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' Orange County is South of LA and is assumed to be part of LA economically. It is very densly populated, with varying degrees of prosperity. It has some of the richest, and some of the poorest towns in California. It is hard to trace barrio history through there because it is, for the most part, brand new. Their has no doubt been barrios there for a long time, and from now on will always have barrios. It is home to many LA cliques, and is perhaps the first region colonized by LA.

' One of the oldest native barrios is Santa Ana, wich now is divided into many cliques. Another old barrio is FTroop, wich has declined greatly. In Anaheim their is Penguin and Jungle City Barrios, whose relationship is uncertain. These apear to be old barrios. There is also many barrios wich are in San Diego as well, such as Payaso Town.

' The first LA barrio in Orange County was probably Hawaiian Gardens, wich is practically in OC to begin with. SS Florencia has extensive cliques throughout OC. I dont now if any OC barrio has a clique in LA but it is possible. A well known OC barrio is Cherry st, and Baker st Boys, also Cypress. Some people claim there is a rivalry between OC and LA barrios but this is largely irelevant, due to so many LA barrios claiming OC as well. Orange county is predominantly white, and therefore is full of void spots, and many Asian gangs also inhabit OC.

If anybody wants to help me with the OC section it would be apreciated.