60, purple /99, (red, white, blue))

Panini National Convention Legends- 2 (thick stock)

Stadium Club- 197 (electric foil, gold, members only, rainbow, foilboard /25)

Stadium Club Legends Die Cut- 7 (gold /25)

Topps A&G- 76 (mini EXT, mini black, mini gold, mini metal, nno /50)

Topps Archives ’69 Deckle Minis- CR

Topps Archives- 113 (gold /199, silver /99)

Topps Before They Were Great- 18 (base, gold /99)

Topps Breakout Moments- 11

Topps Class Rings- 13 (silver, gold /99)

Tops Chrome All Time Rookies- 98

Topps Gold Label- 11 (/99)

Topps Gypsy Queen- (175B/ Rev Neg SP, framed blue /499)

Topps Gypsy Queen Mini- 175 (B / facing left, black /199, red /99, sepia /50)

Topps High Tek- CR (large shattered, scribble, small maze, stripes)

Topps Museum Collection- 79 (copper, green /199, blue /99)

Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection- 39

Topps Rookie Cup AS Comm.- 1 (/99)

Topps Rookie Reprints- 15 (framed black /199, framed silver /99)

Topps Stickers- 2

Topps Tier One Legends Relics- CR (/99)

Topps Tribute- 73 (blue /99, green /50, gold /25)

Topps Triple Threads- 96 (amethyst /325, emerald /250, amber /125, gold /99, onyx /50, sapphire /25)


Topps The Greats Red- 30 (/50)

Hometown Heroes Curtain Calls- 15 (black, gold)

Hometown Heroes Defining Moments-9 (base, black, gold)

Hometown Heroes Homegrown Heroes- 1 (black, gold)

Hometown Heroes Scripted Legacy- 1, Sports Disc- 33 (base, black)

Hometown Heroes States- 78, Zip Code- 78

Leaf National Convention- NCRJ, Sports Heroes- BACRJ

Panini Cooperstown- 101 SP

Panini Cooperstown Colgan’s Chips- 120, Pennants- 42 (blue, red)

Panini Prizm- 199 (Prizims, blue, blue pulsar, green, orange die-cut /60, red, red pulsar)

Pinnacle- 133 (Artists Proof, AP blue, museum collection), Essence of the Game- 2

Pinnacle Clear Vision Hitting- 74 (double, HR, single, triple), Team Pinnacle- 2(2.1, 2.2), 11(11.2)

Select- 125 (base, prizm)

Select En Fuego- 21, Skills- 36 (base, prizm)

Topps A&G Mini- 118 (black, nno /50, 357 EXT)

Topps Archives- 16 (gold /199), Day Glows- 16, Gallery of Heroes- CR

Topps Chasing History- 4 (gold)

Topps Five Star-81 (/75)

Topps Gypsy Queen- 120 framed blue (/499)

Topps Gypsy Queen Mini- 120 (black /199, green /99, sepia /50)

Topps MVP Award Winners Trophy- CR

Topps Manufactured Comm. Patch- 26

Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection- 10

Topps Museum Collection- 43 (copper /424, green /199)

Topps Stickers- 2

Topps The Greats- 30 (base, gold /99, red /50, relics /25)

Topps Tribute- 40 (blue /99, gold /25, green /75, orange /50)

Topps Triple Threads- 45 (amber /125, amethyst /650, emerald /250, gold /99, onyx /50)

Topps Update Record Holder Rings- CR

Topps ROY Award Winners Trophy- CR


Leaf National Convention Gold Stamp- 1

Panini Cooperstown High Praise- 14

Panini Cooperstown Induction- 9

Panini Nat. Conv. Team Colors Baltimore- 1(VIP)

Sportkings- 209 (base, mini, Premium back)

Topps Allen and Ginter mini- 324 SP (A&G back, red back, black)

Topps Allen and Ginter Baseball Highlights Cabinet- 3

Topps Archives- 44 (gold foil)

Topps Archives In Action- CR

Topps Gold Rush Wrapper Redemption- 54

Topps Gold World Series Champion Pins- CR S2

Topps Golden Moments Die Cuts- 23

Topps Gypsy Queen- 253 (framed blue /599, framed gold)

Topps Gypsy Queen mini-

253 (base, black, green, sepia /99, straight cut back)

344 (green, GQ back, sepia /99)

Topps Historical Stitches- CR S2

Topps Museum Collection- 12 (blue /99, green /199

Topps Museum Collection Canvas Collection- 23

Topps Retired Number Patches- CR

Topps Retired Rings- CR (/736), Team Rings- CR

Topps Tier One Relics- CR (base /150, dual /50)

Topps Timeless Talents- 25

Topps Tribute- 66 (blue /199, bronze /299, gold /25, green /75, orange /50)

Topps Triple Threads- 81 (sepia /625, emerald /250, amber /125, gold /99, onyx /50, sapphire /25)


Limited Rawlings Gold Gloves- 4 (/299)

TRISTAR Obak- 111 SP

Topps Glove Manufactured Leather Nameplate- CR (base, black /99)

Topps Gypsy Queen mini- 167 (base, black, red, sepia /99)

Topps Marquee- 38 (blue /299, copper /199, gold /99)

Topps Tier One- 80 (base, black /50, blue /199)

Topps Tribute- 36 (blue /199, gold /50, green /75)

Topps Triple Threads- 8 (emerald /249, gold /99, sepia /625)


Topps 1960 National Convention VIP- 575

Topps Attax Battle of the Ages- 19

TRISTAR Obak- 21B (Slogan var. “Clean”)

TRISTAR Obak Mini- 12B (Slogan var. “Immensely”)

TRISTAR Obak National Convention VIP- N8
 (mini /199)

TRISTAR Obak National Convention VIP nno Checklist

Topps 206 Mini- 84 (American Carmel, Polar Bear)

Topps Attax Battle of the Ages- 19 (base, foil)

Topps Red Back- 14

Topps CYMTO- 99 (original back)

Topps Heritage 1960 National Convention VIP- 575

Topps Logoman- 41

Topps Peak Performance Relics- CR B

Topps Sterling- 10 (base /250, framed white /50)


SP Legendary Cuts- 137

Topps- 353b SP

Topps Legends Chrome Target Cereal- 17 (base, REF)

Topps Legends Chrome Wal-Mart Cereal- 9 (REF, gold REF), 17 (base, REF, gold REF)

Topps Legends of the Game- 25 (gold /99)

Topps Sterling- 38

Topps Target Legends- 9 (base, gold)

Topps Tribute- 9 (base, blue /219, black /99)

Topps Triple Threads- 34 (sepia /525, emerald /240, gold /99)

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions- 101 (night SP)

Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Mini- 101 (foil /88)

Upper Deck Goudey- 20 (mini green back, mini navy)

Upper Deck Goudey- 221 (base, mini green back, mini navy)

Upper Deck Goudey- 261 (mini green back, mini navy)

Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1- 18 (blue, green), 19 (green), 25 (blue, green)

Upper Deck Icons Legendary Icons- CR (base /999, green /125)

Upper Deck 20th Anniversary- 806 807 809 810 811 812 813 814 1166 1167 1169 1170 1331 1332 1333 1335 1461 1462 1463 1464 1465 1572 1573 1574 1575 2291 2292 2293 2294 2295


Donruss Sports Legends- 75 (mirror red /250, mirror blue /100)

Donruss Sports Legends Museum Collection- 12 (gold /100)

Donruss Threads- 4 (green /250, silver /100)

Donruss Threads Baseball Americana- 7 (base /500)

Donruss Threads Century Stars- 4 (proof /100)

Donruss Threads Diamond Kings- 27 (silver /250, framed red /100, gold /100)

Donruss Threads Dynasty- 1 (proof /100)

Donruss Threads Generations- 2 (proof /100)

Playoff Contenders Legendary Rookies- 3 (gold /250, black /100)

Prime Cuts- 12 (base /249)

Prime Cuts Biography- 14, 35

SP Legendary Cuts- 149 (base /550)

Topps Sterling (/250)- 228 229 230 231

Topps Triple Threads- 240 (sepia /525, emerald /240, gold /99)

UD Masterpieces-

92 (framed black, red, framed brown /100, framed green /75 framed blue /50)

101 (red, framed blue /125, framed brown /100, framed green /75 framed blue /50)

Upper Deck Ballpark Collection- 192, 203, 312

Upper Deck Goudey Mini- 202 (blue back, red backs, green back /88)

Upper Deck Goudey Mini- 282 (blue back, green back /88)

Upper Deck Heroes-

16 (emerald /499, charcoal /399, red /249, brown /149, navy blue /199, sea green /99)

180 (emerald /499, charcoal /399, red /249, brown /149, navy blue /199, sea green /99)

196 (black, emerald /499, charcoal /399, red /249, brown /149, beige /299, navy blue /199, sea green /99)


Exquisite Collection Rookie Signatures- 18 (/99)

SP Legendary Cuts- 105 (/550)

Sweet Spot Classic- 104 (/575)

Upper Deck All-Star FanFest- 3

Upper Deck Hawaii Trade Conference- 5

Upper Deck National Convention- NL4, VIP4

Need any and all 2007 GU and inserts, “EXCEPT”:

SPx Iron Man (/699)- 28

UD Masterpieces- 10 (windsor green), -55 (green linen)

Ultra Iron Man: 15 7 8 9 10 11 13 15 17 18 21 23 25 28 29 30 31 32 33 37 39 45 49 50

Upper Deck Cooperstown Calling- CC, PE, RI, TE

Upper Deck Iron Men (w/ Gehrig)- 7 15 18 23 26 31 34

Upper Deck Goudey Heads-Up- 268

Upper Deck National Convention- NL4

Upper Deck Road to the Hall (w/ Gwynn)- 7 13 14 15 20 23 29 37 44 50

Upper Deck Spectrum Road to the Hall – CR 19 40 45 53 55 75 77 80 85 95

Upper Deck Spectrum Road to the Hall GOLD- CR 32 (51/99)


Topps Sterling- (78-96)

Topps Triple Threads- 88

Need any and all 2006 GU and inserts, “EXCEPT”:

Greats of the Game Decade Greats- CR

SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Chronology Jersey

SP Legendary Cuts When It Was a game-CR (/550)

Topps Rookie of the Week-14

Topps Allen & Ginter Postcard- AGP-CR


artifacts- 159 (1,999)

donruss Cal Ripken 2131- nno

donruss classics- 247

donruss elite- 153

donruss signature- 17

donruss team heroes- 42

eTopps classic events- 14 (1,000)

flair- 84

fleer showcase- 124

leaf limited- 167 LGD (/99)

leather and lumber- 139

mlb artifacts- 159

national pastime- 80

origins- 119

prime cuts- 93 (/399)

prime patches- 87

timeless treasures- 8

topps retired signature- 10

ud portraits- 10

ultimate collection- 106 (/275)

upper deck baseball heroes- 12, 15

Need any and all 2005 GU and inserts, “EXCEPT”:

diamond kings- 281 (red, b/w)

diamond kings team timeline- 7

donruss champions impressions- 242

donruss classics homerun heroes- 48 (/1,000)

donruss classics legendary players- 7 (?800)

donruss elite career best- 8 (/1,500)

donruss elite passing the torch- 8 (/500)

donruss elite teams- 7 (/1,500)

donruss team heroes movie gallery

fleer national pastime historical record- 10 (/1,996)

fleer official box scores classic clippings-2 (/1,995)

leaf cornerstones- 13

leaf gold stars- 20

leather and lumber hitter’s inc.- 3 (/2,000)

playoff biography 1983-31

playoff prestige league leaders- 8

studio heritage- 11 (/1,000)

topps rookie cup reprint- 48

throwback threads polo grounds HIT- 91 (/ 75)

throwback threads throwback collection- 74

upper deck espn this day in baseball history- 1

zenith epix blue play- 22 (/500), blue game (/350)


donruss classics- 154 (/1999)

donruss elite ripken world series- 1,2

donruss estrellas- 1

donruss estrellas legeno del pasado- 1

leaf certified cuts- 222

leaf certified materials- 223

leaf limited- 206

prime cuts- 48

prime cuts II- 92

sp authentic- 162 (/999), 173 (/999)

sweet spot classic- 96 (/1,982)

throwback threads- 202 (/1,000)

topps clubhouse relics JSY- CR

topps retired signature- 50

Need any and all 2004 GU and inserts, “EXCEPT”:

diamond king heritage collection- 2

diamond kings sepia- 160LGD

donruss elite team- 1 (/1,500)

fleer box score classic clippings- 3

greats of the game glory of their time- 9

leaf mvp winners- 12

leaf mvp winners gold- 6 (/500)

leather and lumber rivals- 36 (/2,499)

playoff honors prime signatures- 32 (/2,500)

playoff prestige achievements- 9

sp legendary cuts significant swatches-SS-CR

studio spirit of the game- 20 (/999)

sweet spot classic jersey (84 / 275)

throwback threads generations- 9 (/1,500)


Aberdeen Ironbirds Grandstand- 25

Absolute Memorabilia Portraits Promos- 62

Diamond Kings- 168 (foil, silver /400, gold foil /100)

Diamond Kings DK Evolution- 1

Diamond Kings Heritage Collection- 8

Donruss Anniversary 1983- 10

Donruss Champions- 28 (samples, samples gold, metalized /100)

Donruss Champions Grand Champions- 21 (base, metalized /100)

Donruss Champions Team Colors- 15

Donruss Classics- 123 (timeless tributes /100)

Donruss Elite All-Time Career Bests- 23 (parallel /211)

Donruss Estrellas Estrellas- 3, Leyendas del Pasado- 1

Donruss Signature Team Trademarks- 6 (base /500, century /100)

Donruss Team Heroes- 55 (glossy, samples, samples gold)

Flair Greats Classic Numbers- 8

Fleer Fall Classics Postseason Glory- 15 (w/ Palmer) /1,500

Fleer Fall Classics Postseason Glory- 25 (w/ Murray) /750

Fleer Rookie and Greats- 74 (blue /250)

Leaf Certified Materials- 22 (base, red /100)

Leaf Limited- 161 (base /399, silver spotlight /100)

Playoff Portraits- 62 (beige /250)

Topps Gallery- 198 (base)

Topps Retired Signatures- 40

Topps Tribute Perrenial All-Star- 35

2002 will be done a bit differently for space efficiency. First, I'll list only the BASE cards that I need followed by the inserts, parallels, and game-used that I HAVE.

Donruss Best of Fan Club- 285 (/2010)
Donruss Classics- 174 LGD
Donruss Diamond Kings- 147
Donruss Fan Club- 285 FC
Fleer Box Score- 231 AS
Fleer Tradition- 2 SP, Heads-Up-10
SPx- 152 JSY (/800)
Ultra- 494
Upper Deck Ultimate Collection- 9

2002 INSERTS / PARALLELS THAT I HAVE, will trade for any others:

Donruss Elite All-Star Salutes- 4 (/ 2,001)
Fleer Authentix Ballpark Classics- 5
Fleer Fall Classics Rival Faction- 18
Fleer Greats Dueling Duos- 29
Fleer Maximum Impact- 268 (/340)
Fleer Platinum Cornerstones- 38
Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes- 1, Grass Roots- 6, This Day in History-1
Leaf Heading For The Hall-6
Ultra Gold Medallions- 8, 203
Ultra Glove Works-3, Hitting Machines- 18
Upper Deck Piece of History-16 SP
Upper Deck Prospect Premiers- 98, 99
Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Heroes of Baseball- 4, 8, 9
Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Heroes of Baseball 85 Quads (66/85)
Upper Deck World Series Heroes Matchups Jersey (w/ Morgan- MU83

2002 GAME-USED THAT I HAVE, will trade for any others:

Donruss 1981 ROY Bat- RYB-2
Fleer Fall Classics Rival Factions Dual Jersey- RF CR-AT
Fleer Greats Through the Years Jersey
Upper Deck Game-Used Base B-CR

(PLEASE NOTE: This is where my lists become "wantlists.", thanks!)


Donruss- Diamond Kings-2, Elite Series-2, Rookie Reprints-1
Donruss Class of 2001 Bobblehead-2, Crusade-8, Yearbook-24
Donruss Baseball's Best Bronze-3, 203
Donruss Classics Benchmarks-18, Legendary Lumberjacks-40
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch-7, 20, Primary Colors-3(blue, red, yellow), Title Waves-30
E-X Behind the Numbers-39, Etra Innings-5, Wall of Fame-24
Finest Moments-20
Fleer Authority Figures-7, Seal of Approval-4, Autographics-80
Fleer Focus ROY Collection-18
Fleer Futures Bases Loaded-6, Bats to the Future-14
Fleer Game Time Let's Play Two-9
Fleer Genuine At Large-14, Coverage Plus-9, Final Cut-16
Fleer Greats of the Game Promo Sheet-5
Fleer Legacy Hot Gloves-11, MLB Game Issue Base-11, Tailor Made-18
Fleer Platinum- 20th Ann. Reprint-1, Lumberjacks-23, Prime Numbers-2, Diamond Dominators-9, Homefield Advantage-14
Fleer Season Pass-CR
Fleer Tradition Turn Back the Clock-15
Fleer White Rose-1
Leaf Certified Materials-3
Leaf Limited-8, 180
MLB Showdown 1st Edition-61
Pacific- Decade's Best-3, Gold Crown Die Cuts-8, Ornaments-4
Pacific Private Stock- Artist's Canvas-4, PS-206 Stars-3, Reserve-4
Ripken Essay-1
SP Authentic-142
Stadium Club Beam Team-8
Studio Diamond Collection-3, Leather and Lumber-2, Warning Track-23
Topps Archives Reserve Future Rookie Reprints-3
Topps Chrome Golden Ann.-11, Through the Years Reprints-35
Topps Employee-1,384,387
Topps HD-112
Topps Heritage-316
Topps Limited-1,384,387
Upper Deck All-Star Heroes-CR(bat)
Upper Deck Ultimate Collection-18
Upper Deck Vintage-80


APBA Superstars-23
Aurora Dugout View Net Fusions-3, Penant Fever-4>National-4, Scouting Report-4, Star Factor-2, Styrotechs-2
Crown Royale Card-Supials-3, Cramer's Choice Premiums-1, Final Numbers FanFest-4, Premiums-1
E-X E-Xceptional Red-8, E-Xplosive-5, Genuine Coverage-8
Finest-128, 142, Ballpark Bounties-18, For The Record-6A, 6B, 6C, Going the Distance-12
Fleer Focus Feel the Game-1
Fleer Gamers-Cal to Greatness-11,12,13,14,15, Lumber-37
Fleer Mystique Feel the Game-11
Fleer Showcase Feel the Game-10
Impact Point of Impact-8
MLB Showdown 1st Edition-61
MLBPA Yoyo-8
Pacific Backyard Baseball-7, Command Performers-3, Cramer's Choice-2, Ornaments-4, Past and Present-3
Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage-3, Moment of Truth-5, Pacific Cup-1, Gold Crown Die Cuts-6Reflections-3
Pacific Invincible Eyes of the World-3, Lighting the Fire-3, Ticket to Stardom-3
Pacific Omega EO Portraits-3, Full Count-28, Stellar Performers-4 Pacific Prism-20, Center Stage-2, Dial-A-Stats-3
Pacific Private Stock-16, Extreme Action-3, Reserve-3
Pacific Vangaurd Cosmic Force-2, Diamond Architects-3
Paramount-20, Maximum Impact-2, Update-12
Revolution: Foul Pole-2, MLB Icons-4, On Deck-2
Skybox Genuine Coverage-5, Higher Level-1, National-1
SP Authentic- 100, Cornerstones-2
SPx Foundations-3
Stadium Club Capture the Action Game View-20
Topps-238 B,E, Combos-10
Topps Chrome-238A,B,C,D, Allegiance-4, Combos-10 Topps Gallery Heritage-20
Topps Limited-4, 238A(ROY),B(MVP),C(2131),E(400 HR), 457
Topps Tek Tektonics-9
UD Ionix Pyrotechnics-8, Warp Zone-1
Ultra Crunch Time-8, Talented-8
Upper Deck Game Jersey-CR
Upper Deck Hitters Club- Accolades-5, Club Eternals-1
Upper Deck HoloGrFx- Future Fame-1
Upper Deck MVP All Star Game-18
Upper Deck PowerDeck-8, Inserts-2, Magical Moments-CR
Upper Deck Pros and Prospects-123


Aurora- Complete Players-1A, 1B, On Deck Laser-Cut-2, Styrotechs-3
Black Diamond Dominance-8, Mystery Numbers-13
Crown Royale Cramer's Choice Premiums-1, Living Legends-2, Master Performers-3, Pivotal Players FanFest-5>National-5
E-X Century Favorites for Fenway-9
Finest-119, Double Feature-6, Franchise Records-7
Flair Showcase Measures of Greatness-12
Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars-10
Fleer Mystique-18, 157
Fleer White Rose-1
Metal Universe- 241
Pacific Cramer's Choice-1, Dynagon Diamond Titanium-1, gold Crown Die Cuts-2, Hot Cards-7, Team Checklists-2
Pacific Crown Collection In The Cage-2, Pacific Cup-1, Team Checklists-4
Pacific Invincible-22, Flash Point-4, Sandlot Heroes Sportsfest-4, 4B, Thunder Alley-3
Pacific Omega 5-Tool Talents-25, Diamond Masters-7, EO Portraits-4
Pacific Prism Ahead of the Game-4, Ballpark Legends-1, Diamond Glory-5, Epic Performers-1
Pacific Private Stock HR History-22
Paramount Cooperstown Bound-2, Fielder's Choice-3, Personal Best's-7, Team Checklists-4
Revolution Diamond Legacy-8, Foul Pole-3, MLB Icons-1, Thorn in the Side-4, Tripleheader-2
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion-32
Skybox Premium Show Business-7
Skybox Thunder- Hip-No-Tized-10
SP Authentic-125, Epic Figures-7, Reflections-7
SPx Dominance-3, Star Focus-3
Topps Action Flats-9, Away Uniform-9, Classic Uniform-9
Topps Chrome Record Numbers-9
Topps Gallery Heritage-13
Topps Stars Stars 'N Steel-15
UD Ionix-66, Hyper-2, Warp Zone-2
Ultra Damage Inc.-3, Diamond Producers-4
Upper Deck Forte-7> Triple-7> Quad-7
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Longball Leaders-4
Upper Deck Encore Pure Excitement-7
Upper Deck MVP Dynamics-13, Preview-23
Upper Deck Retro Old/New School-4

Aurora Hardball Cel-Fusions-4, On Deck Lazer Cuts-4, Penenat Fever-8(copper,red,silver)
CC-267CL, Crash the Game-5A,5B,5C
CC Evolution Revolution-3, Starquest-3(triple,HR)
Crown Royale-23, AS-2, Cramers Choice Premium-1, Firestone on Baseball-4
D-160,FANtasy Team-3
D Collections Leaf-332,376
D Collections Elite-406,523
D Collections Preferred-553,720
D Elite Craftsmen-4
D Preferred-3, Title Waves-6
Finest Stadium Stars-9, The Man-5
Fleer-593UM, Diamond Tribute-8, Lumber Co.-12, Decade of Excellence-12
Leaf-177, State Reps-4, Stat Standouts-6
Leaf Fractal Foundations-133, 177
Leaf Rookies and Stars Great American Heroes-2, Greatest Hits-3, Leaf MVP's-3, Major League Hard Drives-6, Ticket Masters-3
Metal Universe All-Galactic Team-8, Platinum Portraits-6, Titanium-30
Orioles Score-3
Pacific Gold Crown Die Cuts-6, Team Checklists-2
Pacific Invincible-12, Gems of the Diamond-15, Photoengravings-2, Team Checklists-3
Pacific Omega Online Inserts-1, Prisms-1
Pacific Online-101A, 105, Online Winners-101, 101A, 105
Paramount Cooperstown Bound-2, Fielders Choice-3, Special Delivery-3
Pinnacle-183, Epix Moment Orange-E14, Epix Play Orange-E14, Epix Season Orange-E14, Snapshots-BO1, BO13, Spellbound-44, 45, 46, Uncut-183
Pinnacle Performers Big Bang-8,Power Trip-5, Swing for the Fences Shop Exchange-9
Pinnacle Plus All-Star Epix-14, Team Pinnacle-5
Premier Concepts-9
Revolution-22, Foul Pole-1, ML Icons-1, Prime Time Performers-1, Rks and Hardball Heroes-23, Showstoppers-1
Score-43, AS Team-7, Complete Players-4A, First Pitch-4, New Season-15
Sports Illustrated Editor's Choice-7
SI Then and Now Road to Cooperstown-9
SI World Series Fever Promo-8
SPx Finite-64, 172, 354
Stadium Club Royal Court-6, Triumvirate Luminous-T5B, T13A
Studio Freeze Frame-4, Masterstrokes-18
Topps Flashback-5, Mystery Finest-ILM2
Topps Chrome- Hallbound-6, SuperChrome-27
Topps Fruit Roll-Ups-6
Topps Gallery- Gallery of Heroes-9, Photo Gallery-4
Topps Stars Stars 'N Steel-34
Topps Tek-51
UD3- 245
Ultra- 477, Diamond Immortals-4, Diamond Producers-5, Fall Classics-5, Prime Leather-5, Ticket Stubs-13, Top 30- 22, Win Now-3
Upper Deck-614, 10th Ann. Preview Retail-40, Aazing Greats-8, National Pride-37, Retrospectives-4, Unparalleled-8
Upper Deck Retro Big Boppers-3, Groovy Kind of Grove-2
Upper Deck Time Capsule-3
Zenith Raising the Bar-7, Z-Team-4

B Chrome International-14
BB Best Cuts-4, BB Preview-7
Burger King Ripken Gold set(1-8)
Circa Reviews-10
CC Crash the Game-6A(Aug. 8-10),6B(Sep. 1-3)
CC New Frontier-35, Teams-BO5, Big Show World Headquarter-5
Cracker Jack-3
D Elite Gold Star-6
D Elite Insert-9>Promo-9, Leather and Lumber-6, Passing the Torch-1,3
D Franchise Features-13, Silver Press Proof-121,400,448
D Ltd.-36,37, Non-Glossy-5, Power Alley-3
D Pref.-98, Staremasters-4>Samples-4
D X-Ponential Power-5B, Ripken The Only Way I Know(set of 10, except for 7,8), Rocket Launcher-15
D Sign-58, Team Sets-35, Set MVP's-9
E-X2000 Hall or Nothing-4
Flair Showcase Row 1-8, Diamond Cuts-15, Hot Gloves-12
Fleer Decade of Excellence-10
Fleer Diamond Tribute-10
Leaf Gold Stars-21, League of Nations-2, Stat Standout-9
Metal Mother Lode-9
New Pinnacle Interleague Encounter-4,Spellbound-1,2,3,5,6
Orioles Score-7>Platinum-7>Premier-7
Orioles Sun-7
Pacific Fireworks Die Cut-4, Gold Crown Die Cut-5
Pacific Prisms Gate Attractions-3, Sizzling Lumber-1A, Sluggers and Hurlers-1A
Pinnacle Cardfrontations-3, Home and Away-21A, 21H, Passport to the Majors-4
Pinnacle Cert. Team-7
Pinn Inside Dueling Dugouts-1, Shades-5
Pinn X-Press Melting Pot-18, Metal Works-6 (bronze, gold)
Pinn X-Press Swing for the Fences-48
Premier Concepts-5
Score Highlight Zone-15
Select Tools of the Trade Mirror Blue-3
SP Game Film-4
SPx-bronze-12, Bound for Glory-5, Cornerstones of the Game-8
SC-8>Members Only-8, Pure Gold-16>Members Only-OG16
Strat-o-Matic AS-51
Studio Hard Hats-6, Master Strokes-11>8x10-11
T Gallery Gallery of Heroes-5, Peter Max-7
T Premium Series-4,'97 AS-7
UD3 Marquee Attractions-8
Ultra Diamond Producers-9,Starring Role-5
Ultra Franchise-4, Fielder's Choice-15, Hitting Machines-5, Top 30 Gold-5
UD Amazing Greats-15
Zenith V-2-6, Z-Team-6
97-98 Fleer Million Dollar Moments Red.-8
97-98 T Members Only-55

BB Best Cuts-11
BB Mirror Image-4
CC Crash the Game-4B,4C
CC Silver Sig-421
CC You Make the Play-33A(Double)
Donruss Diamond King-30, Elite-61, Samples-5, Showdown-6
Finest-25, Landmark-3
Flair Hot Gloves-8
F Update Diamond Tribute-8
Leaf Gold-4, Gold Stars-8, Hats Off-1
Leaf Ltd Gold-15, Lumberjacks-3>Samples-3
Leaf Ltd Penant Craze-2, Picture Perfect-2>Promo-2
Leaf Preffered Staremaster-7, Gold-17>Promo-17
Leaf Sign Stat Standout-1
Pacific Gold Crown Die Cut-15, Milestones-10
Pacific Prisms Gold-77, Fence Busters-15, Red Hot Stars-19
Pinnacle FanFest-1, Skylines-4, Team Spirit-5
Pinnacle Aficianado First Pitch Preview-18, Magic Numbers-18, Rivals-2,3,7,10,12
ProMags AS-5, Die Cuts-4
Red Foley-15
Score Dugout Collection-B81, Reflextions-1
Select Cert-Select Few-5, Interleague Preview-14, Claim to Fame-1, En Fuego-3, Team Nucleus-20
SP Matchup Die Cut-9, Special FX Die Cut-20
Sportflix Power Surge-4
SC Extreme Players-424
SC Midsummer Matchup-6
Studio Masterstrokes-5>Samples-5
Summit FOIL-19,200, Hitters Inc-9, Positions-4
Team Out-66
T Chrome-28, Masters of the Game-9
T Gallery Photo Gallery-3
T Lazer Stadium Stars-8
T Masters of the Game-9, Mystery Finest REF-7,23
T Team Topps-096, 0222, Big-7
Ultra- Call to the Hall-7>Gold-7, Checklist Gold-A8, Diamond Producers-9>Gold-9
Ultra Prime Leather Gold-4, Promo-nno, Respect Gold-7, Season Crown Gold-8, Thunderclap-17>Gold-17
UD AS-15
UD Exchange-6
Zenith Diamond Club-5, Z-Team-3>Samples-3

Baltimore Sun Ripken Vending card-1
D Top of the Order-15
Flair Ripken-3,5,9,10
Fleer Team Ldr-1, Smooth Leather-8
Leaf Opening Day-6, Promos-7
Leaf Stat Standouts-7, Promo-7
Pacific Gold Crown Die Cut-4, Prism-10
Pinnacle White Hot-1
Pro Mint-12
Score Dream Team-3
Select Cert. Gold Team-3 Samples-3
SP Championship-CR1,CR1(DC) Die Cuts-120
SP Special FX-16
Sportflix Artists Proof-122 Double Take-5 ProMotion-3 Samples-122
SC Ring Ldr-27
SC Super Team WS-1,239,314,510
Star Ripken (set of 80)
Summit Big Bang-3, Samples-79
T Traded Power Boosters-5
Ultra Gold-258, AS Gold Medallion-17
UD Gold-365
UD Predictor Award Winner-21, Exchange-21
UD Special Edition-46
Zentih Z-Team-1
95-97 UDA Comm. Cards-NH2, CR1

Classic- AU1
D Anniv. '84-6
Finest Jumbo-235
F Extra Bases Game Breakers-24
Leaf Ltd Gold AS-7
Leaf MVP Contenders-A11, Gold-A11
Leaf Promo-7
Orioles U.S. Playing Cards-1H, 9C
Pacific Silver Prisms-18, Silver Prisms Circular-15
Pinnacle Museum-50
SP Holoview Die Cut-32
Sportflics FanFest AS-AS4
SC Members Only-ST15, 373, DD4
SC Super Teams-ST15, Finest-8
Studio Series Stars-7, Gold-7
Sucker Saver-15
T Gold Spanish-200, 387, 604
T Superstar Samplers-37
Triple Play- Medalists-7
U.S. Dept. of Transportation-2
UD AS Jumbo Gold-15

Colla AS Game-9
D Elite Dominators-19
D Previews-12
Finest Jumbo-96AS, REF-96AS
F Fruit of the Loom-54
Pinnacle Cooperstown Dufex-17
Pinnacle HR Club-47
Select Dufex Insert Promo-10
SC Members Only-40
SC Murphy-141AS
T Full Shots-11
T Inaugural Rockies-300
Triple Play Preview-3
UD Gold Holograms-36, 44, 585
UD Iooss Collection- Jumbo-15

Colla Promos-5
D Elite AUTO-S2
D Previews-10
D Super DK's-5
High 5-5, Superstars-24
Hit The Books Bookmarks-28
Leaf Previews-Gold-13
Leaf Black Gold-199
New Sport-21
SC Master Photos-10
Studio Preview-5
Sunflower Seeds-9
Superstars-11, 24
T Gold Winners-40
Ultra Award Winner-21A Reverse Negative
UD FanFest Gold-36
UD Gold Hologram-82, 165, 645
UD Team MVP Holograms-1
92-00 SI for Kids II-132, 455, 627

Baseball's Best Record Breaker's-13
Moo Town Snackers-14
Panini French Stickers-170, 243
Pepsi Superstars-8
Red Foley Stickers-78, 124AS
T Desert Shield-5, 150
T Glossy AS-5
T Standup-28
T Tiffany-5RB, 150
T Triple Headers-A1

All-American Baseball Team-4
B Tiffany-255
D Aqueous Test-96
F Baseball MVP's-31
Publication Int. Stickers-584
Red Foley Sticker Book-78
Star Ripken (set of 11, except 6, 8, 9)
T Doubleheaders-52
T Stickers-5 HL, 231
T Tiffany-8 RB, 388 AS, 570
T Magazine-49

D All Stars- 32
D Pop-Ups-5
F Glossy-617
Orioles French Bray-8
Red Foley Sticker Book-99
T Baseball Talk / LJN-77
T Tiffany-250
T / OPC Stickers-150AS
TV Sports Mailbags-89

D Super DK-26
F Glossy-570, 635, 640
Leaf / Donruss-26DK
Oriole's French Bray-8
Red Foley Sticker Book-76
Score Glossy-550, 651
Starting Lineup-13, 26AS
Tara Plaques-33
T/OPC stickers- 44
T Tiffany-51, 650
T UK Mini Tiffany-61

F Baseball's All Stars-36
Orioles French Bray-8
Stuart Panels-14
T Tiffany-609AS, 784

General Mills Booklet-11
Meadow Gold Milk-8, Blank Back-11
Orioles Health-15
T Tiffany-340, 715AS

All-Star Game Program Insert-25
D Super DK's-14
Leaf / Donruss-14DK
Orioles Health-15
T Tiffany-30, 704AS

Nestle 792-400, 426, 490
Rawling's Glove Tags-2
T Tiffany-400, 426, 490
O'Connell and Sons Ink-9, 82, 222

83 All-Star Game Program Insert-23

82 All-Star Game Program Insert-126

81 TCMA Rochester Red Wings-15
81 WTF Rochester Red Wings-1

80 Charlotte Oriole's Police-18,19