Nausicaa Books

Film Comics

Film Comic 1 Film Comic 2 Film Comic 3 Film Comic 4

The film comics are only avalable in Japanese.

Nausicaa Water Color Book

This book contains many water color images all drawn and painted by Hayo Miyazaki. Ive heard that it is a very beautiful book.

cover of water color bookWater Color Picture5 Water Color Picture4

Art of Nausicaa

I own this book and even though it cost a bundle I'll never regret buying it. It has at least 200 color images and many sketches. It also talks about how the movie was made, early character designs, and animation techiniques. But this book won't be of much use for that information if you can't read or speak Japanese.

Nausicaa Piano Sheet Book

cover of Piano book

Contains music from the Nausicaa soundtrack. The book is in Japanese but it shouldnt be a prob since all you really need is the music.

Nausicaa Main Theme

pg1 pg2 pg3

Tokuma's Magical Adventure Series

A two book series in English containing images from the movie. It is much like a film comic, but without the talking bubbles. One interesting thing I noticed is there is some name differences and weird spellings. Clothowa, Mevai, Swamp of Corruption, Fire of seven days, Fire Demon. Im sure theres more.

Sample from Book1 sample from book2

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