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Oh my goodness I just came to the conclusion that Robert Smith from The Cure is the most awesomest(word?) man alive, ok well next to Paul Reynolds, but boy howdy is he awesome! I have came to realize that the boy can write some really neat songs. Yeap I smell a tribute coming on LOL *wink to Tasha*.

*On going research of the heart no date. Revelations; After looking into the path of weakness, I realised that I am so much stronger in the "friends" sense, and this was done alone. Amazing! how being alone with one self can really make a difference and new discoveries that are found. I came to the conclusion that losing a friend was not so bad after all, in the sense that she was the one who turned her back on me. Conclusions; I have discovered that my faithfulness was too much for her to face, in the whole friendship I was "alone" and she was the outsider. She could not give me back what I gave her, a lesson learnt. No matter how faithful, honest, trustworthy, loyal, you are there is always someone to take advantage. Trusty advice once given by my mum "Never give what you do not get back". Conclusion; I feel Good & I love myself enough to say that I am better off without her, since she was not worthy enough to have me as her friend. This is what I have always stood for.