Wolf Behavior

Tail Postion

Tail Positions

  • 1) Self Confidence (dominance)
  • 2) Certain Threat
  • 3) Apposing Attitude of dominance (with sideways brushing)
  • 4) Normal Attitude (with no social pressure)
  • 5) Not-Entirly-Certain threat
  • 6) Normal Attitude (usally expressed while eating or observing)
  • 7) Depressed Mood
  • 8) Between Threat and Defence
  • 9) Activly putting oneself down (sideways brushing)
  • 10) Submission
  • 11) Strong Restraint (submission)
    Pictures made by Cecila Olsson and are (c) for the Sweet Mystic's Pack

    Facial Expressions

    This is usally the expresion that is used when a wolf feels threatened and/or is afraid. With its ears pulled back and bareing its teeth.

    This expression is usally shown towards mistaking Subordinates, or if another wolf has entered the territory (The alpha is usally the one to kick the introuder out). With its ears pulled forward and bareing its teeth, is showing aggresion.


  • Their fur coat grows about 3 inches thick during winter.
  • Their fur shuts out Mosture so when snow gets onto their fur, it doesn't melt, therefor keeping the wolf dry.
  • A wolf's colour of fur can range from, pure black, red, brown, gray, white, silver, or a mixture of all or some of these colours.


  • Play between adult wolves and pups helps them learn ways of fighting, even if it is just play. It inriches thier minds, and keeps them active, as well as in high spirits.
  • Play is an activity often observed within a pack.


    Wolves mate for life, which means, once they choose a mate, they stay with that mate for the rest of there life. Normally only the alpha pair would mate, but on rare occasions, subordinates do mate with other wolves as well. Wolves who decide to mate, will go through what is called a 'courting period.' This will normally last for a day before the pair actaully mate. Mateing/breeding season for wolves usally occurs within the time period of late winter and early spring.
  • Breeding season for wolves takes place at any time in the winter months of January to April, but usally in February or March. The mother is pregnante for 9 weeks. Then she gives birth.

    Wolf Language

  • Nuzzles or Nuzzling: This expression/action is used when greeting others, or as a submissive act towards a higher ranking wolf.
  • Licking: Is an action used while greeting as well, and as a submissive posture. Normally lower ranking wolves will lick up at the higher ranking wolf under their chin, or on there muzzle.
  • Ears: Are very important to a wolf's survival. They use there fantastic sense of hearing to hunt down prey, listen for danger, etc. They can hear up to many miles away.
  • Teeth: There larg K9's extend up to 2 inches in length. They have a total of 4 K9's. Two in front and two on the bottom. These are used to ripe through tough hide and raw flesh. With their molars, they can crush the thigh bone of a moose.
  • Muzzle: They use there muzzle mostly to howl.
  • Paws: With there paws, they can run swiftly and easily on the top of the snow. They have webbed like feet that spread as they run/walk over the snow.
  • Nose: They can sence/smell prey from one to a half mile away. They use the wind as well, to let them know where prey is.
  • Submission: This gesture is one of friendliness, harmony, and the most expressed. This is a displayment of the lower ranking wolves within the pack. To show the wolf knows his/hers place and rank within the pack. A wolf showing submission will normally display, ears pinned back licking up at the dominate wolfs chin/muzzle, tail tucked or held low, head held lower then the dominate, and maybe a slight whimper ((An example of submission can be seen in the picture ABOVE)).
  • Passive Submission: This gesture is displayed, as well as performed, by a higher ranking wolf ((i.e. the Alpha or Beta)) showing authority upon or to a lower ranking subordinate wolf. This is to show the higher ranking wolf that he/she knows his/her place within the pack. A wolf will normally display "passive submission" by rolling on his/her back showing their underside, tail tucked inbetween his/her legs, with ears pinned back ((explained again later in this paragraph)). This is for more EXREME cases of submission. This type of submission doesn't happen often within a wolf pack, because there is alot of bonds and understanding between the members of the pack. A wolf displaying PASSIVE SUBMISSION, will immeditaly move onto their back showing their underside, tuck their tail inbetween his/her legs, ears pinned back, and neck revieled to the more dominate wolf ((normally an Alpha)). The reason why the subordinate shows their neck, is the more dominate wolf can chose wheather or not to attack, or accept the submission.

    Wolf's Paws

  • Wolf's paws help them when they run through the snow. Basically they act as snow shoes. With there paws, they cannont sink into the snow, which makes them able to run quickly and swiftly across/ontop of the snow.
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