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Mock Draft - Main
2009 Mock Draft Challenge


Standard Scoring:
Scoring is a three-part component consisting of team, player, and pick number. To score full point value for any given pick you must correctly select the team and player at the correct pick number.
Picks 1-5 are worth -> 3 points each
Picks 6-10 are worth -> 6 points each
Picks 11-15 are worth -> 9 points each
Picks 16-20 are worth -> 12 points each
Picks 20-25 are worth -> 15 points each
Picks 26-32 are worth -> 18 points each

Partial Scoring:
If you have the correct pick number and player you will be awarded 2/3 point value for that pick.
o Example If a team trades up to pick a player and you have that player going to a different team you are then awarded 2/3 of the point value at that pick number.
THE BRADY QUINN RULE - If you have the correct team and player you will be awarded 2/3 point value at the pick number where the player was taken.
o Example Brady Quinn being picked 22nd overall in the first round by the Cleveland Browns when everyone thought he was going 3rd overall to the Cleveland Browns.
There is no partial scoring for having the correct pick number and team.

Bonus Scoring:
Trade Bonuses:
If you successfully pick a trade and correctly have all three major components (team, player, and pick number) you will be awarded double the point value for the pick number at which the trade takes place.
If you successfully pick a trade by a team to the correct spot, but the team selects a different player than you have them selecting you will be awarded 5 points.
If you successfully pick a trade by a team for a player but that trade happens at a different pick number than the Brady Quinn rule applies.
***Trade rules apply for both sides of the trade if teams swap first round picks.
Position Bonus:
If you incorrectly make a pick by a team, but that team selects a player of the same position as the one you have incorrectly selected them to pick you are awarded points based on the following slide scale:
Picks 1-10 -> 1 point
Picks 11-20 -> 2 points
Picks 21-32 -> 3 points