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Faith Lutheran Youth Ministries

2219 W. Orange Ave., Anaheim, CA 92804 (714)535-9654 Youth Director: Matt Helfrich


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Purpose Statement

Our ministry is here to Expose non-Christian junior high and high school students to the love of Jesus, to Build them up in faith by Offering themselves as an Encouragement to others, and to Fellowship with other Christians.

What is Faith Lutheran Youth Ministries? 

v     Faith Lutheran Youth Ministries is a place where all youth are welcome. We gather together in the name of Jesus Christ to learn more about our Savior.

"Our ministry is here to Expose non-Christian junior high and high school students to the love of Jesus"

v     We do this by challenging students to encourage non-Christian students to join us in our walk with Christ.

"Build them up in faith"

v     God has given us His word to explain the mysteries of life to us. Through hearing the word we will see life in a new way and have evidence that God is, without a doubt, alive.

"Offering themselves"

v     Students are involved in almost every part of the Church. Building this web site, running the sound equipment used in presentations, and one-on-one ministry with each other are all ways that students have impacted the ministry at Faith Lutheran.

"Encouragement to others"

v     A lot of students are struggling with the expectations of others, and are bogged down with the demands of this world. Our aim is to allow students to shake off the routine for a while and allow God to work despite the stress of everyday life. We hope that students would carry this quality with them everywhere they go.

"Fellowship with other Christians. "

v     When Christians students gather together they have a common bond. They are given an opportunity to share, relax, and have fun in a community of people who can relate with one another.

We state this so that you can see that we have nothing to hide, we welcome you with Jesus' love. This page will hopefully show you why Faith Lutheran is a ministry worth considering.

Who is God?

This question is frequently asked today. To clarify, we are not speaking of Buddha, Brahman, Krishna, Confucius, or Joseph Smith. We are instead choosing to speak of the same God that created Adam and Eve, led Moses and the Hebrews from exile in Egypt, spoke through the prophets of the Old Testament, and was made flesh in the being of Jesus Christ. For more information on what we believe, click here.


High School Students



Every Sunday morning from 10:45-11:45 all High School students are welcome to attend a Bible study lead by Mike Burton. This month Mike is covering the book of Luke. Come and bring your Bible and all of your tough questions about God.


Mexico Outreach Mission Trip                  

Mexico Outreach is by far the most significant and impacting thing in the lives of many High School students worldwide. Our high school group be preparing for this trip starting in the month of March. The dates of the trip are April 22nd-28th. Training will begin on Sunday, March 19th, from 6:30-8:30pm. If you are interested in going please contact Matt to sign-up.


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Jr. High Students



Jr. High Students meet every Sunday at 10:45-11:45am for a Sunday morning Bible Study with Matt. This Bible study time is a chance for all Jr. High students to come and join in the fun, as we look at some of the topics that you have questions about. We also meet every Sunday at 4-6pm for our Jr. High youth meeting. Here we have fun playing games, meeting in small groups, and hanging out with other Jr. High students.

Many times people have this thought that there is no way that the Bible, written so long ago, could possibly be talking to us today, this is a time that we will open our Bibles and look to find out that this mysterious book is talking directly to you.


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Our next leadership/committee meeting will be Saturday February 26th at 1pm. Come ready to give your ideas for the next twelve months. This coming year is going to be a big year.


I want to be part of this ministry

If you are interested in becoming a leader or want to be involved in some way with one of our ministries please contact Matt, in the meantime check out our ministries section to see if there is an area you would be better at. If want to work directly with youth please fill out one of our leadership applications and give it to Matt.


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Last revised: February 19, 2000