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Luke baldwin/Singer Songrwriter/Educator

          1950 - 1998

Luke Baldwin, called a hard drinking wild man by some of his Compadres in the early day's. Bodie Wagner told me that luke was a guy with a heart of gold, and a songwriters, songwriter. I for one have spent many good hours listening to lukes songs, he has taken me on mental feild trips with his songs, and i charish those moments, Bruce Phillips (U.Utah Phillips) has spoke of luke in the liner notes to luke's only LP, Tattoo on my chest,where he states, Not content to have lived the lives of a dozen men, how audacious - nay, how fitting it is - that this prince of vagabonds should attempt the pinnacle, the supreme height, the final ascent to that bastaion of all that is good and noble and wise; in aphrase: the writing of songs. And what songs the are !! Luke Baldwin Portrait of a gentelman.

On June 14, 1998, Luke Baldwin Passed away. He was 47 years old. He leaves his wife Corinne, and his children, Wilson and Olivia. His death was unexspected and it is very hard to exept that he is gone to many of his co workers and old music friends. At the time of his death, Luke was Lesley College's Interm Provost. During his 15 years at Lesley Collage, he served as a member of the faculty and administrator. As an academic, Luke examined areas such as adult education and reading. He co-authored "The Reading Crisis: Why Poor Childern Fall Behind,"published by Harvard University Press in 1990. Both his masters degree and doctorate where earned in the Graduate School of Education of Harvard University.

Luke was a fine musician, singer and song writer, as well as social activist guided by an unbreakable commitment to social justice. At Lesley College he worked hard on issues od diversity and community service. He had a great sence of humor and a passion for colorful shirts.

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