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Dinosaurs Books:

"Curious George and the Dinosaur"

"Mrs. Toggle and the Dinosaur" by Robin Pulver

"The Berenstain Bears and the Missing Dinosaur Bone"

"Dinosaur Encore" by Batricia Mulli

"Dazzle the Dinosaur" by Marcus Pfister

"The Dinosaur Egg Mystery" by Val Biro

"Dinosaur Babies" by Lucille Penner

"Baby Stegosaurus" by Beth Spanjian


*Make life-sized dinosaur foot prints...see how many children will fit into it.

*Make new name tags that read: Joey-o-saurus, or Sarah-o-don....just for fun.

*Put out scraps of color paper and glue and dinosaur shaped pasta and have the children make a dinosaur scene or collage.

*have a large selection of plastic dinosaurs in a pile. Have the children work out a way to put these dinosaurs into groups. for example: all the long tails or all the ones with spikes...etc. They can come up with great ideas. I love doing this with them. We always group then regroup....and try again...

*if your students are ready for some letter stuff...look at the dinosaur's about the letters...what are the beginning letters? what letters are in all the words?

*sing: Colorful Dinosaurs (Tune: One Little, Two Little, Three Little Indians) {Have felt dinosaurs of the various colors to put on flannel board as you sing.} 1 red 1 blue 1 green dinosaur 1 orange 1 yellow 1 white dinosaur 1 pink 1 brown 1 black dinosaur 9 dinosaurs in all! Play around with this song and start taking away dinosaurs...ask..."Can you guess which dinosaur is gone?" "How many are left?" "Which one is the stegosaurs?" etc., etc. *we did a plaster cast of some dinosaur mold that I found at a hobby store...and kids painted them

*we put rice in a huge vat..and buried bones...and plastic eggs that i filled with small dinosaurs....

*get one of those plastic models that you put together..and show it in skelton form

*find some with fossils...etc and talk about what they are...

*Theres a cute poem: "PACHYCEPHALOSAURUS (pak-i-sef-a-lo-saw-rus)" by Richard Armour and another "The steam shovel" by Rowena Bennett. They both appear in Sing A Song of Popcorn,1988 ; Scholastic Inc. *I know I can probably find more when I have a chance to look, but I get Dinosaur shaped Chicken nuggets from a food wholesaler that some of the providers order from! They are really good chicken(tyson) and the kids think they are great too!

*we took mural paper and cut it into two dino shapes big enough to cover a large table. The first day I left out dino shaped sponges; for the other dino I left out collage materials. Small dinosaurs on 8x11" paper were marble painted on a third day and when dried, mounted on colored construction paper egg shapes. Mounted on a wall; the eggs followed the "parent dinos" walking along. The next day we painted huge leaf shapes and the children painted gold metallic on three or four paper towel rollers. Mounted together on the wall, these made the dinosaur's three-dimensional dinosaur food.

*Cute book: "If the Dinosaurs Came Back" by: Bernard Most

*Game: Dinosaur Bone Hunt Cut out several kinds of "dinosaur bones" from cardboard. Hide bones inside or outside. Tell kids they are going to pretend to be "paleontologists", the scientists who study dinosuars. Paleontologists find bones from dinosaurs in the ground, and these bones are the things that have taught us about dinosaurs. Have the kids hunt to find the bones.

*Show kids pictures of different dinosaurs and their skeletons. Some older kids can make dinosaurs out of clay. Tell kids the names of the dinosaurs too, having them repeat the name (pretty funny the way they come out, actually!)

*You could use brown paper bags and make mountains. Just dampen the bags with water,(very little) then crumble or squeese and form mountains. Then let the kids put some paint on them. Use another for the land and then make some trees to glue on the land. Put the dinos on there and bravo a dino community. You could make a volcano also with the brown bags and paint. Put it all in a cut off cardboard box for a foundation. Or use shoe boxes and make individual small communities for each child.

*There are lots of snacks that are in dino shapes cookies, jelly candy, animal cookies, ect. Or bake your own with dino cutouts.

* Knowledge Adventure, Inc. (Keyword to: "")

*Dinosaur stew... like stone soup. Use a calf femer as the bone and stir the pot with it.

*Be palientologists: Bury another femer and help them "find" it.

*Match skeletons to the pictures of dinosaurs.

*How many dinosaurs will hatch. Using plastic easter eggs, put small dino figures or construction paper cutouts. Use it as an adding game, a number recognition, or a sorting activity.

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