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The House of Stupid

Welcome to the House of Stupid, where stupid people go to see stupid things and remain stupid.

And remember, The House of Stupid has all the riboflavin you can handle, and then some...

Check out the fabulous Mr. T section sucka! The Funtastic Adventures of Mr. T

Remember, you can drag all the pics on the picture pages to where ever you want. And sign the guestbook, it's good for your health.

Click here to see the pictures that used to be on the front page. Now the front page won't take 89 minutes to load anymore!

Touch my monkey to see even more pictures!

Links of Pure Awesomeness:

Check out TCW wrestlings site.
Click here to see crappy Superman 64

Click here to see crappy Mission Impossible 64

David Hasselhoff is the Anti Crist

Want to know the truth about Koala Bears?
The Adventures of Bear Suit Man and Gerbil Boy.
Cool stuff
Penguins wearing sweaters
Are you an Eskimo? Find out here
Tony Danza
Proof that Bert is evil
If you want to know how to cause a ruckus then go here
Pictures of people that kinda look like other people!
Want to get sassed?
Want to see something creepy?
Here's a picture of me holding my dillweed, click if you dare.
My cousins site that is a cheap rip off of this site.
You looking for trouble?
An age old question about Al Roker
Only click here if you REALLY want to be scared
The long promised, O so fabulous, ultra mega hyper super DIRT SECTION!
A tribute to the best damn game ever...Dig Dug
A quasi live action comic/soap opera...Noontime Stars!!!
If you like clicking things, then click here. It's Dave and Morgan's site!
The spectacular adventures of Mr. T!
Some website that has VIRTUAL BUBBLEWRAP
Pictures of people with mullets
A list of stuff I like and stuff I don't like. Very simple
Do you need random Homer Simpson quotes, I know I do!
The creation of man, toast, shit, and why they're all the same
Jeff's TCW tribute site. Quite the tear jerker.
The history of the almighty Festivus!
Want to celebrate Festivus with us? Well then click here to see our Festivus Countdown!
Go on poke the penguin he likes it

And always remember folks. The lower you make the average with your stupidity, the easier it is to be average.

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