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The Lawyer

The Lawyer

For months now we have watched you argue your biggest case, the other side would all of us be afraid to face..

But with courage you stood to announce "ready" Your courtroom presence so confident, so steady..

You hid your pain, you showed no fear, your attitude so bright, your eyes so clear..

Your boys will hear tales of how you bravely won this case and in their hearts an example of how to be a loving father did you place..

You presented your evidence of what in this life we should value most To have known such a lawyer, we all will boast..

In closing arguement you moved us all, your arguement so eloquent, your voice fluid without a stall..

~ anonymous 1997 ~ (requested)

Thank you for writing such a great poem, I love you, you have always been a great strength to me and support from day one. I know it took us many layers to peel, so many secrets unearthed and in the saddest parts we opted for laughter.