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Private Islands For Sale


The old welcome message:

This site is for people who like islands. My guess is that most of my visitors are just looking and dreaming--but that's alright. I'm not here to make money either. I'm just trying to bring together in one place all the private islands I've found. I have collected some of the pick listings on my regional Selections pages--which I admit need some updating. This is in essence a real estate page, but since I am not selling any of these islands, I have attempted to be honest. Please note that I have not visited most of these islands, either; I am going simply on descriptions I have received from the agents. I really can't and have no desire to be held responsible for the contents of this website. Thanks.

Hopefully sometime soon I will redesign the new site as well. Thanks.

--Ben Black

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Selected Islands World Wide

A Chilean Island

Islands in the South Pacific

Islands in New Zealand

Caribbean Islands

Philippines Islands

The following are very sorely in need of updating
(they haven't been keeping up with my links)--
look for some new selections sometime next week:

Islands in British Columbia--The West Coast of Canada

Islands in the Sunny Mediterranean, from Italy to Croatia

Bargain Box

Here's something you don't see every day--
A beautiful island in Chile for about US$105,000--price just reduced!


Private Island Vendors

Vladi-The Top Island-Vendor Worldwide

Some Florida Private Islands

Peter Tsokos' Tropical Islands: Mainly Nicaraguan islands, offering bargains at the expense of political stability.

International Realty offers several islands on a new if not stylish page (who am I to be talking?)

Damianos Realty. Go to "Search Listings," then property type="private island."

Opulent Homes' Islands: A new site with many offerings I haven't seen elsewhere

H.G. Christie Real Estate in the Bahamas. Several Pages of Islands

Unique Properties Bulletin: an eclectic collection of properties, including several islands. Must subscribe for the full listings.

Happy Whale Real Estate! Central American Listing.

Bahamas Realty. Several islands for sale in the database under "property type = private island."

A Couple of Caribbean Islands

Small Site with Greek Islands

Classifieds: Scroll down to the "Islands" link.

Croatian Islands from Croatia-Estate

Escape Artist's private island page

Tropical Islands in Palawan

Private islands in British Columbia. Some good deals... and a mailing list too!

JCM Investments, of French Polynesia. In French, with English translations.

Colliers International: Two Pretty British Columbian Islands (see right)

Defunct or Doubtful Island Pages

I made a category just for dead links, pages that no longer have any islands, etcetera, just in case they make a comeback.

Ken Lund, a Specialist in Canadian Islands. Also links to other islands for sale all over. It was a really good site--you can still get to the home page, just none of the island pages...

Islands in the Pacific-Pacific Island Investments (they have resorts for sale too! Drat. This site was good!

Private Islands in the Bahamas, Fiji, Greece, Fr. Polynesia, and BelizeI was quite sad to see this site die... it seemed to be a very serious attempt.

Pelican Cay, one of the few private islands I have ever encountered for sale in Antigua

Individual Private Island Sites

Money Key

Royal Island, Bahamas

A Private Island in Alaska? Chilly, but still very pretty!

St. Aleixo: Pretty & Expensive in Brasil (top right)

Channel Cay, Bahamas

27 acre Protection Island in Canada, for CAD 1 mil.

A small Lake Island in the Canadian Wilderness with 2 cabins, US$225,000.

St. Athanasios Island, Greece

Greek Island in the Cyclades

TWENTY-THREE ISLAND archipelago in the South Pacific! (bottom right)

Two Greek Islands for sale

Clark Cay, Honduras

Coco Island, Belize. Has been for sale for a while, so seller might come down even further from 350K?

A well-developed Caribbean Island

Leasehold Island in Vanuatu

Beautiful Barrier Reef Island

Resort in the Cook Islands--under contract

Island Travel

I am going to be adding various island travel services. Many of the islands for sale can also be rented, and the best way to get acquainted with an island is to go there. If it's too much trouble to get there once, it's not worth it.

Villas of The World's private island rentals. Watch out--pricey!

Unusual Villas' Island Rentals

Not just island seems to offer fairly comprehensive references for interesting enterprises.

Island Job Marketplace!

Island Jobs

New Additions to the Site

Huh. It's a good thing I didn't completely delete some of those old links. Both Croatia Broker Realty and Colliers International have made a comeback.

HERE NOW: Island Job Marketplace! Island Jobs

Coming Soon: I think that there is a lot of interest in so-called "island micronations"--the creation of a new country on an island. Accordingly, I will be adding some links to micronational sites. Please understand, I personally am doubtful as to the viability of these plans.

You can also buy a Hotel or a Resort

My Hotels for Sale Page


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For the second time in a few years, I just read ISLANDS IN THE STREAM by Ernest Hemingway. It's a beautiful, awesome, exhilirating book, especially the first third where Hemingway describes his house on the island and his pleasant pastimes there. One of my favorites.

In Association with

Many of these islands are listed by various other island dealers. For the most part, I am not in any way connected with the sellers. I am displaying these images for your viewing pleasure, and to the best of my knowledge none of them are copyrighted material. If you object in any way to the policies of my site, please email me. Also, to find out more about any of these islands, send me an email and I'll refer you to the seller.

On a lighter note, I always love finding out about new islands. There are many more island sites of which I am aware that I have not yet added to this site. Although I am gradually trying to add everything I have found, that may take a while. In the meantime, please feel free to email me the addresses of any other island sites you have run across. I'm never too busy to correspond with another island lover. Thanks.



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This page last updated September 8, 2003. If you have a complaint, please contact me and I will do my best to rectify things. Thanks.